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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Analog input module ai 8xu ba 6esffaa1 31 pages. If products and components from other manufacturers are used, these must be recommended or approved by Siemens. Proper transport, storage, installation, assembly, commissioning, operation and maintenance are required to ensure that the products operate safely and without any problems. Basic knowledge required This manual presumes a general knowledge in the field of automation engineering.

Page 5 Additional support Please contact your local Siemens representative and offices if you have any questions about the products described in this manual and do not find the right answers. Page 6 Siemens recommends strongly that you regularly check for product updates. For the secure operation of Siemens products and solutions, it is necessary to take suitable preventive action e. Page 9 Table of contents 5.

Page 10 Table of contents Removing and inserting electronics modules during operation hot swapping Page 11 Table of contents Digital electronic modules Page 12 Table of contents Page 15 Product overview 1.

Page 16 Product overview 1. Page 17 Product overview 1. Page 18 Product overview 1. Page 19 Product overview 1. The interface module connects the ET iSP with the DP master and conditions the data for the inserted electronic modules. Electronic module Page 20 Product overview 1. Page 22 Product overview 1. Page 23 Product overview 1. Page 25 Product overview 1. Page 26 Product overview 1.

Page Commissioning Guideline Commissioning guideline Introduction Introduction This manual guides you step-by-step through a concrete example until you have created a functioning application. While working through the example, you will learn the basic hardware and software functions of your ET iSP.

Page Prerequisites Commissioning guideline 2. Install the rack on a stable surface. On the left of the rack, start by installing the separete modules hang in - swivel into position - screw on tightly. Insert the modules in the following order: — Page 33 Commissioning guideline 2. The mounting rail of the S, including the grounding conductor. Page 36 Commissioning guideline 2. An icon labeled "Hardware" Page 37 Commissioning guideline 2.

Double- click this icon to insert an ET iSP station. Page 39 Commissioning guideline 2. Page 40 Commissioning guideline 2. Input I Page Evaluating The Diagnostics Commissioning guideline 2. Page 44 Commissioning guideline 2. Page Configuration Options Configuration options Modular system Modular system With the ET iSP, modular means: You can adapt the configuration to your application with 4 and 8 channel electronic modules. Table Electronic modules to suit your application Application Page 49 Appendix "Order Numbers Page ".

Page 50 Configuration options 3. The enclosure must have a manufacturer certification for zone 2 in accordance with EN Protection from mechanical damage; Page 51 Configuration options 3. Always check for resultant safety values when you select the sensors, actuators and HART field devices for an electronic module. Page 53 Configuration options 3. Calculation table With the calculation table, you can check the operational current consumption of the ET iSP.

Page 54 Configuration options 3. Page 55 Configuration options 3. The power supply provides the required output voltages for the ET iSP. The output voltages are electrically isolated from the supply voltage. Figure Example of Direct Data Exchange 3. Page 61 Configuration options 3. What points should you note when planning the ET iSP stations? Page 64 Configuration options 3.

The serial number is on the type plate. Figure Year of production 3. For the time stamping these are digital inputs that are monitoring for signal changes. Page 68 Configuration options 3. After a changeover from the active to the passive IM the "new" The longer the synchronization interval is set, the lower the accuracy of the time stamping. Page Counting Configuration options 3.

Page 71 Configuration options 3. When the counter is started, the actual value is set to the selected setpoint. Each counted pulse reduced the actual value by 1. Page Configuring Counters Configuration options 3.

The principle of operation is identical to that of the bit down counter. Channel 1 has no function. Page 73 Configuration options 3.

Page 74 Configuration options 3. Page Metering Frequencies Configuration options 3. Page Configuring Frequency Meters Configuration options 3. Page Redundancy With Im Configuration options 3. Table Parameters for the frequency meters Parameters Setting Description If an interface module fails, the system switches over to the redundant interface module without interruption.

Page 81 Configuration options 3. Save the configuration and download it to the CPU. Page 82 Configuration options 3. The conditions for the electrical parameters in the standard apply to simple electrical circuits. See section Configuration Options in Zones Page Page 84 Installing 4. Page 85 Installing 4. Page 86 Installing 4. Page 87 Installing 4. Page 88 Installing 4.

Page 89 Installing 4. Page 90 Installing 4. If your ET iSP configuration leaves you with a gap in the last slot, you must install the slot cover or a reserve module in this slot. Page 92 Installing 4. Length of the Distance a Distance b Mount the rail in the cabinet so that you have sufficient space for installation and heat maintain the minimum clearance to the casing. Page 94 Installing 4. Fit the terminal module onto the rail. Push in the terminal module at the bottom until you can hear the catch lock.


Siemens SIMATIC ET 200iSP Operating Instructions Manual

The system is suited for direct installation in areas subject to gas or dust explosion hazards, i. You want to discuss your specific challenges with us or are looking for the right project partner? Contact our regional offices — we are looking forward to hearing from you! Intuitive and efficient engineering — from the microcontroller to the PC-based controller.

22 C-D060A103 PDF


CPU configuration that no longer contains the modules you are going to remove. Secondly, download the configuration that contains the new modules. When you are planning systems during operation via CiR, you must observe the following. Equip the remaining slots right up to the end module with the reserve modules. Replace the reserve modules with the intended electronics modules. Start with the first.



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