Downloaded from www. Do not use this product near water example, near a swimming pool, spa, tub, sink or wet basement and do not expose to rain. This product should be used only with a cart or stand that is recommended by the manufacturer, or should be used with the components supplied. If this product requires assembly before being played, take special care to follow the assembly instructions found at the back of the manual.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Owner's manual. Table of Contents. Page 3: Table Of Contents Important preliminary notes Page 4 The Performance name Page 5 Ejecting a Floppy Disk Page 6 Piloting an expander or other keyboard with WK The disk drive can read and write onto WK2 format 3. The battery is recharged while the instrument is turned on not just plugged in! When the instrument is turned off, data is conserved in memory for appriximately 30 days.

Push button to turn the instrument on and off. Numeric selection keypad to select the Styles Page 13 T : in Song, When Mute LED off the respective keyboard sections. Page 14 cally sets the sequencer for Song Style recording. Holding the button Page Rear Panel Wk2 Connections or to your voice , processes the signals fed into plied with the instrument.

Insert one end of the power chord into the rear-panel mains socket, and the other end into a suitable wall outlet. The S. PLAY function on the right of the display turns on. Page Play With The Pedals If you are playing a difficult tune that requires the use of several black keys, or a tune that is too high or too low for a singer or another instrument, you can transpose WK2 to play the tune in an easier key. Page Demo Demo How to listen to the Demo Styles At any moment you can listen to the automatic playback of your WK2 to get an idea of what the instrument is capable of doing.

Press the DEMO button. Select one of the first 8 buttons under the display F1…F8. Page Basic Concepts To gain access to the functions, as well as following the instructions outlined below, it is also possible to follow a shorter and more direct route: by holding down the corresponding function button for about 2 seconds, WK2 enters automatically into the edit of the function.

This method allows rapid interventions and shortens your editing times. Page Performance Styles, the configuration of tracks does not influence either playing mode track 9 is used by the Pads , but if you are programming WK2 for use as a multi-timbral slave device, all 16 tracks are taken into consideration. By using the — Page Connections P.

Detailed information regarding MIDI applications are found in the dedicated chapter further ahead. Set the Upper 1 track for Local Off operation in Page The Display The Display The WK2 has a large, coloured three colours backlit liquid crystal display of the multifunction type which simplifies all your operations. This user interface is divided into 6 zones: G.

Page Data Entry Data Entry Numeric value insertion, function and parameter selection is carried out as follows. The WK2 Drumkits are in Banks 2, 3 and 4 You can choose between 17 Drumkits; the relative drum maps appear in the Appendix. How to program the Performances The WK2 contains 63 user-programmable Performances which you can modify to suit your needs. Performance programming tasks are a simple matter and they offer the possibility of recall- ing preferred Sound combinations, Styles and panel settings.

Page The Performance Parameters 4 Modify the volume of the tracks. When a track is shown flashing and the assigned Sound appears in the 8 digit display zone, you can modify the volume level by rotating the DIAL. Page Store Performance Performances to disk before using restore.

If you modify the first Performance of the 63 available, every time you turn on the WK2, it will power up to the programmed setting. Change the Performance name using the keys of the keyboard.

The automatic arrangements are provided by the WK2 Styles. If you want to change the Sound assigned to one or more tracks, first check that the PERF menu function is not selected and that the S. PLAY function is off, then press the corresponding function button F1 … F9 to enable the track flashing. While the track is flashing, you can change sound by specifying the corresponding number on the right hand selection keypad.

Before starting the accompaniment, you can decide choose the starting Variation for the current Style. During Style play, you can switch from one variation to another by pressing the desired button. Page The Arranger Section The Arranger section This section contains buttons which enables the more important functions tied to Style playing. If this button is off, only the Drum track will play after the start. When active, the corresponding icon turns on in the display.

Page Reverb Vocal Processor functions and do not play sounds as described in the Programmable Pads section of the manual. Page Save Operations Floppy disk or Hard disk. The RAM should be seen as a work area which can constantly be updated and not as a data storage media.

Page Delete Delete The Delete function allows the cancellation of a single file from a floppy disk or Hard Disk partition. DISK 1. Insert a the floppy disk that contains the file to erase into the drive. Page Disk Formatting Procedures Disk Formatting procedures To be able to read and write data to disks, they must be of a format that WK2 can recognise before being used. If you try to use a disk of an incompatible format, the drive prompts an appropriate message inviting you to retry with another disk.

Page Utility Utility The Utility page contains useful file handling functions both for Floppy disk as well as Hard disk. To copy a file from a partition to a floppy disk, proceed as follows: 1. Page General Disk Handling Information Avoid forcing a disk into the drive and hold the disk straight while inserting it.

Do not use the disk drive for about 5 minutes. You can check this at a glance by looking at the status of the tracks in the display. In many other respects, Song Styles are similar to Song, except that they do not contain a Lyrics track.

While you play, the WK2 records the panel situation and all the operations that you carry out. As an alternative, you can use the Fill or Ending as an intro. You can also use the Fade In to bring in the accompaniments with a gradual increase of volume. The corresponding display indicator responds by turning on or off accordingly. Regulating the Send levels Each track of the current Performance can be independently adjusted for the amount of Reverb or Effect applied.

Some instruments adopt the system Page Using The Wk2 In Song Mode With A Computer Or External Sequencer If you prefer to use a computer software sequencer to record your Songs in order to exploit some of the advanced editing functions, proceed with the following general instructions. The relative SysEx strings for the parameters in question are as follows Page The Sample Edit Parameters 3.

The Pads assign procedure 1. This allows you to listen to the harmonised effect of the Vocal P. It is possible to inde- pendently disconnect each track from the internal sound engine. Display : Large multi-function coloured backlit LCD display. Page Index Floppy Disk formats 42 Format 1. Page 99 Appendix Appendice Appendix Anhang Cm C 7sus4 3. CM C 7sus4 m7b5 4. C add9 madd9 5. Cadd Model: WK2 Version: 1. CC06,38 Data Entry. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. Specifiche soggette a cambiamento senza preavviso. Print page 1 Print document pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up!


Keyboard WK2 Manual

The Arranger Section The unique program series for the conversion and creation of music styles EMC Style Works XT These are the most important features of our programs: Style Converter - for the conversion of other keyboards' styles for your instrument; you get access to all styles on the market, even to those which were not produced for your instrument. Song to Style Converter - for the creation of styles from midifiles; you miss a suitable accompaniment pattern for a specific song? No problem - load the song midifile into the Song to Style Converter and 'cut' the rhythm from the song data. Style Editor - for fast and efficient modification of your style data.


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Quick Links. Download this manual. Owner's manual. Table of Contents.

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