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Our praise begins with honouring our master Guru as "Sai Natha". Lord Shiva as the ultimate Guru has taken the form of Dakshinamoorthy. Baba is considered as an incarnation of Lord Dakshinamoorthy. In thIs form the powers of Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma are combined, enabling the seeker to transcend the duality of creation, Our Baba is again considered as the incarnation of Lord Dattatreya.

Hence this praise that our Baba is both Dakshinamoorthy and Dattatreya. There is a temple dedicated to Baba on the seashore near Chennai and here He has taken his abode as "Saagar Sai". Indeed He is an ocean of mercy and helps His devotees to traverse the ocean of samsara. Thus this chant is appropriate.

Baba indeed preaches the same and no wonder Baba is "Vittala" for all of us. Venkata is the name for Lord Balaji. It is believed that our Baba derives a direct lineage from Lord Balajee and hence our Baba is considered as the very thought of our Lord Balaji. Our Baba is the Collective representation of all God forms worshipped. He is thus, Krishna, Rama, Shiva and Maruthi.

Maruthi is the name of Hanuman. Baba is indeed beyond religions. But Baba was beyond religion as the boat of religion is not needed for the master who has already crossed over.

In us, the vital energy is deemed to rest in a coiled form as "Kundalini" and is likened to a snake form. It is also believed that cosmic intelligence which is the basis of creation, flows through us with the help of this Kundalini sakthi,. Thus all Hindu Gods adorn snake representing the creative power of the Gods.

Baba verily is that creative force and He took the form of a cobra for darshan to His devotees in Coimbatore - the famous industrial town of South India. Thus Baba is known as "Naga Sai". The role of a Guru is to remove the darkness of illusion of His disciples. The true seekers are those who await enlightenment, and once the goal is reached , there is no more grief which is a product of desire and ignorance. This state is given only when the disciples seek this state and Baba is ever ready to grant this wish.

In a material sense, Baba wants us to express our needs to Him and not to remain silent that "Baba knows what my needs are". This is because our minds are full of good and bad thoughts and thus Baba does not probe them.

Shirdi is the place where Baba lived and His mortal remains are interred there. While living, Baba had assured His devotees that He will be active and continue to take care of them from his "Samadhi" and thus to us Baba still resides in Shirdi. Baba has performed many miracles. Even to this day such miracles continue and the true believer is constantly blessed.

You believe that the impossible is possible for Baba and presto, the impossible has now become possible for the devotee.

Verily He is God incarnate. In this praise, this power of Baba is expressed. The ultimate purpose of human birth is to achieve liberation from the cycle of birth and death.

Whilst taking care of our wordly needs Baba the great saint that He is, also leads one at his own pace towards liberation. Ordinarily , such task is undertaken by a saint only towards His initiated disciples. Baba offers this priceless gift to all those who have reached his domain and who have laid faith in Him. God lives indeed within and not without. Baba is "Bliss" incarnate. It is said that the true nature of a person is to always remain in a state of bliss and driven by desires, attachment and illusion this true nature does not surface.

Baba saves those who have no egoistic pretensions. It is not the expression of this mental state this is important but, the genuine internal feeling of this state of surrender. All righteous actions cease once fear grips a person.

All undesirable qualities such as greed, possessiveness, anger, utterance of lies and expressions of falsehood etc emerge. Once fear is removed , the natural human traits emerge.

Thus full reliance on Baba showed help to overcome the debilitating emotion of fear. Also Baba takes care of our worldy needs and thus on this count fear is unwarranted. Among the trinity, Lord Vishnu takes on the role of protector. This is explained in the great epic "Mahabaratha". Small wonder then, Baba an incarnation of Lord Vishnu wants a replay of the same and He is intently interested in listening to the same.

Baba appears in flesh and blood and speaks to the devotee emerging from His pictures. Baba can manifest Himself anytime, anywhere as He is omnipresent. Baba really resides everywhere and this realisation is focussed on the devotee so that he will desist from any wrong doings as he would see Baba in flesh and blood in His pictures.

