XI , tapia real s. In this paper, the discovery of a peri-urban work of hydraulic engineering is presented. A wall-dike was found during the excavation for an underground public parking on the left bank of the Genil River in Granada city Spain. Three different construction methodologies were detected in the wall-dike: monolithic-wall s. XI , royal wall s.

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Foundation recovery under emergency conditions. The reconstruction works in buildings under emergency conditions and, more specifically, the foundation repaired has been poorly documented in rehabilitation. This is due, in some extend, to not make public this type of reports mainly due to its complexity and possible related responsibilities. In the present article, the foundation recovery of a building with 40 flats, located in Seville, Spain, near the Guadalquivir River which was affected by the excavations of an underground parking lot are explained.

Three different techniques are considered and compared; finally, the micropile solution implemented is explained, technically and economically. Micropiles were chosen due to, among other aspects, the soil quality. Keywords: Foundation recovery ; foundation ; emergency ; organization ; planification ; micropile ; rehabilitation.

El origen de este conjunto de edificios se enmarca en la mitad del S. Figura 1. Figura 2. Se presentaron discontinuidades verticales que mostraban las fracturas del terreno producidas por el desplazamiento horizontal. Figura 3. Figura 4. Figura 5. Figura 6. Fuente: Universidad de Sevilla. Figura 7. Exteriormente el edificio ya se encontraba completamente recalzado, favoreciendo la estabilidad del conjunto y evitando el aumento de asientos o movimientos.

Tabla 1. Precios unitarios simples descompuestos que constituyen el PUF del recalce. ABSTRACT The reconstruction works in buildings under emergency conditions and, more specifically, the foundation repaired has been poorly documented in rehabilitation.

A este grupo corresponden las inyecciones armadas de cemento y las inyecciones de resinas expansivas de poliuretano ERP. Recalce por micropilotes. Medida la cantidad ejecutada. Medida la longitud ejecutada desde la plataforma de apoyo del equipo. Costes Directos 59, Rapid visual screening of buildings for potencial seismics hazards, a hand book.

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Rinforzo e adeguamento delle fondazioni per sollecitazioni statiche e dinamiche. The building cost system in Andalusia: application to construction and demolition waste management. Demolition Waste Management in Spanish Legislation. Micropilote in situ exterior terrenos consist. Micropilote in situ interior terrenos consist. FEMA Zhang, H. Ewing, R. Wilder, D.

Seksinsky, E. Lutenegger, A. Da Casa, F. Ministerio de Fomento. Burland, J. Erdemgil, M. Dei Svaldi, A. Buzzi, O. Foti, S. Marrero, M. BCCA, S.


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Recalce en condiciones de emergencia: 40 viviendas cercanas al río Guadalquivir, España




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