These two books are published together in my version. She thinks that Sean is the one for her because of something her mother said to her about twelve years ago. Lori is clueless. Oh, so, clueless. When she spies who she thinks is Adam, the youngest brother and about her best friend kissing his girlfriend at one of the famous Vader parties, she makes her way in to try her luck with Sean.

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By Jennifer Echols. This book is a work of fiction. Any references to historical events, real people, or real locales are used. For more information. Thanks also to everyone who sent me an e-mail or MySpace message saying you enjoyed Major Crush.

You went out of your way to do this, and I appreciate it so much! You keep me afloat. Sean smiled down at me, his light brown hair glinting golden in the sunlight. I exclaimed, because I was nothing if not coy. All the boys ate out of my hand, I tell you. When will we be old enough? His blue eyes, lighter than the bright blue sky behind him, seemed to glow in his tanned face.

He answered me, smiling. At least, I thought he answered me. His lips moved. He spoke to me again. Boys were like that. You ass! I sat straight up in my sweat-soaked bed, wiping away the strands of my hair stuck to my wet face. Sorry, Mom, I told her photo on my bedside table. Even if it was only in my dreams.

Lindsay Lohan kicking his butt on the sidewalk after he tried to take her picture pure fantasy. Amanda Bynes dressed as the highway patrol, pulling him over to give him a traffic ticket. I was jealous. Lo and behold, here was my dream.

About Sean: check. Blowing me off, as usual: noooooooo! Not again. Sean would be mine, starting today. I gave Mom on my beside table an okay sign—the wakeboarding signal for ready to go —before rolling out of bed.

My dad and my brother suspected nothing, ho ho. The morning air was already thick with the heat and humidity and the smell of cut grass that would last the entire Alabama summer. I liked the heat. And I quivered in my flipflops at the prospect of another whole summer with Sean. In past years, any one of the three Vader boys, including Sean, might have shown up at my house at any time to throw the football or play video games with my brother.

They might let me play too if they felt sorry for me, or if their mom had guilted them into it. And my brother might go to their house at any time. Well, Adam was my friend. For the past nine months, with my brother off at college, my last tie to Sean had been severed.

But I never approached him. He was always flirting with Holly Chambliss or Beige Dupree or whatever glamorous girl he was with at the moment. I was too young for him, and he never even thought of hooking up with me. On the very rare occasion when he took the garbage to the road at the same time I walked to the mailbox, he gave me the usual beaming smile and a big hug and acted like I was his best friend ever… for thirty heavenly seconds.

It had been a long winter. Finally we were back to the summer. The Vaders always needed extra help at the marina during the busy season from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Just like last year, I had a job there—and an excuse to make Sean my captive audience. I sped up my trek across the pine needles between the trees and found myself in a footrace against my brother.

It was totally unfair because I was carrying my backpack and he was wearing sneakers, but I beat him to the warehouse by half a length anyway. Cameron was helping the full-time workers take boats out of storage. He wanted my brother to work with him so they could catch up on their lives at two different colleges.

Sean and Adam were already gone, delivering the boats to customers up and down the lake for Memorial Day weekend. I was so desperate to get going on this new me thing, I would have settled for a double take from Adam or Cameron.

All I got was Mrs. Come to think of it, she was a good person to run the outfit by. She wore stylish clothes, as far as I could tell. Her blonde pinstriped hair was cut to flip up in the back. I found her in the office and hopped onto a stool behind her. Looking over her shoulder as she typed on the computer, I asked, Notice anything different? She tucked her pinstriped hair behind her ear and squinted at the screen.

That got her attention. She whirled around in her chair and peered at my chest. You changed your boobs? All this can be yours! My usual summer uniform was the outgrown clothes Adam had given me over the years: jeans, which I cut off into shorts and wore with a wide belt to hold up the waist, and T-shirts from his football team. Under that, for wakeboarding in the afternoon, I used to wear a one-piece sports bathing suit with full coverage that reached all the way up to my neck.

Early in the boob-emerging years, I had no boobs, and I was touchy about it. I was that girl, you bi-yotch. I would have died twice if any of the boys had mentioned my booblets.

Last year, I thought my boobs had progressed quite nicely. And I progressed from the one-piece into a tankini. Now I did. Amazingly, they looked sexy, riding low on my hips, when I traded the football T-shirt for a pink tank that ended above my belly button and hugged my figure. I even had a little cleavage. I was so proud. Sean was going to love it.

Vader stared at my chest, perplexed. Finally she said, Oh, I get it. I snapped my thighs together on the stool. People always scolded me for sitting like a boy. Then I slid off the stool and stomped to the door in a huff. Where do you want me? Oh, goody. I headed out the office door, toward the front dock to man the gas pumps. This meant at some point during the day, one of the boys would look around the marina office and ask, Who has gas?

If I were really lucky, Sean would be in on the joke. The office door squeaked open behind me. Lori, Mrs. Vader called. Did you want to talk? Nothing like that. Vader had three sons. My mother had died in a boating accident alone on the lake when I was four.

Any convo between Mrs. Vader and me was doomed from the start. No, why? I asked without turning around. I raised my hand and wiggled my fingers, toodle-dee-doo, dismissing her.

Those boys were harmless.


Endless Summer

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Two irresistible boys. One unforgettable summer. She loves wakeboarding and hanging with her friends—including the two hotties next door. With the Vader brothers, she's always been just one of the guys. Lori plans to make Sean jealous by spending time with Adam.


Endless Summer: The Boys Next Door; Endless Summer

Adam boosted me from the concrete embankment onto the narrow ledge that ran all the way down the highway bridge. At least technically I was still on dry land, or over it. But his brothers would call us lightweights. Using each seam in the metal wall as a handgrip, I walked carefully along the ledge. The embankment fell away.

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