The Pentax KD is a The KD adopts several of the features of the more advanced K10D , namely its It uses non-proprietary AA batteries like previous Pentax entry-level offerings. The KD's lens mount is the K-mount ; so it is compatible with Pentax and third-party lenses dating as far back as without the use of adaptors. As all Pentax DSLR's it can use previous M42 mount lenses in manual mode with an adapter, provided by Pentax or independent manufacturers.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Service Manual. SLR Digital Camera. Table of Contents. Page 2 Copyright Act, and care should be taken here also. Continued use could cause a fire or electric shock. Do not disassemble the batteries. The batteries could explode or catch fire.

Never use a spray blower for cleaning as it may damage the lens. This will involve a fee. Thank you for your cooperation. Page 12 Appendix Default Settings Using Aperture Ring] Be sure to read it and follow the instructions. Page 14 The symbols used in this Operating Manual are explained below. Shows reference page number explaining a related operation. Shows useful information. Shows precautions to take when operating the camera.

This enables you to capture sharp pictures with minimal camera shake regardless of the lens type. Page 17 Focal length is equivalent to a mm lens on a 35 mm camera. Page Capture Mode Capture Mode Functions of buttons, dials and levers used during shooting are noted.

The factory default settings are explained here. Depending on the button or dial, these settings can be changed in the [A Custom Settings] menu p. Page Playback Mode Playback Mode Functions of buttons, dials and levers used during playback are noted. Page Display Indicators Display Indicators Monitor The following indicators appear on the monitor depending on the status of the camera. At Start-up or when Operating the Mode Dial Guides appear on the monitor for 3 seconds default setting when the camera is switched on or the mode dial is turned.

Select Off for [Guide display] in [R Set-up] menu to not show indicators. Page 25 Capture Mode Press the M button in Capture mode to display the capture function settings on the monitor for 30 seconds. Press the four-way controller 23 while displayed to switch to explanation of set Shooting mode.

Page 26 Explanation of Shooting Mode Capture mode p. Page 27 Playback Mode Every time you press the M button during playback, the camera switches screen displays in the following order: Standard display, Histogram display, Detailed information display and No information display image only.

You can change the information initially displayed by pressing the Q button. Page 28 Histogram Display The x features two histogram displays.

Brightness histogram File Format Folder No. Page Viewfinder Viewfinder The following information appears in the viewfinder. AF frame p. Blinks: when flash is recommended but not set.

Focus mode p. Page 30 Focus indicator p. Blinks: when the subject is not in focus. AE lock p. The difference from the appropriate exposure value appears if exposure mode is a. Shutter speed p. Displaying the Menu screen Press the 3 button in Capture mode. The [A Rec. Mode] menu appears on the monitor.

Mode] menu is explained as an example. Use the four-way controller 23 to choose an item. Press the four-way controller 5. Quality levels available when recording in JPEG format are displayed.

Night Scene Portrait , the shutter speed becomes slower in dark places, even if the built-in flash is used. Page 35 Mode Automatically sets shutter speed and aperture e Program to the proper exposure according to Program line when taking pictures. Automatically sets the shutter speed and K Sensitivity Priority aperture to the proper exposure according to the set sensitivity. Lets you set the desired shutter speed to freeze or emphasize subject movement.

Page 36 Memo Page Getting Started Getting Started This chapter explains your first steps from purchasing the camera to taking pictures. Attaching the Strap Page Attaching The Strap Attaching the Strap Pass the end of the strap through the strap lug, then secure it on the inside of the clasp. Pass the other end of the strap through the other strap lug on the camera, then secure it on the inside of the clasp. This camera is packaged with AA lithium batteries for checking the camera functionality but some other kinds of batteries are also compatible.

Use the compatible batteries according to the intended purpose. Press down on the batteries with the battery cover 1 and slide it as shown in the illustration 2 to close. Be sure to fully close the battery cover. The camera will not turn on if the battery cover is open. Some deviation from the above figures may occur in actual use depending on shooting mode and shooting conditions. Make sure the camera is turned off before opening the terminal cover.

Both cards are referred to as SD Memory Cards hereafter. Make sure the camera is turned off before inserting or removing the SD Memory Card market product. Pictures with larger recorded pixels or more Es are clearer when printed. The number of pictures that can be taken the number of pictures that can be recorded on an SD Memory Card decreases with larger file sizes. Some functions are restricted when lenses are not set to the Aperture s position.

Page 48 Remove the front lens cap by pushing the indicated portions inward. To detach the lens, hold down the lens unlock button 3 and turn the lens counterclockwise. If it is difficult to see the viewfinder image clearly, slide the diopter adjustment lever sideways. You can adjust the diopter from approximately —2.

The camera will turn on. Move the main switch to [OFF] position to turn off the camera. Follow the procedure below to set the language displayed on the monitor and the current date and time. Once setting is done, these will not need to be set again when turning your camera on. Page 52 Press the four-way controller 3. The cursor moves to Press the four-way controller 5.

The [ Hometown] screen appears. Use the four-way controller 45 to select the city. Press the four-way controller 3. The cursor moves to [DST] daylight saving time. Use the four-way controller 45 to select O On or P Off.

If you have proceeded to switch the camera to Capture mode and the camera is ready to take a picture , perform the following operations from Step 2 to set the correct language. Use the four-way controller 23 to choose the date style. The frame moves to [24h]. Page 55 Press the four-way controller 5.

The frame moves to the month. Use the four-way controller 23 to set the month. Set the day and year in the same manner. Next, set the time. If you select [12h] in Step 4, the setting switches between am and pm depending on the time.

Page 56 Memo Page Basic Operations Basic Operations This chapter explains basic operations for shooting by setting mode dial to I Auto Picture to ensure successful capturing. For information about advanced functions and settings for taking pictures, refer to chapter 4 and onward. Basic Shooting Operation


Pentax K200D Operating Manual

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Pentax K200D


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