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This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. If you agree to our use of cookies, please continue to use our site. Or Learn more Continue. Talk Audio. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Hmm, i oddly enough dont have permission to edit my own posts in my own thread. Well so the mk4 hc has a different face plate wich needed adapting. I did this the crude way, cut the mk3 plate and fused the new plate into place with aceton goop.

Now the thing with goop is that unless yu use it in vacum it leaves air bubbles. So this is as you expect gooped,sanded,gooped sanded rince repeat untill perfect. And as a result of that, this is now one solid piece of abs plastic. It looks rought because of the grit i used wile sanding, and at first i thought it would look good.

Now once i saw it with the new dash im not so sure. So more sanding is in the plans : and i hate sanding! Just because it sunday, and we love pictures. More pics from those door pods, please!

Ok, more problems! And now i need your! The seas, allthough lovely drivers, have to go. I took a chanse when ordering these and thought i could stabalize the doorcard enough to leave out the worst ressonance. I was wrong. I will have to weld a reinforced steel frame to the door space it out with some mdf or acrylic and go down a size.

There are no other viable options in my car than the door to mount midbass. Doors are long but not so deep, i think 40 liters the most when sealed off from the doorcard.

I will not seal of the door entirely as water do get inn even with new seals, so its safe to assume this as a leaky enclosure. Deapth, hmm id say nothing over 90mm at all. So inputs? What will work in this situatuion? Would like to keep large cone area so within thoose parameters. Low end response is a priority.

As prommised. It was raining btw. As you can see that l22 fits like a glove in there and i even had to mill it down 2mm to get it inn. But even when boltet trough to the steel, with metal, fiberglass and tons of dampening mats, doorcards ressonate badly below 90hz. Then again again" that defeats the whole purpose of having these large drivers upp front : A mm driver would leave enough room to decouple the whole frame from the card.

So once again, inputs! Looking good! From personal experience I would suggest the Focal Utopia 7w2 driver, but they are hard to come by since they stopped making them many years ago. It's "supposed" to be a 7" driver, but the grilles that come with and just add a few millimeters to the total diameter are almost mm.. I would have used mine in the Golf had it not been for the OEM limitations.. So I'm just looking for the next best alternative that is no more than mm in diameter.

You know how my car sounds with the Utopia 6w2 for a reference at least Haven't heard any of these myself, but in the 8" midbass category you have the HAT legatia L8 and Dynaudio Esotec MW for instance? I dont know if the picture makes it clear but on the lover ledge of the doorpods you can see there is a thin ledge this is the absolut thinnest i belive it could be made and still go clear of the inner workings where the door sits in the frame.

Its a compromise to squeeze an 8 in there. I thoght about the dyn's but they have gotten harsh critique some places : Havent found much info on the hat's other than theyr catalog wich realy doesnt give much to go at. Any info on them? Did you pay them to take a detour? They are just mm across where they are squared off: No mail yet?? That's not right even in the christmas mail rush I think. I'll just pop another envelope on the way asap, I certainly have enough vinyl, envelopes and stamps readily available at work.

Isnt there a "home" version of this with a different name? Many of the older JM Lab speakers certainly looked like this, but I've no idea on what they're called or how they perform.. I'll be doing a Golf 3 midbass comparison soon with the size limitations set by the OEM rules. Just sold the 6w2 drivers, but I know them so well that I don't need to compare head to head.

Just looking for what these don't excel at. Must be a contender amongst them, no? Herd these last year. Wonderfull thing. Horrible price.. I wanted to try the new flax drivers from focal, might have to pull the trigger on a sett just to try out. Make sure to post the comparison somewhere. Il get notice if some pop upp but its highly unlikely as far as I can tell.

Hat's although loverly crafted drivers, with good spec's on paper and lots of praises from users. Is still a mm driver wich renders it uselelss for my doors. Hivi D6. Scan speak discovery 18w curies about these as well. Found out i can get these preaty cheap aswell, any thoughts on use as described? Maybe some useful info here? Cheers, good material. I am gracefull for the replys Haakon, but after reading this, another thread on diyma and zaph's comparison im befussled to say the least.

There seams to be some varying results and opinions out there, also none of these "tests" seam to cater for a car door or enviroment. Surely if it sounds good in a monitor it sounds good in a car? Not always the case! I know the 6w2's from your car but that and the dyns are probobly the only two drivers i have real world experience with in a car.

I could sit arround moddeling drivers all day, and probobly find lots and lots of nice drivers. But numbers dont always give you the right answear.

So more feedbacks, come on views surely someone has some general opinion?



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Focal Utopia fronts

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Focal Utopia 7W2


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