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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Sony compact disc recorder operating instructions rcd-wc, rcd-w 40 pages. Page 5 Other Playback Operations Erasing all files in a folder Remove the film on the display window Stand 1 before you use the IC recorder. You are cautioned that any changes or modifications not expressly approved in this manual could void your authority to operate this equipment.

Use it as a reference point for operations, or repeat A-B button to identify each terminal. Page 10 To detach an earbud While holding the headphone, twist and pull the earbud off. If the earbud slips and cannot be detached, wrap it in a dry soft cloth.

To attach an earbud Twist and push the inside parts of the earbud into the headphone until the projecting part of the headphone is fully covered. You need to set the clock to use the alarm Setting the clock using the function or record the date and time. Page 18 To display the current date and time While the IC recorder is in the stop mode, press STOP to display the current date and time for about 3 seconds. Before you start recording, we recommend you make a trial recording first, or monitor the recording page Page 21 Press to display the folder selection window.

Press on the control button, press on the v , V control button to select the Voice tab, and then press on the control button. Operation indicator The operation indicator lights in red. Note while accessing The IC recorder is recording data and storing it on the memory media when the operation indicator flashes in orange. Press Press on the control button, press on the v , V control button to select the Voice tab, the Music tab, or the Podcast tab, and then press.

Page 26 Press on the control button. Page 28 About the tab view The recordable area and the playback-only area of folders stored on the IC recorder are managed separately, and are displayed with tabs. When you choose a folder, you can move to one of those areas by switching a tab. Tabs Voice : Recordable area. Page 29 A File information Press on the control button to check the file information during playback.

A file recorded using the IC recorder is displayed as follows. Page 30 C Remaining recording time Displays the remaining recording time in hours, minutes, and seconds. If there is more than 10 hours time remaining, the time is displayed in hours. If there is more than 10 minutes and less than 10 hours time remaining, the time is displayed in hours and minutes.

Select the file you want to erase when the IC recorder is in the stop or playback mode. When a file is erased, the remaining files will advance so that there will be no space between files. You can change the angle of the built-in microphones manually. Page 35 Recording a voice note There are ways of making settings to record well other than using scene selection.

Page Manual Recording Manual recording Select a folder. To stop recording, press STOP. Page 44 The IC recorder enters the recording Sounds for 5 seconds are buffered in the memory. Then close the cover. Also, do not insert any liquid, metal, displayed. Doing so may cause fire, electric shock, or malfunctions.

For auto AGC recording, see page For manual recording, see page Recording across memory media — Page Recording From Other Equipment To record sound from a Recording from other telephone or a cell phone equipment You can use the supplied telephone recording microphone or the ECM-TL1 m microphone jack headphone-type electret condenser microphone not supplied to record sound CD player, etc.

Page 54 To record using the recorder using an audio connecting cable synchronized recording function page The IC window. Press STOP to exit the menu mode. The built-in microphones are automatically cut off and the sound from the connected equipment is recorded. Start playback on the piece of equipment connected to the IC recorder.

Reducing noise in the playback sound and making the human voice clearer — the noise cut function A confirmation message appears, and the file you selected will be played back. The speed and tones — the DPC file is played back in natural tones by Digital Pitch Control means of a digital processing function. Page Selecting The Sound Effect Press on the control button to Selecting the sound effect adjust the playback tone. The custom setting window will be displayed. The menu items will be different depending on the model you are using.

Page 67 To resume normal playback: A file is played back. Files in one folder are played back continuously. All the files are played back continuously. To change the segment specified for A-B One file is played back repeatedly.

You can sound an alarm and start playback Press on the control button to of a selected file at a desired time. Tape recorder, Mini disc recorder, etc. It is not a malfunction. Adjusting the noise canceling effect The IC recorder is designed to obtain the maximum effect of the noise canceling Page 76 position of the indicator to adjust the desired value. Press STOP before step 4. Page 83 Select a file from which you want to erase the track marks.

Page Dividing A File At All The Track Mark Positions of approximately 6 seconds each, both when you edit files using the supplied Sound Organizer software, dividing files may not before and after the current position. P Note You cannot change a folder name in a tab used for playback only, such as the Music tab or the Podcast tab. The file is protected. A protected file is v , V marked with the protect indicator. The new recording is stored as another file.

Audio IN: Select when you record using other equipment. Playback A file is played back. ALL: All the files are played back continuously. One file is played back repeatedly.

Files in one folder are played back repeatedly. If you specify a file that has already been protected, cancel the protection. For details on the system requirements for your computer, see page , Folders displayed on the Podcast tab of the IC recorder Page Perform the following operation on your computer.

On a Windows screen, left-click the icon at the bottom of the desktop of the computer. Page Press on the control button to limitations. The imported songs are saved to the The songs imported from music CDs and computer. Page System Requirements For Your Computer Changing the file information of Burning a music CD files You can select your favorite songs from the You can change the title name, artist name, songs imported into Sound Organizer and and other file information displayed in the then burn your own original music CD.

A list of files on a connected device appears. It takes about 4 hours to fully charge exhausted batteries. Page Precautions Precautions On power — When you use the unit in an environment where the unit is exposed Operate the unit only on 2. Page IC recorder, we by Sony. Equivalent to approx. Page The battery life may shorten depending on how you operate the IC recorder. When playing back music through the internal speaker with the volume level set to Page Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Before taking the IC recorder for repair, check the following sections.

Should any problem persist after you have made these checks, consult your nearest Sony dealer. Please note that recorded files may be deleted during service or repair work. The overwritten part will be deleted after the overwriting part finishes recording. You cannot divide a file. That amount is subtracted from the remaining time, window is shorter than that which is the reason for the difference. Charge the batteries in an environment short. Check the hard disk and memory space.

Erase some files before recording. Troubles as mentioned below are not malfunctions of the IC recorder.


Sony ICD-SX713/ICD-SX813 Operating Instructions Manual



Sony ICD-SX813 Manuals


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