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By accessing this site, you agree to use available technologies, such as cookies and analytics, to tailor content and advertising and provide tools for social media. This will be used to analyze website traffic, allowing us to understand visitor trends and improve our services. Learn more. I Accept. Home 1. Rules 2. Practice Sources Search. Treaties II. Other Instruments III. Military Manuals IV. National Legislation V.

National Case-law VI. Other International Organisations IX. International Conferences X. Other Top of the page. National Legislation. Sources Home 1. Practice Sources current IV. National Legislation I. National Legislation current V. Law against Terrorist Offences, published in Gazette , No. Kodi Penal Ushtarak Law No. Law No. Ley No. II, p. Decreto No. Jorge R. Videla, Brig. Orlando R. Agosti, Aimte. Emilio E. Massera, Tnte. Roberto E. Viola, Brig. Omar D. Graffigna, Aimte. Armando R. Lambruschini, Tnte.

Leopoldo F. Galtieri, Brig. Basilio Lami Dozo y Aimte. Jorge I. Ley Disposiciones Generales, Penas y principios generales. General provisions, penalties and general principles. Offences against the administration of justice. An Act to enable effect to be given to certain Conventions done at Geneva on 12 August and to a Protocol additional to those Conventions done at Geneva on 10 June , and for related purposes, Act No. An Act to make provision in relation to the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and to establish, in accordance with certain international treaties and agreements to which Australia is a party, a system for the imposition and maintenance of nuclear safeguards in Australia, and for related matters, Act No.

An Act relating to the prohibition of the development, production, stockpiling or use of chemical weapons and the control of certain chemicals capable of being used as chemical weapons, and related provisions, Act No. An Act to prohibit the supply or export of goods that will or may be used in, and the provision of services that will or may assist, the development, production, acquisition or stockpiling of weapons capable of causing mass destruction or missiles capable of delivering such weapons, Act No.

An Act relating to the transfer of prisoners to and from Australia, Act No. OpenDocument last accessed on 11 January Bundesgesetz vom I, No.

Part I, No. Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan governing the use and protection of the red cross and red crescent emblems, published in Azerbaijan newspaper, No. Order No. OpenDocument last accessed on 13 July Penal Code, Act No. XXIV of An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to the government and discipline of the Bangladesh Air Force, Act No. An Ordinance to consolidate and amend the law relating to the government and discipline of the Bangladesh Navy, Ordinance No.

XL of XXV of An Act to provide for the detention, prosecution and punishment of persons for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and other crimes under international law, Act No.

LV of , 14 July Minister of Defence Order No. Criminal Code , Law No. Law concerning the Repression of Grave Breaches of the Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols , as amended, which in became known as the Law relating to the Repression of Grave Breaches of International Humanitarian Law , as amended.

Law on Recognition of and Cooperation with the International Tribunals Decreto Ley No. Decree Law No. Amnesty Law No. An Act to provide for the incorporation of the Red Cross Society of Botswana and for the protection of its emblems and to make incidental provision in connection therewith, Act No. Decreto-Lei No. Lei No. Emenda Constitucional No. Code de Justice Militaire, Loi du 9 mars , published in G.

Bouvenet et R. Bourdin, Codes et Lois du Cameroun , Vol. G-3, pp. An Act respecting immigration to Canada and the granting of refugee protection to persons who are displaced, persecuted or in danger, , c.

Loi No. Loi no. Modifica la Ley No. Decreto Supremo No. Law on the Establishment of a National Authority for Compensation and Reconciliation , as amended. Circular No. Directiva Permanente No. Decreto Presidencial No. Decreto-Ley No. A Law to ratify certain international Conventions concluded in Geneva on 12 August, , enforce them and provide for other related matters, Law No.

Act No. Act no. Decree No. Executive Order No. Military Penal Code, Law No. Weapons and Explosives Act, Act No. Ordonnance No.




ResoluciĆ³n Minproteccion 3673 2008


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