Serge Elmi, Yves Almeras; Enregistrement par les brachiopodes de l'histoire dynamique de la marge occidentale du bassin du Sud-Est Ardeche, Gard, France ; apports a la zonation du Jurassique moyen en domaine nord-tethysien. The Middle Jurassic brachiopods from the Vivarais-Cevennes western margin of the French South-East Basin have been palaeontologically studied on the basis of carefully levelled material collected in numerous profiles and well situated within the Ammonite zones succession. The vertical distribution of the species has been precised. The deduced biostratigraphy confirms and improves our knowledges about the brachiopod zonation of the French Middle Jurassic. The range of the Middle Bathonian brachiopod zones has been checked and modified in order to take in account the chart newly proposed for the ammonites including the Bremeri Zone , and of its implications for the regional biostratigraphy.

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Pajaud Daniel. Anomia sinuosa Brocchi, v. Terebratula sinuosa Brocchi in Sirna, p. Recensement taxinomique. Ordre Terebratulida Waagen, Famille Terebratulidae Gray, Famille Cancellothyrididae Thomson, Genre Terebratulina d'Orbigny, Curieusement, peu d'exemplaires de T.

Famille Megathyrididae Dall, Genre Megathiris d'Orbigny, Genre Argyrotheca Dall, Tl Terebratula sinuosa Brocchi , marnes sableuses du plateau des Courennes X 1,6.

T4 Argyrotheca neapolitana Scacchi , sables calcaires, Mollans ravin du Pontillard, rive gauche X Famille Kraussinidae Dall, Genre Megerlia King, Quelques exemplaires proviennent de Mollans ravin du Pontillard, rive droite , et d'Entrechaux ferme Pie couche 2 et Grands Essarts. Ordre Thecideida Elliott, Famille Thecideidae Gray, Genre Lacazella Munier-Chalmas, Ordre Acrotretida Kuhn, Famille Craniidae Menke, Genre Crania Retzius, Certains Brachiopodes nous fournissent aussi quelques renseignements sur le climat.

Boni A. Davidson T. Pajaud D. Seguenza G. Terreni Terziarii del Distretto di Messina, classe Bra-chiopodi. Nat, Milano, vol. Sirna G. Thomson A. New Zeal. Art, Wellington, vol.

Brachiopodes [article] Daniel Pajaud. Liste des illustrations Fig. Genre Argyrotheca Dall, A. Climat Certains Brachiopodes nous fournissent aussi quelques renseignements sur le climat. Notes 1.


Les Brachiopodes actuels - Paleopolis

Brachiopods from the White Chalk of Meudon Upper Campanian , listed in the catalogue of d Orbigny collection, are presented following the revised classification. The Brachiopod fauna in the Belemnitella mucronata Zone is well represented, considering the Invertebrate fauna as a whole. Two representatives of Craniiformea and about ten species of Rhynchonelliformea, from several superfamilies shared by two orders, are critically described, considering the recent observations and the last works after d Orbigny. Journal page Archives Contents list. Article Article Outline.


"les brachiopodes" in English

The collected species characterize at once the Southern and the Northern Margins of the Western Tethys, but also north-western european Bioprovince and some taxa of Arabic origin must be added in the Middle Jurassic. These brachiopods 19 species referred to 15 genera are described and figured for the first time, any evidence having never be mentioned until nowadays on the North-African Margin, at East of Western Algeria. So, during the Toarcian, Tunisia plays a new link between Morocco and Western Algeria on the one hand and Arabic Bioprovince on the other hand. The Bajocian-Bathonian agrees with a period of non differentiated bioprovinces and it is from to the Callovian onwards that the brachiopod faunas of Arabic and Ethiopian origin will settle on Southern Tunisian Platforms.

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