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December edited July I'm just glad to hear that it's being worked on. Perhaps your engineers can figure out what's in that demo version that solves the problem. On another matter, since switching to Quicken , one FI's downloaded web connect payees seem to spill over to the memo field. I have seen this problem discussed but no solutions. I was wondering if there are any updates that I missed. Obviously I didn't look closely at your message and I assumed it was from Matt.

Anyway, thank you both for the follow ups. According to Mikeb it does not. Since your answer bears directly on my problem with this pdf printer driver, I sure would appreciate hearing from you on this matter. Thank you. As an x64 user who just upgraded to , I am in the same boat. I just got off the telephone with Intuit Tech Support and they now say that Quicken is incompatable with Windows x64 and there are no plans to make it work.

So I guess it is goodbye to Quicken after using it for close to 20 years and hello Microsoft Money. I know when I've been told to go take a hike. Now I'm really screwed. Microsoft Money can not import data from Quicken December edited February Did you try to download the trial version of MS Money?

Does it work on XP 64? Then you could import that into MS Money and add the missing transactions from there.

Just a suggestion. I agree that Quicken is doing everything possible to tell us to go take a hike. I guess I was na? After all, the cheerleaders get immediate and detailed responses to every inane and anal query that they post. For example:From mikeb: 1. All I can say is, it? After all, what emoticons would they use? None of them seem appropriate for this topic. I have done a lot of research and unfortunately could not get this to work with the bit Windows XP. This is a new issue.

It is a bug and has to do with the how Quicken works or does not work! As of right now, there is no known fix or workaround for this problem, but our developers are now aware of the problem. I think your question asked 3 times has been answered. Stamping your feet and whining will not get you a response nor a fix. December edited August He is his own worst enemy, but he can't stop himself.

Just don't respond to any more of Herb's posts. He'll rant and rave and eventually go away or get banned. I've never directly attacked him and neither has John, but Herb seems to think that being a frequent poster on this board is an invitation to be abused and called names.

It seems to have gone well beyond his issues with bit Windows, he is now going way back in the forum history to see where Quicken Matt whose job it is to run these forums, not to respond to technical requests responded to some initial familiarization requests on these boards. When Quicken Matt gets back from vacation we'll see which way the chips fall. This message is here to discourage direct email. I understood his reply which says "there's no current fix for the pdf problem. Tech support told me they DO support 64 bit.

Mikeb replied to me that Quicken doesn? Quicken Matt? Quicken Antonio see above says? Does that imply an intent to fix it? Your own comment that? All I? Herb Moore. I was able to load the backup into Money, and it is working fine. As a backup, I was able to get a copy of Quicken off the internet if my wife doesn't like Money. January edited July Hi et, Like you, I? It only took a couple minutes.

I assume this demo will eventually expire and, at worst, I? Since Amyuni? Unfortunately, I have absolutely no confidence that that message will ever reach anyone of consequence at Quicken. This forum seems like anything but a two way conversation. Instead, it seems to be one more way Quicken avoids the expense of providing meaningful tech support. Et, whatever solution you choose, best of luck and thanks for the reply. The issue with printing to PDF is a known issue and we are investigating ways to correct it.

When we acknowledge that? Whether or not the issue is corrected in a program patch or new releases of Quicken depends on various factors. Primarily, the number of users affected, whether or not there is a workaround and the complexity of program changes needed to correct it. I'll provide more information on this issue as it becomes available.

If you come in to get an answer, see if there are any that you can provide. The more people who do that, the more likely you will get your answer. To help others trying to answer your question, go to "User Preferences" at the top middle of any forum page and then go to "My Profile" and fill in those fields.

Unless a poster has the above requirements they are not an Intuit employee. Go to www. Install the demo. Run Quicken and print. Quicken did you take note that version 2. You are putting out version 2.

It is the first time someone has been able to fix this problem. What happens when the Demo. I'm not sure about the time out for the demo. I'd also like to thank you, Q Matt and Q Antonio for your help. Now, as long as this fix works, you'll never hear from me again. That's not to say that I might not "comment" from time to time if the cheerleaders get too pompous or anal with some poor newbie poster that dares to offend them. February edited July You guys are my last hope.

I have been working on this thing for the last 9 hours with no luck. This may be thelongest post in history because I'm going to try and give u as much info. I just purchased and installed 2 copies of quicken '06 ontwo separate machines. I have been a quicken v7 usersince We, my family, use it as an accounting programfor our small business. Since v7 doesn't support USB andwe just upgraded our printer to an hp the old one died I could see the handwriting on the wall.

Most new printers don't come with parallel ports anymore so I decided to bite the bullet and by a new computer and get quicken ' I think I've opened a hornets nest!

I successfully converted the files, I think, because Ican see all the info. Following on-line tech support instructions, I used quicken for dos v8 to convert to anintermediate format. Then used quicken bought acopy years ago and decided against using it to convert it again and then used quicken '06 to convert it a last time. When I tried to print a report, I got the infamousmessage that is the subject of this thread. I have tried most of the advice given here on my home PCto no avail.

I haven't tried anything yet on the one at my mom's where we do most of our office work.

ISO 10681-2 PDF

Amyuni Technologies

I have a terminal server that people log into and their local printers need to be mapped. I seem to have looked everywhere for these drivers so any help would be most appreciated. I'm not familiar with those products so Good luck. What we do is tell the users that if they want print capabilities to bring us their driver software and IF it is compatible we will load them for their use. However, most of these inkjets wont have server drivers or are not compatible although some do, the laserjets are much easier since you can load some generic drivers for those, as for the pdf, either check with intuit to see if this driver is available as a download however I don't recall that it is as it is bundled with quickbooks and quicken as well as some lacerte tax software. I have my users setup on the HP laserjet and Brother laserjet if they dont have those printers then tuff


SBS 2008 Locks Up, Event ID 1111 TerminalServices Printers

Note: Microsoft Outlook is not compatible with Sage 50—U. Edition or earlier. Outlook bit version is compatible with Sage 50—U. Edition and higher.

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