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Management Development and Productivity Centre Act An Act to incorporate the Management Development and Productivity Centre and to provide for the manner of its management and operation and other matters pertaining thereto. Ordinance to amend Relocation Grant Ordinance Act to amend the Economic Associations Act Amends Ch. Act No.

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Management Development and Productivity Centre Act An Act to incorporate the Management Development and Productivity Centre and to provide for the manner of its management and operation and other matters pertaining thereto. Ordinance to amend Relocation Grant Ordinance Act to amend the Economic Associations Act Amends Ch. Act No. Repeals section 26j, amends sections 49a photographs , 60 and 61 applicability and introducing the new sections 26 n-p compensation duty.

Act on European Companies. Lag om europabolag. General Provisions arts. Ordinance No. Contains 16 sections covering, inter alia, tasks to perform during programme period handling of questions concerning assistance from the European Social Fund; collaboration with concerned authorities , applicability of Ordinance No.

Act to amend the Act respecting the right to the inventions of employees. Amends section 1 employees pursuant to the Act excludes teachers at academic institutions but includes teachers at military academies.

Act to amend the Act respecting the right to the inventions of the employees. Amends Sections 35, 52 and 74 decision making procedure and appeal procedure. Ordinance to amend Ordinance respecting environmental protection insurance.

Amends section 1 and Annex 1 respecting employers yearly contribution under the Environmental Protection Act. Ordinance to amend Ordinance respecting pension conditions for non-Swedish nationals who are locally employed by Swedish authorities abroad.

Environmental Protection Act Ordinance to issue instructions for the National Committee for Employees' Inventions. Regulates the competence, organisation, etc. Repeals Ordinance on the same subject.

Act to amend the Environmental Protection Act No. Ordinance to amend the Environmental Protection Ordinance No. Amends several ss. Ordinance to amend the Ordinance No. Amends ss. An Act to amend the Act No. Act to amend Act No. An Act respecting patents applied for. Order respecting patents applied for. Consolidated reprint with changes through Contains 70 sections covering, inter alia, scope, limitations, transfer and validity of copyright, other rights relating to copyright, liability and compensation duty, and scope of application of the Act.

Provides for the establishment in each village of a village and urban community fund to be used towards career development, job creation and income creation. Objectives of Bank are to develop, promote and support establishment, operation, expansion and improvement of medium and small enterprises by granting loans, providing security guarantees, making joint investments, and providing advice and other services.

Regulates powers, composition and procedures of Bank. Comprehensive legislation on small and medium-size enterprises. Establishes the Intellectual Property and International Trade Court and provides for related matters.

Provides for rules for the establishment and function of the Committee on Operations of Foreign Private Organisations, qualifications for foreign private organisations to carry out business in Thailand, application, permit and control measures.

Ministerial Regulation B. Establishes an Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand IEAT with the function of developing sites and services for the creation of "industrial estates.

The construction of buildings and the operation of factories in industrial estates shall be in accordance with the law on buildings and factories s. Industrial operators may import foreign nationals as skilled workers or experts in excess of immigration quotas s. Provides for the promotion of maritime trade. Establishes a Maritime Promotion Commission for this purpose. Makes explicit the duties of the commission. These include the giving of advice to the Cabinet and the making of recommendation regarding the development, promotion, supervision, protection and coordination of mercantile marine operations.

The emphasis of such recommendations is to include a focus on the expansion of the Thai fleet, the training of officers and crew, the promotion of marine insurance, the promotion of port businesses and the protection of maritime transport operators.

Sets the composition of the Maritime Promotion Commission and regulates the terms of office of commission members. Governs procedures at commission meetings.

Regulates port operations and the carrying out of international obligations. Provides for commission sub-committees. Legislates that the government may make rules regulating the carriage of goods and tax rates. Allows for ministerial regulations.

Governs applications for permits to carry goods on non-Thai vessels. Sets penalties for offences. Provides for establishment of National Economic and Social Development Board, and defines its composition, powers and duties. Duties of Board include 1 to submit to Council of Ministers recommendations and opinions concerning economic and social development, 2 to consider national economic and social development plans and other recommendations made by the Office of the Board and to submit opinions thereon to the Council of Ministers, 3 to submit to the Prime Minister opinions and activities, and 4 to enhance cooperation between Office of Board and and government agencies.

