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Sex sells: this much we know. We might also take as a given the fact that capitalism can operate in perverse ways. But can we agree that capitalism itself originates in the perverse desires lurking deep within each individual and that these desires actively pursue their own commodification?

Earlier this year, Bloomsbury re-issued it in English, sadly sans the softcore. The new translation comes off the back of a wave of interest in Klossowski that has grown gradually since his death in But this is only half the picture, because his drawings are something other than artworks or, rather, his philosophy provides a particularly unusual theory of the ontology of art objects.

A religious crisis during World War II almost led Klossowski to become a monk, before he made a complete volte-face and published studies of Friedrich Nietzsche, the Marquis de Sade and a number of quasi-theological erotic novels. You could say that he went from one extreme to another. Courtesy: Cabinet, London.

Smith — should do much to reverse this neglect. This led to staunch criticism, most notably from Foucault, that such efforts amounted to merely a theory of repression: they offer no account of how power harnesses, rather than censors, desire.

Living Currency opens with the argument of this repressive hypothesis: that industrial capitalism has been accused of having a deadening effect on emotional life.

These representational figures and the gods themselves were considered to be like any other useful goods and the artwork was indistinguishable from anything else made to serve a need. Living Currency is no defence of capitalism. Instead, it encourages readers to re-imagine the relationships between work and play, exchange and affect, in ways even more radical than those proposed by socialist utopian thinkers.

To be truly liberated, our unconscious impulses would have to be given free reign and desire would need to take precedence over labour in shaping economic, industrial and social relations.

What kind of society would that look like? Paul Clinton is a writer, curator and editor based in London, UK. He is a lecturer in curating at Goldsmiths, University of London. Skip to main content. Twitter Facebook Email To Pinterest. By Paul Clinton. Illicit Trade. Paul Clinton.

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Monnaie Vivante by Klossowski Pierre Zucca

La monnaie vivante The living currency , ca. La monnaie vivante The living currency, ca. The laws described in the text regulate the exchange between the invited guest, the master of the house, and Roberte. For with the stranger he welcomes, the master of the house seeks a, no longer accidental, but an essential relationship. At the start the two are but isolated substances, between them there is none but accidental communication: you who believe yourself far from home in the home of someone you believe to be at home, you bring merely the accidents of your substance, such accidents as conspire to make a stranger of you, to him who bids you avail yourself of all that makes a merely accidental host of him. But because the master of this house herewith invites the stranger to penetrate to the source of all substances beyond the realm of all accident, this is how he inaugurates a substantial relationship between himself and the stranger, which will be not a relative relationship but an absolute one, as though, the master becoming one with the stranger, his relationship with you who have just set foot here were now but a relationship of one with oneself. To this end the host translates himself into the actual guest.


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