Joan : We all know how much I adore your books well, not all of them , perhaps. This one was a departure for you, in that it was a paranormal and much of the plot — and the emotional energy — was focused on the resolution of the ghost story rather than on the relationship. The good news is, I get to read a lot to catch up. Your books have received good reviews and word of mouth, and this story is set on a college campus and sports figures strongly, which are two of my favorite contexts. Joan : John is a former Olympic diver double gold winner who hit his head on a practice dive 6 weeks before his second Olympics and is now brain-damaged, unable ever to dive again. After spending almost his whole life consumed by the demands of competitive sports, he has to figure out what to do instead and has very little experience to guide him.

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Feb 25, 5 comments. Rating: 4. John Andrews life was all planned out, had been since he was young and entered the pool for the first time. His life revolved around his diving. John was tutored at home and on the road, his social circle extended out only as far as his teammates and diving competitors. Even the most normal rites of growing up passed him by: no dances, no television watching or movie going, nothing but diving and diving competition. John was on target to repeat or perhaps exceed his goals at the next Olympics until a accident during training changed his life forever.

Now he copes with brain damage, blurry sight, vertigo, and life with a cane as a college freshman, on his own for the first time in his life. One deer in the middle of the road, one car crash later, and everything he loved and thought he would have forever was gone.

Now its Jim Beam and sex that Mason uses to fill the emptiness inside of him, crawling into bed drunk with any number of nameless guys to the consternation and disgust of his roommates and friends. He needs to concentrate on his school work and a project but it seems impossible. And Mason? He is seeing and hearing his dead lover. Can both men over come multiple obstacles, including one not of this earth, to find the love both need and deserve?

Life is never easy, but this is ridiculous. I love K. The characters are unusual to say the least. John Andrews stands out because he is different on so many levels. First of all, he is that driven individual who has been pursuing a specific goal since childhood and succeeding at it. Young athletes are in a category all their own. They deprive themselves of a normal childhood, delaying or denying all together many hallmarks of growing up in order to pursue their dream, whether it be that of an Olympic high diver or other sport.

They create a tunnel of efforts, so focused and driven that they seem almost innocent and guileless outside of their sport. Take that goal, that lifestyle away and you have a person adrift in their own life, no longer tethered by long-term goals.

We see that happen to so many athletes once the Games are over. Mitchell takes it one further. John has had an accident that makes him unable to compete. From a finely toned athlete, he now copes with a brain damaged during a two-story fall. Mitchell makes us feel that loss as acutely as John does. Mason is easily the most identifiable and recognizable of the two men.

We can connect with Mason who is drowning in the loss of the man he thought he would marry and spend the rest of his life with. Booze and sex are the fillers of choice for Mason, and we get that. His friends wonderful characters in their own right feel helpless to stop the downward spiral, some have given up all together as Mason lashes out at them in his pain.

This is all very authentic in the emotions radiating off the characters and the pages of this story. But then Mitchell takes it an additional step further, journeying into the paranormal. I have to admit I wish that this element has been left out of the story.

It is too much for this story to handle. There is just too much to do justice to all the elements involved. Then at the very end, one final piece is added. Mitchell throws in BDSM at the last minute into a relationship that had not previously explored this type of sexuality. It just seems very awkward and out of place. I could see where she was going with it, and that made sense but it really needed to be introduced much earlier in the book and in their relationship.

But as it was I just thought it was a tad strange for them to take it to that level at that time. So those were my quibbles with this story.

Too many ingredients to give this a 5-star rating. It was almost there too. Do I recommend this book? Absolutely, these are wonderful characters and their stories are compelling. I wish Mitchell would bring out another book in this series because I like where it is going. Life is never easy, this book reminds of us of that fact. But there are solutions and answers for everyone, and Life, Over Easy reminds us of that too.

Pick it up and let me know what you think. Samhain has donated a copy of Life, Over Easy to our Jock Week giveaway so be sure to stop by and enter!

I love her books and wish her bookshelf was more crowded than it is. I think you will enjoy this one, Mary. I love nearly all K A Mitchell books. Goodreads has this as first in series Fragments, so perhaps there will be a follow-up? One of my must read authors. Latest book, Wish List, is excellent. Now waiting impatiently for Bad attitude.

Oh, KA is a must read for me too! But I am hopeful. I am very excited for Bad Attitude too! I have it actually right now, burning a hole in my inbox! Welcome to Joyfully Jay! Thanks for stopping by and we hope you like it here! Subscribe to Daily Digest Contact Us. Home 4. Review: Life, Over Easy by K. Mitchell Feb 25, 5 comments. Cover by Natalie Winters, interesting but not as interesting as the story within.

Like this: Like Loading Mitchell , Samhain Publishing , young love. Mary G on February 26, at am. Nice review! JayHJay on February 26, at am. Lol, this seems to be a lesser known one. Maybe bc it is a bit older? Good though Loading Avalie on March 4, at pm. JayHJay on March 4, at pm. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying Amazon purchases. Advertise with Us! Current Giveaways! Come Join Our Facebook Group! Sign up to get our Daily Digest of Posts!

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Life, Over Easy

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JOINT REVIEW: Life, Over Easy by K.A. Mitchell

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