Agricultural Land Reform Act. Export Promotion Act, B. Provides for establishment of Board of Export Promotion, and defines its powers and duties. Board shall have the following duties: 1 to undertake activities concerning export promotion, 2 to superivse and control export of goods, and 3 to advise on the use of measures affecting export promotion or concerning goods standards. Law No. Establishes general provisions, forms, ground principles, subjects of entrepreneurship, also the rights and duties of entrepreneurs.

Defines, inter alia, the regulation of state protection and support for entrepreneurship, the competencies of government and authorized body, business incubators, state guarantees for protection of entrepreneurs and for not interfering in their activity.

Defines the legal and economic basis for setting up and functioning of Free Economic Zones. Article 24 regulates the question of labour relations in Free Economic Zones. Gives the legal grounds for establishment of a minimum subsistence level, its use and application in cases of State social assistance to citizens. Determines the legal, economic and social foundations of activity of the Chamber of Trade and Industry and establishes the principles for its relations with the State.

Act of 21 February on denationalization and privatization of State property, as amended to 4 November Programme of 23 August on measures to accelerate privatization in the Republic of Tajikistan. Act of 27 December on foreign economic activity of the Republic of Tajikistan. Contains provisions on State regulation of foreign trade activity and guarantees of rights and responsability of subjects of foreign economic activity.

Defines general legal, economic and social conditions for the creation and operation of business entities in Tajikistan. Defines the general legal, economic and social conditions for developing private enterprise in Tajikistan and sets forth guarantees for the freedom of economic activity and its support by the Government. Act of 10 March on securities and stock exchange. Determines the general principles for the issuance, circulation and regulation of activities and relationships between participants in the security market.

Act of 23 December on joint-stock companies, as amended to 22 May Determines general legal and economic principles of structural organization and activity of joint-stock companies in Tajikistan in the context of a transition to a market economy.

Loi no du 31 octobre portant code des investissements. Loi no du 18 septembre portant statut de Zone Franche de Transformation pour l'Exportation. Defines "export oriented manufacturing industry", and adds subsection 13 3 providing that export oriented manufacturing industries, hotels and cruising vessels which are granted development licences shall be exempted from payment of Port and Service Tax.

Tourism Development Act, No. Aims to facilitate the development of the tourism industry. Makes provision for development incentives, approved tourist projects, customs and excise duty exemptions, tax benefits, and some related matters. Consumer Protection and Safety Act, No. Extends the functions and duties of the Central Tenders Board to include the authority to act for, in the name and on behalf of the Government to dispose of real property owned by the Government. Environmental Management Act, No.

Parts II and III establish the Environmental Management Authority with the purpose of formulating and implementing policies with regard to the environment, including the development of a National Environmental Policy within 2 years. The Authority also has powers of inspection, and shall grant permits regulating practices which may be hazardous to the enivornment such as air and water emissions.

Copyright Regulations Legal Notice No. Copyright Act Chapter I: General provisions establishes, inter alia, the general concepts, objectives and system of consumer associations, relationships of consumer associations with the state and local self-government bodies Chapter II: Consumer association and principles of its establishment and activity Chapter III: Union of consumer associations Chapter IV: Peculiarities of state registration, reorganization, liquidation of consumer associations and unions of consumer associations Chapter V: Final provisions deals with, inter alia, labour relationships in consumer association, in the union of consumer associations, also with the social protection of workers.

Defines the general directions of state policy in the sphere of food safety provision, which is considered as a substantial part of economic security of the country, also establishes legal bases for citizens to realize their rights to healthy and nutritious food.

Act on Foreign Investments in Turkmenistan. Articles 12 and 13 regulate issues concerning labour relations and social insurance in Turkmenistan. Act of October on entrepreneurial activity.


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Copyright Amendment Act No. Economic Development Board Amendment Act Amends s. The Copyright Act Commencement Notification S Provides that the Copyright Act No. The Copyright International Protection Regulations


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