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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Service Manual. User's Guide. For Safety information, Warranties, and Regulatory information,. Table of Contents. Dual output for instruments with serial numbers kr and above 27 pages. The combination of bench-top and system features in this power supply provides versatile solutions for your design and test requirements.

Display limit key Shows the voltage and current limit values on the display and allows knob adjustment for setting limit values. Page 5 N o t e All front panel keys and controls can be disabled with remote interface commands. Page 6 Display Annunciators Adrs Power supply is addressed to listen or talk over a remote interface. Power supply is in remote interface mode. Page 8 Tutorial Chapter 7 describes basic operation of linear power supplies and gives specific details on the operation and use of the Agilent EA power supplies.

Page 9: Environmental Conditions Environmental Conditions This instrument is designed for indoor use and in an area with low condensation. The table below shows the general environmental requirements for this instrument. You can search the DoC by its product model or description at the web address below. Page General Information General Information This chapter provides a general description of your power supply. This chapter also contains instructions for initial inspection, location and cooling for bench and rack operation, selecting the power-line voltage, and connecting your power supply to ac power.

That terminal must be connected to earth ground through a power source with a 3-wire ground receptacle. Before installation or operation, check the power supply and review this manual for safety markings and instructions. Accessories The accessories listed below may be ordered from your local Agilent Technologies Sales Office either with the power supply or separately. Agilent No. Page Description Description Description The Agilent EA power supply features a combination of programming capabilities and linear power supply performance that makes it ideal for power systems applications.

Two 4-digit voltage and current meters accurately show the actual or limit values of a selected supply simultaneously. Three meter selection keys choose the voltage and current of any one output to be monitored on the display. Page Installation Keep the original packing materials in case the power supply has to be returned to Agilent Technologies in the future. If you return the power supply for service, attach a tag identifying the owner and model number.

Also include a brief description of the problem. Installation instructions and hardware are included with each rack-mounting kit. Page 23 Chapter 1 General Information Installation To rack mount two instruments of the same depth side-by-side, order lock-link kit and flange kit To install two instruments in a sliding support shelf, order support shelf , and slide kit Page Input Power Requirements The power supply is shipped from the factory with a power-line cord that has a plug appropriate for your location.

Contact the nearest Agilent Sales and Service Office if the wrong power-line cord is included with your power supply. Your power supply is equipped with a 3-wire grounding type power cord; Remove the fuse-holder 2 Install the correct line fuse. Remove the power- assembly with a flat-blade screwdriver from the line voltage selector from the power-line module.

Page 28 Initial Operation There are three basic tests in this chapter. The automatic power-on test includes a self- test that checks the internal microprocessors and allows the user visually to check the display. The output check ensures that the power supply develops its rated outputs and properly responds to operation from the front panel.

To replace the 2. To replace the 2 AT fuse, order Agilent part number You will observe the following sequence on the display after pressing the front panel power switch to 1 All segments of the display including all annunciators will turn on for about one second.

Page Output Checkout Chapter 2 Initial Operation Output Checkout Output Checkout The following procedures check to ensure that the power supply develops its rated outputs and properly responds to operation from the front panel. For complete performance and verification tests, refer to the Service Guide. For each step, use the keys shown on the left margins. Page 34 Chapter 2 Initial Operation Output Checkout 6 Ensure that the current can be adjusted from zero to the maximum rated value.

Adjust the knob until the ammeter indicates 0 amps and then until the ammeter indicates 5. Page 36 Front-Panel Operation So far you have learned how to install your power supply and perform initial operation. During the initial operation, you were briefly introduced to operating from the front panel as you learned how to check basic voltage and current functions. This chapter will describe in detail the use of these front-panel keys and show how they are used to accomplish power supply operation.

At power-on, the power supply is automatically set to operate in the front-panel operation mode. With power-off, connect a load to the desired output terminals.

Check that the Lmt annunciator still blinks. Set the knob for current control. The second digit of ammeter will be blinking. Adjust the knob to the desired current limit. Check that the knob is still selected for voltage control and the Lmt annunciator blinks. Adjust the knob for the desired voltage limit. This also enables you to recall the entire instrument configuration with just a few key presses from the front panel.

Store The operating state is now stored. To recall the stored state, go to the following steps. DONE This message appears on the display for approximately 1 second.

See the Service Guide for instructions on returning the power supply to Agilent Technologies for service.

A record of up to 20 errors can be stored in the power supply's error queue. Be sure to dimension a string variable with at least 40 characters. The power supply displays a message to show that the change is now in effect. Chapter 1 lists the cables that are available from Agilent Technologies. Page Connection To A Computer Or Terminal The cable and adapter diagrams shown below can be used to connect the power supply to most computers or terminals. If your configuration is different than those described, order the Agilent A, A Adapter Kit.

This kit contains adapters for connection to other computers, terminals, and modems. Instructions and pin diagrams are included with the adapter kit. The cable and adapter pin diagram are shown below. Even if the cable has the proper connectors for your system, the internal wiring may be incorrect. The Agilent A Cable Kit can be used to connect the power supply to most computers or terminals. For more detailed discussion of the calibration procedures, see the Service Guide.

Calibration Security This feature allows you to enter a security code to prevent accidental or unauthorized calibrations of the power supply. Page 61 Chapter 3 Front-Panel Operation Calibration Overview To Unsecure for Calibration You can unsecure the power supply for calibration either from the front panel or over the remote interface. Be sure to read the security code rules on page 60 before attempting to secure the power supply.

Your power supply was calibrated before it left the factory. When you receive your power supply, read the count to determine its initial value. The calibration count feature can be performed from the remote interface only.

Refer to the later sections in this chapter for more complete details on each command. This section is only an overview and does not give see page all of the details you will need to write your own application programs. Queries return either output values or internal instrument settings. For example, the following statements executed from your computer will read the power supply's error queue and print the most recent error: Dimension string array 80 elements dimension statement Page Programming Ranges And Output Identifiers The following table lists the programming ranges, output names, and output numbers for each output.

Refer to this table to identify parameters when programming the power supply. Table You can select the specific output, output voltage, and output current all in one command. Although the APPLy command provides the most straightforward method to program the power supply, the low-level commands give you more flexibility to change individual parameters. The couple command consists of an optional subsystem node followed by a single parameter.

This query returns the currently coupled output. The state of the disabled outputs is a condition of less than 0. The pending triggered current level is a stored value that is transferred to the output terminals when a trigger occurs. Page Triggering Commands Chapter 4 Remote Interface Reference Triggering Commands Triggering Commands The power supply's triggering system allows a change in voltage and current when receiving a trigger, to select a trigger source, and to insert a trigger.

Triggering the power supply is a multi-step process. This command completes one full trigger cycle when the trigger source is an immediate and initiates the trigger subsystem when the trigger source is bus. When the display is turned off, outputs are not sent to the display and all annunciators are disabled except the ERROR annunciator. This command queries the power supply to determine the number of times it has been calibrated.

The calibration code may contain up to 12 characters over the remote interface.


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