Quick Links. Table of Contents. The model and serial numbers are located on the rear of the unit. Record the. Refer to them whenever you call. Sony multi channel av receiver operating instructions model no.

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Quick Links. See also: Service Manual. Table of Contents. Multi Channel AV. The model and serial numbers are located on the rear of the unit. Record the. Refer to them whenever you call. Sony multi channel av receiver operating instructions model no. Record the serial number in the space provided below. Refer to them whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product.

Model No. Serial No. To prevent fire, do not cover the ventilation of the apparatus with newspapers, table-cloths, curtains, etc. Instead it shall be handed over to the applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic When you remove the cover, keep it out of reach from children.

J Preset Lights up when using the station receiver to tune in radio stations indicators you have preset. Page Video Input page Press to turn the receiver on or off. To turn off all components, press? Page 12 When you press any of the input buttons, the receiver turns on. The buttons are factory assigned to control Sony components as follows.

Page 1: Installing Speakers 1: Installing speakers This receiver allows you to use a 6. Enjoying a 5. Alternatively, the multi channel input jacks can be used to connect an external multi channel decoder.

Page 17 Connecting components with analog audio jacks The following illustration shows how to connect a component which has analog jacks such as tape deck, etc. Page 3B: Connecting The Video Components 3b: Connecting the video components How to hook up your components This section describes how to hook up your components to this receiver.

It is not necessary to connect all the cables. Connect video cords according to the jacks of your components. Connect audio and video cords according to the jacks of your components. Page Satellite Tuner Hooking up a satellite tuner The following illustration shows how to connect a satellite tuner. Page Vcr Hooking up components with analog video and audio jack The following illustration shows how to connect a component which has analog jacks such as a VCR, etc.

Page 5: Preparing The Receiver And The Remote 5: Preparing the receiver and the remote Setting the voltage selector If your receiver has a voltage selector on the rear panel, check that the voltage selector is set to the local power supply voltage.

If not, use a screwdriver to set the selector to the correct position before connecting the AC power cord to a wall outlet. Observe the correct polarity when installing batteries. Page Error Codes The table below shows the display when measurement starts. Page 29 Warning codes During Auto Calibration, the warning code provides information on the measurement result.

The warning code will appear on the display cyclically as follows: Warning code t blank display t warning code t blank display t PUSH t blank display t ENTER Appears when there are more than one warning code.

The receiver employs a test tone with a frequency centered at Hz. Page Amplifier Operations Amplifier Operations Navigating through menus By using the amplifier menus, you can make various adjustments to customize the receiver. For details on navigating through menus, see page These settings are applied to all sound fields. This feature only functions for Dolby Digital sources. Surround left speaker distance Lets you set the distance from your listening position to the surround left speaker.

Surround left speaker distance should be set from a distance equal to the front speaker distance A to a distance 4. Cal Menu Calibrating the appropriate settings automatically A. Page 48 Types of A. AUTO automatically [A. Page Selecting A Pre-Programmed Sound Field If you connect a sub woofer This receiver will generate a low frequency signal for output to the sub woofer when there is no LFE signal, which is a low-pass sound effect output from a sub woofer to a 2 channel signal.

This is a standard mode, great for watching almost any type of movie. DCS is a unique sound reproduction technology for home theater developed by Sony, in cooperation with Sony Pictures Entertainment, for enjoying the exciting and powerful sound of movie theaters at home.

There is no sound from the sub woofer. Standard 2 channel stereo sources completely bypass the sound field processing and multi channel surround formats are downmixed to 2 channel. If you cannot tune in a station Make sure you have entered the right frequency. If not, repeat steps 2 to 4. If you still cannot tune in a station, the frequency is not used in your area. For RDS stations, the tuner first checks for stations broadcasting the same program, then stores only the ones with the clearest signal.

Press the numeric buttons to select a preset number. You can display RDS information. Press the control button or control button b to enter the menu.

This is convenient for labeling the jacks with the names of the connected components. Press the input button to select the input you want to create an index name for. Page Using The Remote Recording onto a recording media You can record from a video component using the receiver. See the operating instructions supplied with your recording component. Press one of the input buttons to select the playback component. Old movies encoded in the traditional stereo format can be enhanced with 5.

Page Precautions Do not use any type of abrasive pad, scouring powder, or solvent, such as alcohol or benzine. If you have any questions or problems concerning your receiver, please consult your nearest Sony dealer.

Page Troubleshooting Troubleshooting If you experience any of the following difficulties while using the receiver, use this troubleshooting guide to help you remedy the problem. There is no sound, no matter which component is selected, or only a very low-level sound is heard.

Page 69 There is severe hum or noise. Page Remote Control You can check the condition of the system by the message. Refer to the following table to solve the problem. If any problem persists, consult your nearest Sony dealer. Page Specifications If the problem persist Consult your nearest Sony dealer.

Page 76 Sony Corporation Printed in Malaysia This manual is also suitable for: Strdgb. Print page 1 Print document 76 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


Sony STR-DG500 User Manual



Sony STR-DG500 Operating Instructions Manual






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