Foxpro was created in early 80's originally as FoxBase - ? It was known as the fastest database engine on PCs then. Later on , unfortunately , it was acquired by Microsoft. At the end of , Foxpro got the name "Visual" and the platform support was only limited to windows. It was also the first version of Foxpro where the language turned out to be Object Oriented. Although it is an old language, it is still considered to be the easiest language for creating a data centric application rapidly for the windows desktop.

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EMS is not affiliated with Microsoft or any other vendor. With the exception of terms described at the bottom of this page, all terms on this page are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Other Microsoft version information. Information on other vendors' products. For technical questions, we recommend you ask on the usenet newsgroup news:comp. All but System Disk marked " c Fox Software ". System Disk " c Apple, ". Supprots LaserWriter and Image Writer printrs. Box top numbers , FMD NFR copy is on far right.

Box rear Part No. Box top label may read "Restricted Version ". Includes two double density diskettes and the following printed materials: Registration card, Part No. Probably includes three Microsoft labeled K disks starting with Disk Assy FoxPro 1.

Determining FoxPro 2. Printer Drivers, 34 pages, title page dated May Distribution Kit, 20 pages, title page dated May Installation Guide, 16 pages, title page dated May FoxPro 2. Eligible users must own FoxPro 1. MS Part number V Includes 3. Includes the following materials: Retail box sleeve. Rear marked Part No. Manuals: Same as for upgrade, above, but Activation key card is Part No.

Y2N9J 4, V". NFR markings. Includes the following materials: Six 3. Retail box with round, blue "Now from Microsoft" sticker. Distribution Kit manual, 20 pages, May Activation Key.

General license information for FoxPro 2. For example, if you have five workers who have the FoxPro database management system on their hard disks, you need five licenses. If you have an additional 10 users who only run FoxPro off the network, you would need to purchase as many additional licenses as there are people who want to run FoxPro at the same time - in this case, up to 10 more licenses.

Note, however, that if other people need to use FoxPro on your home or laptop computer, you must purchase an additional license. Note differences from the competitive upgrade below. Right spine Part no. Includes five 1. Registered owners may acquire an unlimited number of FoxPro 2. This offer expired April 30, Box sleeve right side marked: Part No.

Note that this par tof the product is all albeled Fox Software. No Microsoft name or logos. Includes serial number, demonstration activation key, date and an activation key which can only be read by opening the sealed envelope. Competitive Upgrade, 5. Full version. Product numbers: v 5. The 2. I've heard there was also a 2. Patches for 2. FoxPro Connectivity Kit version 2. FoxPro Distribution Kit Version 2. Registration card lists product Disks labeled Disc Assy.

Traditional runtime. EXE executables using a Fox central library. EXE executables. Includes four 1. FX, rear bar code Help Compiler Guide, INI" stores company name, and will be date of the installation. Complete package includes the following printed materials: Registration card. Software License Card, Part no.

Microsoft Support Network information card. Patches to update 2. SKU: Mistake on my part? Update, Document No. Includes the following materials: 17 HD 3. Also one HD Help Compiler disk, Printed materials are identical to the full license version below, with the following exceptions: Box sleeve right side bottom Part No.

Includes the following materials: 17 3. One 3. Rear bard code labeled Retail box sleeve rear lower left Part No. MS Part Numbers: Standard retail, 3. This apparently can only be distinguished from the full license by the box. Visual FoxPro 3. Purple triangle label : "Academically Priced" on upper right of box front. Probably includes at least the following manuals: Language Reference, Developer's Guide, Product number V Box rear lower left marked Part No. Jewel case rear insert Part no.

System requirements: or higher processor running Windows 3. Mouse or compatible pointing device. VGA or higher resolution. Visual FoxPro Professional Edition 3. Box rear bottom left Part No. Installation program will search your disk to confirm eligibility. Jewel case front insert Part No. Jewel case rear insert Part No. Standard Edition 3. Files for 3. The 3. FX, Bar code: Diskettes: 13 - 1. Professional Edition 3. Labeled Disc Assy. Jewel case front insert rear Part no.

Info thanks to J. Diskinson: Version : 3. CD Disk Assy.


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