The move to digital began with the Worldwide Web in Every company that mattered scrambled to get their websites up so they could put their information, brochures, product information, etc. In theory, this meant less printing. This has a tremendous impact on the way we design our content for the Web.

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To view the information Recorded Books, Inc. Recorded Books, Inc. How you access the services of Recorded Books, Inc. Access your account profile by visiting RBdigital. If you elect to be forgotten from RBdigital, the process will also Forget You from all Partner Services where you created an account.

After you contact your librarian to begin the process, no further action is needed on your part. If you don't have an RBdigital account but instead you access Partner services by logging in directly to each service, you will need to contact each Partner Service at which you created an account and ask to view your data or be forgotten. What is RBdigital Magazines? RBdigital Magazines, formerly known as Zinio for Libraries, offers full-color, interactive digital magazines.

RBdigital Magazines, serviced by RBdigital Gateway from Recorded Books, is the library-collection and patron-access side of this digital magazine experience. Who has access to RBdigital Magazines? Check with your local library information desk or reference staff if you have any questions regarding your library membership or approval.

Upon creating an account you may checkout and read magazines online via the browser or mobile apps mobile apps require an account is active prior to using the RBdigital apps. You may also download magazines via the mobile apps. Are there any minimum system requirements? You may experience technical difficulties on versions of this software that are two or more versions old. What is the average magazine size? Most magazines downloaded to a mobile app range between MB, but graphic-heavy magazines are larger and may range between MB or more.

Do I need to be online to check out magazines? Do I need to be online to read magazines? You can also download magazines and read them offline on your mobile device when not connected to the internet by using the RBdigital app. Am I able to access my magazine account on more than one computer or mobile device? Yes, you may use multiple desktop or mobile devices with your single username and password. The limit is 17 devices with five 5 simultaneously being open at any one time.

How do I find user documentation? User documentation is located in the Help link. What is the RBdigital Gateway? If your library does not subscribe to these products, you will not see them. RBdigital is part of Recorded Books, a global independent publisher of audiobooks and library educational and online services, such as RBdigital Magazines. What is an RBdigital account? How do I create an RBdigital account?

After clicking on the link, you may be asked to enter your library account login information this may be your library card number and PIN.

On this page, you will be able to click the link that says Create New Account in the top right corner. When creating your RBdigital account, you will be asked for your name, email address, and to create a password.

Once your account is created, you will be able to log into your library collection account with the email and password entered during the account creation step. You can change your email and password in your personal preferences within the RBdigital Magazines collection site. Why do I need a library collection account? A library collection account is required to ensure you are an active member of your local library.

The account enables the magazine to be available for check out, lets you check it out at no charge, read it and keep it in your personal collection without having to return the magazine. Creating an RBdigital account is necessary in order to begin using any materials your library has access to through RBdigital. An RBdigital account is not the same as the account you may have with your library. I already have another RBdigital account. Yes, if you already have another RBdigital-serviced product account, you can log in as a returning user with the same email and password credentials.

Do I have to log in before checking out a magazine? How do I know what is in the magazine collection? Click the magnifying glass in the Search box, which is located in the upper left side of the browse magazine collection pages. Your library collection will be listed in alphabetical order. The order in which titles are displayed may be set by your library. How do I search for magazines in alphabetical order?

How do I do a keyword search? Click in the Search box with the magnifying glass located in the upper left side of the browse magazine collection pages. Type in a word and magazines with that portion of the word will be listed. Newsweek, The Hockey News. How do I do a genre search? Scroll to the desired genre and the available magazines will be listed. How do I do a language search? Scroll to the desired language and the available magazines will be listed. You may also do a genre search within your searched set of language selected magazines.

How do I search for magazines one page at a time? How do I search for back issues? Back issues for magazine are available from the time the library started subscribing to RBdigital Magazines and may be checked out at any time. To access the back issues, click on the cover of your magazine of choice and the current issue, along with the four most recent issues will be listed.

There will be an additional link in the lower left side under the four most recent issues if additional back issues are available. How do I check out a magazine?

Upon completed checkout, a Success window opens confirming the checkout with additional options to Browse for additional magazines, Start Reading using the streaming RBdigital Magazine Online Reader, and select the opt-in notification to be sent an email when the next issue of the publication is available for checkout.

Do I need to be logged in before I check out a magazine? Can I check out more than one magazine at a time? You can check out as many magazines as you like.

However, you must complete a checkout for each magazine one at a time. How many total magazines can I check out at one time? You can check out as many magazines as you want — there is no limit. All checked-out magazines are displayed in the My Collection link within your library collection.

The My Collection link displays after you are logged in. Is there a time limit for checking out magazines?

No, there is no time limit. Once you check out a magazine, it will remain in your personal My Collection until you delete it. How do I go from my library collection account to read magazines I checked out? From the mobile device apps, log in with your RBdigital account and your checked out magazines will appear on the Checked Out page of the app. Mobile apps require you to have an Internet connection to download the magazine to the device and then may be read offline.

When using the RBdigital app, you can browse and search for Magazine titles from within the app. After you have checked them out, you will see the option to either Read or Download them displayed below the magazine cover image.

To see all the magazines you have checked out, click the Menu button in the top left corner. Then, select Checked Out. This will bring you to your Checked Out page, where you will be able to see all the most recently checked out material you have access to within the RBdigital system. What is a Zinio. A Zinio. The Zinio. You may use Zinio. The two accounts will link together if you use the SAME email address between both accounts. Do I need a Zinio. Do I need to use the same email address on Zinio.

Yes, the same email address is required to connect the library collection account with the Zinio. Why is Zinio. Your library collection site is not part of Zinio. Since Zinio. This is not part of your library or library collection. Your library collection access through RBdigital Magazines will not include any offers or promotions for titles not in your current collection. Unless you have purchased personal magazines directly from Zinio.

How do I access my checked-out magazines in the Library Collection Site?


How to Download a Publication

You could probably use the free, but you would still have to open the files with their associated program in order to print to PDF. Only the Zinio software would understand the encrypted contents, so there is probably no way to extract anything without. Drivers Yamaha 01x Digital Mixer. No, printing is no option - ZNO files at least some of them have this option disabled. Figure 3. Installing Parking Sensors Aftermarket Parts.


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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Super User is a question and answer site for computer enthusiasts and power users. It only takes a minute to sign up. Now I'm considering renewing the subscription and looking at other interesting publications they may have, but that's conditional to the following? Items 1 and 2 got a thumbs up already. The offline Linux reader, from what I can see, even works as well as the Windows one. The reader can be downloaded here.

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