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Device Record History. View all sections Close all sections. They are both low profile titanium alloy plates dedicated to the first metatarso-phalangeal arthrodesis.

Carrasco glifosato

Impact of glyphosate and glyphosate-based herbicides on the freshwater environment. Glyphosate formulations induce apoptosis and necrosis in human umbilical, embryonic, and placentalcells. Time- and dose-dependent effects of Roundup on human embryonic and placental cells.

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An ISBN is a unique number assigned to an item by its publisher. Each ISBN is a 10 or 13 digit number. Thirteen-digit ISBNs must begin with either or For example; OCLC numbers vary in length.

Ballastless track system

Posted: 23 August No comments yet. The different systems have undergone extensive laboratory and field tests before implementation on grade, bridges and in tunnels. Available measurement results indicate the expected favourable structural behaviour and prove the low maintenance requirements.