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NB: the bibliographies below are mostly presented in chronological order of publication. Skip to main content. Search form. The Book of Steps [Liber Graduum]. Kitchen and Parmentier, M. Franciscus , The book of steps: the Syriac Liber Graduum. Kalamazoo: Cistercian Publications, Historic Authors:. Ephrem Syrus. Evagrius of Pontus. Babai of Nisibis. Abraham of Nathpar. Isaac of Nineveh. John of Dalyatha. Colless , The Wisdom of the Pearlers. An Anthology of Syriac Christian Mysticism.

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The Book of Steps [Liber Graduum]

Proposed dates range from mid-4th cent. The anonymous author gives very few historical or geographical details in the memre , but one reference points to a location of the author and his spiritual community in northeast Iraq near the Lesser Zab River. The collection does not have a Syriac title. This term is mentioned only in two memre , numbers 19 and


Gorgias Encyclopedic Dictionary of the Syriac Heritage: Electronic Edition

The author appears to be living in the Persian Empire , perhaps somewhere near the Lesser Zab , as it is mentioned in Memra Thirty, and addresses the author's own Christian community. The first discourse, and subsequent ones especially number 14 , divides the community into two groups. The lesser commandments are outworkings of the Golden Rule Matthew 7. On the other hand, the 'perfect' are expected to renounce family, marriage and property so as to receive baptism of fire and Spirit.


Patrologia Syriaca 1.3 Liber Graduum




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