Everytime an effort is made , the power of illusion gets reinforced as all efforts are but only the forces of such illusion. Thus without the help of the Guru, one cannot transcend this state. This is done by our Baba who drives away the illusion of corporeal existence of His devotee. Human beings suffer the ill effects of evil eye, black magic etc.

Apart from the agony of suffering caused by such negative forces, the devotee also has no energy left for self -development. Baba by His infinite compassion wipes out such propensities, preparing the necessary favorable conditions for the devotee to turn towards Him i.

The answer to the question "Who am I? The realisation of the true self and its eternal relationship to the creator is achieved through a process of experience. It is not a text book knowledge. Baba leads to this ultimate goal of human birth and promise of this knowledge called "Brahmagnanam" is rarely given by Saints. However, to the true devout Baba promises this knowledge. Thursdays are auspicious for the Guru. For, this day is ruled by Baba as the "devata" an aspect of God or cosmic intelligence to lead humanity towards Godhead.

If one is caught inextricably in the tasks of wordly cares and concerns , there will be not much time left for a person to develop spiritually. Baba takes the load off the mind of the devotee on wordly care and concerns to enable him to turn towards God. All wordly issues are taken care of by Baba without a doubt and the fear of a householder thus gets removed for enabling the individual to progress forward. Baba had a fire place going continuously in Shirdi and this is called "Dhuni".

He offered the ashes from this fire place as cure for all malady afflicting mankind. The concept of ash as a cure has a deep rooted meaning.

Man is reduced to ashes and there lies his destiny. He emerges from these ashes as an evolving soul and this purpose is propogated by Baba. The "Dhuni" represents the eternal flame of "God" burning inside us and honouring the same removes the afflictions. God does not need anything from us except our deep and sincere love. This love is expressed as prayers. Prayers are not demands on God. Baba is so easily moved by such a sincere prayer, that He rushes with compassion to take care of His devotees material and spiritual needs.

Even though Baba is the very repository of all material wealth, He always adorned himself in simple clothes and His demeanour was plain and straight thus identifying with the "have-nots "who comprise the majority of the world population.

Baba indirectly teaches the "haves" amongst us to show concern and care towards the less fortunate brothern. It is believed that there are several worlds, and Baba travels through these worlds taking care of the devotees even after they leave their mortal remains on this earth. Past, Present and Future are but three "time" states and Baba has the power to know about the past of a devotee that led to his present state and also forsee how he will be moving into the future.

As He knows what future holds, Baba by virtue of His power, prevents an unhappy event of the future for His devotee and ensures a happy life here in and here after. The last function is necessary so that cyclically the above activities can go on.

Baba has absolute control over all these three states and He has demonstrated it time and again. As per Hindu thought , cosmic conciousness called "Atman" is present in all life forms - in the lower life forms as a collective force and in the higher forms as an independantly identified entity. Baba being that cosmic conciousness is thus present in all living beings. When one of His devotees offered a piece of bread to a hungry dog, Baba acknowledged it as having been offered to Him, thus demonstrating His immanence in all life forms.

The crescent moon, represents the mind of an advanced soul when ego is fully absent , whilst mind exists only to keep the body and soul together.

Thus Shiva has the crescent moon on His head and in Islam crescent moon is venerated as a symbol of "Allah". Baba appears as the crescent moon meaning that He resides in those who have shed their ego fully and are on the road to spiritual advancement and liberation. Baba stands behind this mantra as the life giver to enable His devotees to benefit from this chant.

Religious tenets are propounded for the followers to take a specific vehicle towards the ultimate destination of reaching God. This is done only to suit the past vasanas of the individuals and the vehicle is to be left behind once the destination is reached and one should ready himself for the final purpose of the journey to see God. This does not happen however. Due to ignorance and weakness , religious tenets are held on so strongly that they inhibit the spiritual development of a devotee.

Baba helps his devotees to transcend the limitations of these tenets for and behalf of His devotees. The only expectation of God from His creation is the expressions of true love towards the creator.


Sri Sathya Sai Ashtottaram

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