Introducing The G Series from Zoom. Zoom's new G2 combines a harmonized pitch shifter with a built-in PCM drum machine. It also sports the World's fastest patch change. Please could I get a patch for the mentioned band during the Angel Dust era or for the song Ashes to Ashes.

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ZOOM G2. Zoom G2. The meanings of these symbols are as follows: Warning This symbol indicates explanations about extremely dangerous matters. If users ignore this symbol and handle the device the wrong way, serious injury or death could result. Caution This symbol indicates explanations about dangerous matters. If users ignore this symbol and handle the device the wrong way, bodily injury and damage to the equipment could result. Please observe the following safety tips and precautions to ensure hazard-free use of the G2.

Power requirements Since power consumption of this unit is fairly high, we Warning recommend the use of an AC adapter whenever possible. When powering the unit from batteries, use only alkaline types.

The use of an adapter other than the speci? Connect the AC adapter only to an AC outlet that supplies the rated voltage required by the adapter. When disconnecting the AC adapter from the AC outlet, always grasp the adapter itself and do not pull at the cable. During lightning or when not using the unit for an extended period, disconnect the AC adapter from the AC outlet. The G2. Pay close attention to the labelling of the battery to make sure you choose the correct type. When not using the unit for an extended period, remove the batteries from the unit.

If battery leakage has occurred, wipe the battery compartment and the battery terminals carefully to remove all remnants of battery? While using the unit, the battery compartment cover should be closed. Environment Warning To prevent the risk of? Extreme temperatures?

Heat sources such as radiators or stoves? High humidity or moisture? Excessive dust or sand? Excessive vibration or shock Handling Warning? Never place objects? Do not place naked? Do not exert undue pressure on the keys and other controls. Also take care not to drop the unit, and do not subject it to shock or excessive pressure.

Take care that no foreign objects coins or pins etc. Caution Connecting cables and input and output jacks You should always turn off the power to the G2. Also make sure to disconnect all connection cables and the power cord before moving the G2.

Warning Alterations Never open the case of the G2. Volume Caution Do not use the G2. Usage Precautions Electrical interference For safety considerations, the G2. However, equipment that is very susceptible to interference or that emits powerful electromagnetic waves should not be placed near the G2.

With any type of digital control device, the G2. Care should be taken to minimize the risk of damage. Cleaning Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the G2. If necessary, slightly moisten the cloth. Do not use abrasive cleanser, wax, or solvents such as paint thinner or cleaning alcohol , since these may dull the?

Please keep this manual in a convenient place for future reference. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.

However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures:?

Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.

Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. Frequency response remains flat up to 40 kHz, and input-converted signal-to-noise ratio is an amazing dB, demonstrating the high level of performance achieved by the G2. The high-quality choices provided by the G2. This is convenient for use as a metronome during individual practice or to provide a simple rhythm part for a quick session.

An auto-chromatic tuner for guitar is also built right into the unit, allowing you to easily tune your instrument also at home or on stage.

The mute interval when switching patches has been reduced to less than 5 milliseconds. Seamless patch changing is now a reality. Continuous operating time on batteries is approximately 7. The external expression pedal is used for controlling the volume.

The foot switch is convenient for quickly toggling effect programs or for setting the tempo of the rhythm function. Please take the time to read this manual carefully so as to get the most out of the unit and to ensure optimum performance and reliability. Each such effect is referred to as an effect module. Parameters such as effect intensity can be adjusted for each module individually, and modules can be switched on and off as desired. Only one of these can be selected at a time.

These are called effect parameters. In the G2. Similar to the knobs on a compact effect, these change aspects such as tonal character and effect intensity. Which parameter is assigned to each knob depends on the currently selected effect module and effect type. The internal memory of the G2.

The memory of the G2. Banks 0 to 3 are the preset area containing read-only patches. The patches within each bank are numbered 0 through 9. To specify a patch of the G2. The two major modes are "play mode" in which you can select patches and use them for playing your instrument, and "edit mode" in which you can modify the effects. The module selector serves for switching between the play mode and edit mode. Operating the G2. Turn the G2. Close the cover of the battery compartment.

Push the cover in until the latch audibly snaps into place. Insert batteries facing in alternate directions. Cover Latch Press the latch to release it and then raise the cover. When the batteries are getting low, the indication "bt" appears on the display.

Which parameter will be changed by the expression pedal depends on the effect type selected for the respective module. For details, see pages 27 - The pattern in which the parameter changes when the expression pedal is operated can be selected in edit mode from four choices. For details, see page In this case, operating the expression pedal has no effect.

Windows XP? MacOS X Also when using the G2. If the DAW application has an echo back function input signal during recording is supplied directly to an output , this must be disabled when using the G2.

If recording is carried out with this function enabled, the output signal will sound as if processed by a flanger effect. Use a high-quality USB cable and keep the connection as short as possible. If power is supplied to the G2.

These three effect types have the same parameters. TIME 1 — 99, 1. In the range from 10 — ms, the adjustment is made in ms steps 1 — For 1 second and above, the adjustment is made in ms steps 1. The two effect types above have the same parameters.

Available settings are "u" rising sawtooth , "d" falling sawtooth , and "t" triangular. Higher setting values result in more clipping of wave peaks, which reinforces the effect. TIME 1 — 50 Adjusts the attack time.


Storing/Copying Patches - Zoom G2.1u Operation Manual



Guitar effect patches for the zoom G2 and G2.1u


ARM 32F100 PDF


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