Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Loopholes of Real Estate is for the first time as well as seasoned investors. It reveals the legal and tax strategies used by the rich for generations to acquire and benefit from real estate investments.

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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? The Loopholes of Real Estate reveals the tax and legal strategies used by the rich for generations to acquire and benefit from real estate investments. Clearly written, The Loopholes of Real Estate shows you how to open tax loopholes for your benefit and close legal loopholes for your protection.

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Next page. Review Voted Best Business Book in ! Knowledge is power; this book is a must read for the strategic investor. Written by Garrett Sutton who is an acclaimed author, lawyer and advisor to the well-known and well-received, Rich Dad Poor Dad series of financial self help books.

The book is divided into five parts each section relevant to the varied aspects of successful real estate investing and the loopholes that protect the resulting assets.

Part One - Real Estate Advantages contains the background information theories and facts on real estate investing and its benefits. Part Two -Get in the Game advises readers on how to devise an investment plan, gather your personal advisement team, and decide on your investment.

Part Three - Tax Strategies - demonstrates how to analyze the financial potential of possible investments, looks at tax advantages and managing your investments. Part Four- Legal Strategies illustrates various legal methods for protecting your investments. Part five - Selection Strategies informs readers of legal and other issues pertinent to choosing a potentially profitable property.

Found at the end of every chapter, are sections that detail the viable loopholes related to the information included in the chapter. Also contained in the book are multiple, relevant checklists, referrals to other informative resources online and books written by other experts in the real estate field. Being that I am neither a real estate Investor nor someone who has a working knowledge of such things, I expected this book to be boring and doused in confusing lingo but instead I was pleasantly surprised.

Written in a friendly tone and worded so that it is easy to understand, this is a precisely written, thoroughly organized guide to all things real estate; it does not just inundate the reader with laws, tax rules, and loopholes it offers lucid explanations demonstrated by case examples that depict real life situations. Additionally, this is not just a book for those looking to attain wealth through real estate investing it also serves as an intensely informative resource for business owners, married couples, business partners, and particularly homeowners, especially chapters 25 Protecting Your Home and Related Asset Protection Strategies , 29 Duties Owed by Real Estate brokers and Agents , and 30 Legal Due Diligence.

This is an excellent book for those looking to invest in real estate - the information contained in this book does well to clarify the do's, don'ts and loopholes and I heartily recommend this book as a must read for anyone interested in real estate on any level. Whether you're buying your first home, or adding another multi-unit apartment complex to your vast real estate portfolio, Garrett Sutton's book is a fantastic overview of the "nuts and bolts" of buying, owning and selling real estate.

Sutton Run Your Own Corporation, , etc. Robert T. Kiyosaki's stable of Rich Dad Advisors, offers clever, if complicated, new ploys to grow and safeguard a fortune. He begins with a motivational sketch of the cash-flow investment doctrine popularized in Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad-buy rental properties with borrowed money; rake in cash from tenants; leverage the equity to buy new properties; repeat until rich-but focuses on the labyrinthine "loopholes" that make the formula tenable.

The first kind involves subtle tax dodges that add greatly to the profitability of property investments-everything from "cost segregation" depreciation to "passive loss" allowances to the " exchange. Sutton therefore explores another suite of legal loopholes for sheltering assets from court judgments, including insurance, limited liability corporations that distance owners from their wealth, and the tactic of loading properties with debt so they are less tempting targets for plaintiffs.

There is plenty of arcane tax, legal and corporate-structuring lore here, but Sutton explains it in admirably lucid, straightforward prose supplemented with entertaining fictional case studies, including a picaresque involving an alpaca ranch, a moonshine still and whiplash payouts.

Novice investors will find it an excellent road map for getting started. Readers looking for easy money may be discouraged by Sutton's demonstration of just how complex real estate money can be, but others will find helpful guidelines, tips and tricks presented in a clear, engaging style.

A clear and engaging writer, Garrett demystifies legal topics and presents them in a very understandable and accessible manner. Garrett has over thirty years experience in assisting individuals and businesses to limit their liability, protect their assets, implement advantageous corporate structures and advance their financial goals.

Garrett is the owner and operator of CorporateDirect. Robert Kiyosaki, the best selling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad calls Garrett and Corporate Direct "the premiere source for asset protection strategies. He graduated with a J. Garrett enjoys speaking on asset protection strategies and is a frequent lecturer for business groups and the Rich Dad's Advisors educational series. For more information on Garrett Sutton, please visit his Web sites at www.

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Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Verified Purchase. For those who have become familiar with Robert Kiyosaki, he has outsourced much of anything he might know about investing in real estate to about a dozen people who know selling books related to the subject while giving just enough material to try and get you to a seminar where they will attempt to try an up sell you in the back of the room as the seminar ends.

The larger problem with this is the up selling never ends. They never give you all the info so they can keep you spending. Legacy has attendees fill out a questionnaire about their goals and aspirations in real estate investing Now why would anyone need to know all of that if the product was good enough to see it for yourself? The books are written in the same vein and structure as the seminars I am an attorney in private practice and have many clients who fancy themselves real estate professionals.

