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Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Gry Garness. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Doug Nelson. Gry Garness , PM. I'm sorry to announce that Gry Garness lost her long battle with cancer yesterday. She was a lovely person and a skilled artist. She remained upbeat and positive until the end. Her final few years she lived a life many would envy. She met the love of her life and moved to a beautiful home in Spain.

I only knew her professionally, but we spent quite a lot of time talking. It was clear she was a rare individual of kindness and generosity of spirit. She loved her work and sharing what she knew. Our world is a little smaller today.

Learn by teaching Take responsibility for learning. Tags: None. Re: R. Gry Garness That is sad news Doug, my thoughts are with her family and friends. Comment Post Cancel. Gry Garness This is a great shock I spoke with her several times regarding a collaboration, she was always up beat and positive.

I was envious of her move to Spain to a city I love, but had no idea about her situation with cancer Quite stunned Thoughts go out to all who knew her and those that could have known her. Gry Garness She did what she loved.

She was a great teacher, I remember her books being my first steps into the retouching world. Greg Curran. Gry Garness beautiful artist, fantastic teacher. Gry Garness A great shock indeed. Condolences to the bereaved family. Gry Garness Completely shocked to hear this. I bought her retouching DVD last year and it is one of my favourite retouching ones - she had such a lovely voice and a great teaching style. Gry Garness One of my favorite memories of Gry was the time we had a show scheduled but she switched internet providers that same week.

For some reason, we never did find out why, the show software didn't play well with her new provider. I told her we could just cancel, but she didn't want to disappoint anyone. She went door-to-door in her apartment building, looking for someone that used her old internet provider. She found someone who was willing and did the show on a laptop from their kitchen table.

She repaid them by baking them a lasagna. Gry Garness What a tremendous loss!! She was such a talent!! My favorite retoucher! Gry Garness Very sad to hear. She sent me her ebooks some years ago for listing on my site, back in CS3 days. Gry Garness I just went through some other website and was shocked to realize that the information mentioned that Gry Garness has passed.

Gry I bought her ebooks and tutorials and even emailed her several questions which she replied in such a detailed answer. Infact my questioned for her was the first question being picked up and it was the first question that she answered during the LIVE presentation. Up until now Gry's material is still my essential resource and references. Thank you Gry for your contribution you provided and R.

Gry Garness What a shock to hear. It is a joy to listen to her voice on her CD. I have learned much from her teachings.. I had no idea she was ill with cancer. My condolences go out to her family.

Thank you Gry! Related Topics. Anyone here use Gry Garness ebooks? I've never purchased any retouching ebooks or videos before. What I'm interested in knowing before purchasing is: 1. In the ebooks, does she actually teach how to achieve work like the images in the Next book by Gry Garness? Hello everybody, I'm wondering if there will be next book made by Gry Garness.

I really want to buy her last one, but if in 3 months will be next one, then I would like to wait for it. I will be gratefull for any informations. Channel: Photo Retouching. Hey, looking for some advice. I have a nightmare client She argues about rates, never gives a fair rate and so far has always contacted me about jobs when I'm super desperate for cash so although after the first time I worked for her I vowed to not do it again, Your most unusual detective.

I've read books or seen movies where the detective was a cat, a dog, a mouse, a young boy, a young girl, an alien, a misanthrope, a mysogynist, an obsessive-compulsive, a drug addict, a housewife, a priest, an elderly gardener, a monk, a schizophrenic, and much more.

What's the most unusual Channel: Salon. My Absence. I have been contributing to the forums off and on for a couple of years now. I truly enjoy contributing my interpretations to the pictures and challenges. However, I have only been looking in but haven't contributed much since Thanksgiving.

The reason for this is that my Mother was in the hospital All Rights Reserved. All rights reserved. Yes No. OK Cancel.



This 'channel' features the same retouching videos as on Gry's Retouching Techniques DVD, updated for all versions of Photoshop, inclucing CS6 and CC, revamped and many expanded, plus several brand new tutorials. You can rent single training tutorials or subscribe. The channel now has more material than the Gry Garness DVD, in tightly edited, content-rich training videos of super high streaming quality. This is suitable for intermediate-advanced Photoshop users. It's ideal for photographers, assistants and retouchers who want to hone their skills. This 'channel' works on the same principle as Lynda, but is focused on one single subject: professional retouching for photography. The retouching skills and retouching techniques are shown from the bottom up, so that all intermediate retouchers can follow, while the more advanced can fast-track skim through the bold text to get to the best bits!






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