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Forum Rules. Remember Me? Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Tascam Tascam 38 Sign in to disable this ad. I picked up my first tascam 38 today. Comes with 2 reels of 90 and 95 date codes and a snake. Of course the capstan does not turn - perhaps a belt, but I don't hear the motor. And the playback head had wear.

But the record head is in nice shape. All but 2 of the meter lamps are out. Now all I really need is some time - and a take up reel, and a manual with a schematic actually my 34 manual should cover most of this more or less. It looks like it could be a nice deck. You can see where it has been serviced and kept clean.

THe lifters and some guides have been rotated. It appears that I get to the belt from the front. Is this correct? Not sure what I'll do with. Perhaps a choir. Good deal EVM. Hope you get it working. I'm actually getting ready to send my heads to get relapped. Then I need to put them back on and figure out how to get them back to spec. Yes, the belt is from the front panel. It's a little tricky to get at because it runs under the headstack. Good luck. Beck Guest.

Congrats Ethan. Sounds like it could be the capstan drive belt. Yes, you get to it by removing the front panel. You should still hear the capstan motor when lifting the right tension arm I think. At least that's how it goes on the TSR With some machines the capstan spins continuously. I haven't used a 38 for so long I can't remember for sure. Either way the motor should spin when you turn the machine on or when you lift the tension arm. Could also be the switch that engages when you lift the tension arm Those heads are the same part number.

Thanks guys I'm just back home from an Avalanche recert class and doubt that I'll get up the energy to take it apart tonight. So far that tape does not look sticky using the kimwipe swipe test. Anybody got a pdf of the service manual?

I collect them you know No motor sound is a worry to me. I should hear something. But then again it could be a disconnected cable or a bad drive transistor. More later. Sounds like a project. Good luck, and by that, I suppose, I mean - less fun with the project. Originally Posted by evm Knowledge is calculable, Ignorance has no limits. Some looking at it today OK, As the saga continues Pulled the arm up some time ago. No sound of the capstan motor.

The belt looks and feels good. The capstan, flyweel,motor all turn by hand OK. Pull the capstan servo board. Voltages look OK. Speed select OK say did you know that the 38 could 7. I think that you could make it do 30 ips Pitch control OK. Put a scope on the feelback from the motor and rotated the shaft.

Looks OK I see a sine wave from the motors tach. I see that the drive transistor has been replaced as well as the outputs drive transistor. Looks like they implemented the servo this way one of the comparators as an osc and the other to modulate the drive voltage. Using a 34B manual for some of this. No diagram of the motor control in either my 34B or 32 manual.

Drats, I may have to diagram out the capstan motor board. So right at the moment I've got 32 volts going to the motor on one leg and 0 on the other. The motor is not spinning so that makes me think that the motor is bad.

Ah, Looks like the A uses the same servo circuit. I got the schematic from there. Just need a set of heads Originally Posted by SteveM. Thanks for the thought Steve. The motor is toast and I'll need a new one if I'm going to make this deck work. The A uses the same capstan servo circuit and I have the schematic form there.

I did a few more tests to be sure that the servo was working and then called the motor bad. I pulled the motor. Now it gets interesting I opened up the motor and found that it had gotten so hot that it melted the solder that connected the windings to the commutator board.

The centrifical force threw this melted solder to the sides and thus the motor stopped running. The wirewound series resistor in the motor wass also toast. Who knows what value. I'm guessing that the deck was overloaded at some time pulling sticky tape?

This caused the motor to overheat and melt the solder somewhere around degrees. Some of the solder shorted out the commutator and blew the drive transistor. Tape stops and off to the shop it goes. It gets cleaned up and the drive transistors replaces but no motion. Just for fun I resoldered the windings and put a 47 ohm resistor should be 1 or 2 ohms in the motor and round and round she goes.

I would not trust it and no need to put it back in the deck. So I have a choice to make. I can order a motor form EBay or Teac oh how much would that cost my wife asks.

Or I can part out the deck. I really have no need for an 8 track. Sell the usable heads, sell the channel cards BurrBrown opamps installed of course , keep a few VU meters for a mic preamp and sell the rest. Then I could buy a motor and turn it into the 2 track Attached Thumbnails.

Oh here is a photo of the heads record good reproduce badddd. Last Jump to page:.


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