He wrote over articles for various scholarly journals and magazines in addition to 25 books, of the most notable being Christian Ethics: A Historical and Systematic Analysis of Its Dominant Ideas. His father, 'Abd al-Huda al-Faruqi, was an Islamic judge qadi and a religious man well-versed in Islamic scholarship. Faruqi received his religious education at home from his father and in the local mosque. His first appointment was as a registrar of cooperative societies under the British Mandate government in Jerusalem , which appointed him in the district governor of Galilee. Subsequent to the partition plan of Palestine , and the creation of the independent Jewish state of Israel in , al-Faruqi at first emigrated to Beirut , Lebanon , where he studied at the American University of Beirut , then enrolled the next year at Indiana University 's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, obtaining his M.

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Tawhid, or the doctrine of absolute unity, transcendence, and ultimacy of God, implies that only He is worthy of worship, of service. The obedient person lives his life under this principle. He seeks to have all his acts to conform to the pattern, to actualize the divine purpose.

His life must therefore show the unity of his mind and will, the unique object of his service. His life will not be a series of events put together helter skelter, but will be related to a single overarching principle, Read More. At its genesis and for a long time afterwards, Zionism did little else besides seeking the real estate wherein to set up refuge from the dim future it foresaw. There is no evidence in early Zionist writing Present the cause to them through argument yet more sound" Qur'an Da'wah is the fulfilment of this commandment "to call men unto the path of Allah.

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The Essence of Islamic Civilization Prof. John Voll delivers annual Isma'il Faruqi Islam and the Problem of Israel: Zionism as Islam and the Problem of Israel: Jewish Aqidah book review christianity comparative religion da'wah europe family islam Ismail al-Faruqi israel Jew Jewish history jews judaism Leo Pinsker moral law nationalism palestine Pax Islamica rational reform judaism religion revelation Sharia tawhid tribute ummah updates Western Europe zionism.

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Dr. Ismail al-Faruqi



Ismail al-Faruqi


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