Very few of them, whether they own many properties or only a few, truly know and understand how to maximize the tax and legal advantages of real estate. I intend to recommend this book to all of my clients and colleagues who either already engage in, or express a desire in, real estate investing. Garrett Sutton's book, "Loopholes of Real Estate", is the best and most comprehensive book that I know of to frame a person's perspective of real estate investment through the lenses of tax minimization, asset protection, and cash flow maximization.

Sutton, formerly a real estate broker himself and currently a real estate investor and attorney, brings real life experience, the law, and the professional knowledge of some of Robert Kiyosaki's greatest Rich Dad Advisors to bear in this outstanding work.

This book is a survey of real estate law and investing concepts that is an absolute steal as a mass market product. The information in this book is sold for hundreds if not thousands of dollars in other media such as seminars, academic courses, and professional books.

Sutton covers a myriad of topics, with an overall emphasis on tax minimization and keeping your investments out of the reach of ambulance-chasing attorneys. Among the topics covered in this book are: a the basics of asset depreciation including using cost segregation to maximize passive loss; b overview of exchanges and the basics of how to use and implement them; c concepts of property management; d how to hold real estate, including a devastating indictment of land trusts and the scam artists who promote them as a form of asset protection; e how to structure your real estate holdings, including how to use corporations, limited liability companies, and limited partnerships, including the different tax classifications of same e.

Sutton's true brilliance is in how he crystallizes difficult, complex subjects into bite-size morsels that are easily consumed and digested by non-lawyers and non-real estate professionals.

The Audible version of this book is narrated by Sutton himself, in a folksy, conversational tone which you can hardly tell is a narration at all. Listening to the audiobook often made me feel as if I was sitting in a chair in Sutton's law office having a personal conversation with him about how to achieve my real estate investment objectives.

It is an absolutely brilliant production. There are many other topics covered in this book which you will find helpful and enlightening. Throughout the book, Sutton uses the case study method used in law schools and business schools to bring to life the reasons why proper asset protection planning and tax strategies can both maximize your income, minimize your tax liabilities, and protect your investments.

In closing, I can't recommend this book more highly for anybody in any way connected with real estate. This should be the first thing you read about real estate investing, and Sutton provides numerous references for more in-depth discussions of certain topics.

I recommend purchasing the Audible version and listening to it in the car, doing the dishes, and performing other chores, and then either owning the physical book or Kindle edition as a desktop reference. Rich Dad has once again hit a home run, and has successfully demystified and deconstructed a complex and daunting profession.

With "Loopholes of Real Estate", the advantages of real estate investing are now open and accessible to ordinary Americans from every walk of life. Thank you, Mr. Sutton and Mr. I had borrowed this book from my library, but took so many notes as I devoured it before having to return it - only to have to wait another 30 days before I could borrow it again for review. So, I bought it. Of the 8 real estate investment books I read over the summer, this one was by far the most informative.

A local real estate club host interviews the author, Garret Sutton, on a radio show. This book is mentioned in the interview. I am hooked by the title of "Loopholes" of Real Estate, as I am active in learning tricks for tax saving. So, I go ahead and get a kindle version. After reading the whole book, I realize this book does not offer me any new tricks in saving tax from my real estate portfolio However, to my surprise, this book has quite some asset protection related subjects.

And I do learn quite a bit on this subject from this book This book helps me to fully understand the purpose, the usage, the pro and con of a land trust. And how the homestead exemption can protect asset. I especially like Garret Sutton's approach in this book by using layman terms to cover subjects that could be hard to understand. Even better yet, quite some examples or cases are used to ensure readers fully understand each subject well. I have been using both personal umbrella and commercial umbrella policies as the shield for asset protection.

This book really helps me to have a clear picture how to proceed from here to implement a better asset protection scheme. This book costs me less than 10 dollars.


Rich Dad Advisors: Loopholes of Real Estate : Secrets of Successful Real Estate Investing

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? The Loopholes of Real Estate reveals the tax and legal strategies used by the rich for generations to acquire and benefit from real estate investments. Clearly written, The Loopholes of Real Estate shows you how to open tax loopholes for your benefit and close legal loopholes for your protection. Read more Read less. Frequently bought together. Add all three to Cart.


Loopholes of Real Estate by Garrett Sutton, Esq.

Register Today Enter Promo Code. Investing in real estate is one of the primary ways Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and their team of Advisors have achieved success and significant wealth. Get insider access to learn how you can avoid common mistakes and keep more money in your pocket by taking advantage of real estate legal and tax loopholes. Register for these 2 events today so you can learn the secrets of investing in Real Estate! Join Robert Kiyosaki and Rich Dad Advisor, Garrett Sutton, as they reveal the legal loopholes you need to know to be a successful real estate investor. Whether you are looking to invest on your first property or you are adding another multi-family unit to your asset portfolio, knowing how to protect your assets is critical to your financial success.



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