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The storage space will easily outlast a single battery charge, which offers about 3 hours runtime, although higher capacity batteries are available. The camera is very compact and portable. The included shotgun mic can be quickly attached and detached for run and gun shooting.

The built-in shock mount alleviates noise from handLing the camera and has an acceptably narrow pickup pattern. The shotgun mic attaches via a 3. However, this setup keeps the package light and easy to set up. I was quite surprised at the audio quality and isolation that this rather plain shotgun mic delivered.

I used it exclusively for interviews at NAB , which was a very noisy environment on the show floor, and the mic performed swimmingly well.

For the simple interviews I did there, it did exactly what I needed it too. Another great tool include with the MC50U is a compact matte box which slides on the front and then locks into place via an integrated ring that twists into a locked position onto the lens.

Sony markets the MC50U in its professional line. And while some features hint at intended professional use, others will leave pro video shooters scratching their heads. I can forgive a lot of the touchscreen access issues because the camera is so compact. The dial on the left front of the camera gives you manual focus control when you want it.

It works well enough for many situations; however, it takes some getting used to. The best that the camera will do for you is give you an estimated distance readout on the LCD while you turn the dial. The major concern for most professional shooters is the so-called manual exposure. You can control the iris. You can control the shutter speed. Basically, an aperture or shutter priority mode for manual exposure is the most control you are going to get out of the MC I cannot believe what Sony is able to do with the Active mode Optical SteadyShot image stabilization.

The MC50U has the best image stabilization system I have ever used in a camcorder. It is rock steady in the palm of your hand. For an example of the image stabilization and the isolation of the shotgun mic, check out this video at the Contour booth at NAB This was one of the louder booths and I was very concerned about the music they had cranked up. While you can still hear it, the roar of the crowd and the blaring music is muted quite well in this insane environment.

Also note that the above video was completely handheld. No monopod, no shoulder mount, nothing. Just me holding the camera in the palm of my hand 4 feet or so away from the speaker. Another interesting feature on the MC50U is the dedicated NightShot infrared mode, which lets you shoot in complete darkness with the aid of an infrared led light on the front of the camera. Note that I covered up the onboard infrared lamp to make use of only the Xbox Kinect motion tracking lights.

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Sony HXR-MC50U Camcorder Review



Sony HXR-MC50U Specs


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