Log in or Sign up. Where did your likes go? Anyone tried the macrobolic diet? Has anyone here tried the macrobolic diet for cutting? But yeah, I'm not going to pretend i'm an expert on nutrition, just wanted a few peoples thoughts.

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Jump to navigation. How would you like to pack on muscle and lose body fat without ever having to do cardio again? Yes, you read it right — pack on muscle and lose body fat without EVER doing cardio! And although you may be hearing for it for the first time in this very article, Macrobolic Nutrition has been used by some of the top bodybuilders and strength athletes for years to get into contest shape while retaining, even building muscle mass.

Are you ready for it? Rather than looking big and hard with full, dense muscles, you often feel small, flat and weak! Because the physical demands a bodybuilder places on his body creates a greater need for heavy-duty nutrition that will repair muscle fiber and sustain growth. This precise ratio from select sources is critical for creating the metabolic and hormonal environment conducive for muscle growth and fat burning.

Get over it. Truth is, bodybuilders must choose their carbohydrate sources wisely. They should be avoided. Simple Macrobolic Rule 2: Lower GI carbs like oatmeal, brown rice, barley and yams should be primary carb sources.

Lower GI carbs provide a slow, steady supply of blood sugar, maximizing glycogen storage in your muscle and regulating two very important hormones that optimize muscle growth and fat loss: Insulin and Glucagon. We all know the importance of protein for muscle building. But the key here is to combine various protein sources… one protein source is simply not enough. Get your protein from sources such as lean meat, chicken, fish, eggs, low fat dairy and protein supplements such as whey, casein and soy — Each one has a different amino acid content and release rate absorption rate to maintain a positive nitrogen retention and create an anabolic environment that stimulates muscle growth.

One of the biggest mistakes a bodybuilder or athlete can make is to avoid fats altogether. Fats perform many important functions and are responsible for hormone production, inflammation, the absorption of calcium and fat-soluble vitamins.

From a digestive standpoint, fats slow down gastric emptying and consequently, help prolong nutrient delivery. Twenty percent of your calories should come from the fat contained within your protein sources and from additional sources supplying EFAs such as olive oil, borage oil and flaxseed oil. Up until recently, nutritional supplements have not been developed to the Macrobolic Nutrition principle.

It seems that designing a Macrobolic supplement poses many challenges, namely in the areas of cost and flavor. One company has recently has taken on the task. Macrobolic Nutrition is truly a tremendous development in the mass, strength and endurance arenas. Jump to navigation Rewards Program. Fast Free Shipping. Back to top December 09, Courtesy of MHP. Back to top. Customer Reviews Trustpilot. Want access to exclusive offers, content and more? Join our list. Leave this field blank.

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Can This Bodybuilder Diet Really Help You Pack on Mass and Get Lean - All Without Cardio?

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Anyone tried the macrobolic diet?


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