Most of its technologies are still under development. They call it the F After all, it was the Benz Patentwagen that came first. It suggests that the pace of evolution will be brisk: The F is an electrically driven, hydrogen-fuel-cell—powered, full-size luxury sedan with the range of a diesel, and it is just two model cycles away from the current S-class. The light is artificial; there are no windows.

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Combined, the motors produce horsepower and deliver sure-footed all-wheel-drive traction that Mercedes-Benz is calling e4Matic. Thanks to the use of lightweight fiber-reinforced plastic, carbon fiber, aluminum and high-strength steel, weight is kept to a minimum, which helps with both performance and range. Mercedes-Benz says the F can travel up to 31 miles on battery power alone, before switching to power from the F-Cell fuel cell.

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Mercedes-Benz F125

To celebrate years of the automobile, Mercedes-Benz has provided a glimpse of where it sees things heading in the future with its F ! Although it isn't so ambitious as to attempt to predict what cars will look like in another years, the German automaker has decided to look a little further afield than usual. Previous research vehicles have generally looked ahead one vehicle generation, which is roughly seven to eight years, but with a newly developed hydrogen fuel cell system, gesture controls, and range of 1, km miles , Mercedes says the F ! The F ! Elaine from Seinfeld was obviously part of the naming committee is an emission-free, four-seater luxury saloon with a bodyshell that retains the drooping line style of recent Mercedes saloons, while looking like it was designed by a science fiction artist from the s.


Mercedes envisions the zero-emissions luxury sedan of 2025

The Mercedes-Benz F! Concept may be a sneak-peak at a future S-Class, but not one that'll hit roads in the next few years. Instead, the so-called research vehicle, which debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show, is the company's vision of what an S-Class sedan could look like in model year If that's the case, expect the S-Class of the future to be a sleek, low-slung sedan -- albeit one that's slightly smaller than today's luxo-barge. The F! Is about four inches shorter and two inches lower than today's S-Class, but passengers won't likely notice -- the concept's cabin is pushed far forward in order to eke additional interior room.

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