They discuss early modern thinking and theories made valid and developed in early modern Scandinavia that justified and propagated participation in colonial expansion. The volume demonstrates a broad and comprehensive spectrum of archaeological, anthropological and historical research, which engages with a variation of themes relevant for the understanding of Danish and Swedish colonial history from the early 17th century until today. The aim is to add to the on-going global debates on the context of the rise of the modern society and to revitalize the field of early modern studies in Scandinavia, where methodological nationalism still determines many archaeological and historical studies. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents.

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Hermann Bondi was an Applied Mathematician of distinction who will be remembered by fellow scientists for his outstanding contributions to astronomy, cosmology and General Relativity, and particularly for his pioneering contributions to our understanding of gravitational waves, his foundational work on accretion, and as co-creator with Tommy Gold and Fred Hoyle of the steady state theory of cosmology.

He was knighted in He continued his research on gravitational radiation throughout his administrative career and published his 16th paper in the series on gravitational waves in Hermann will be remembered not only for his contributions to science and administration, but for his outstanding communication skills and as a charismatic, warm, and stimulating person.

Hermann Muller and Mutations in Drosophila. In Austin his experiments on fruit flies Drosophila first showed that exposure to September to spend a year at the only Drosophila laboratory in Europe which was doing parallel work. Hermann agreement updates IRS guidelines for incentives. The IRS distinguishes between the recruiting and the retention of physicians and perimts incentives beyond reasonable compensation in the former but not the latter circumstance.

This new agreement, while not legally precedential, nevertheless provides guidance for healthcare organizations seeking safe harbor protection. Hermann Oberth in Italia: "Roba da bambini". After the Second World War, Italy sought to equip itself with surface-to-air missiles: first with its own projects, then acquiring equipment already developed by the USA.

Hermann Oppenheim's observations about music in aphasia. Hermann Oppenheim was influential in many areas of neurology, but his ideas about music are relatively unknown. In , he published a paper that outlined how the assessment of music skills in patients with aphasia could lead to a better understanding of aphasia and language. Oppenheim conducted the first comprehensive music assessment as part of a neurologic examination and presented the first case series of music in aphasia.

His paper was widely cited and had significant influence over the next 30 years. Although largely unrecognized as such, Oppenheim was an important historical figure in the study of music and neurology. Sadly, on May 21, - less than two weeks before the conference - Professor Haus succumbed to a heart attack after arriving home in Lexington, Massachusetts, from his regular, mile commute by bicycle from MIT. He was Throughout his lengthy and illustrious career, Professor Haus had repeatedly and very successfully addressed problems of fluctuations and noise, with special focus on the fundamental issues that arise in quantum optics.

To honour Professor Haus' legacy to our technical community, this special issue of Journal of Optics B: Quantum and Semiclassical Optics is dedicated to his memory. In , he was conferred the honour of Institute Professor.

Professor Haus had a lifelong fascination with noise. While still an undergraduate at Union College, he became aware of Norbert Wiener's theories of statistical phenomena - the new mathematics needed to understand and quantify the random fluctuations we refer to as noise. So it was that noise theory formed the core of Professor Haus' research during the s: noise in electron beams, noise in microwave amplifiers, and noise in amplifier cascades.

Two of. O corpo em mira: entrevista com Hermann Schmitz. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. During the 's, artist Mira Schendel gets to know Hermann Schmitz' phenomenology, which becomes an important reference to her work. Schmitz' formulations deny not only platonic dualism, which divided the human being in body and soul, but also the Positivism in his understanding of science.

In the following interview, he presents aspects of his thought that contribute to the understanding of Schendel's work. Voluntarism in early psychology: the case of Hermann von Helmholtz. The failure to recognize the programmatic similarity between post- Kantian German philosophy and early psychology has impoverished psychology's historical self-understanding to a great extent. This article aims to contribute to recent efforts to overcome the gaps in the historiography of contemporary psychology, which are the result of an empiricist bias.

To this end, we present an analysis of the way in which Hermann von Helmholtz's theory of perception resonates with Johann Gottlieb Fichte's Ego-doctrine. It will be argued that this indebtedness is particularly clear when focusing on the foundation of the differential awareness of subject and object in perception.

In doing so, the widespread reception of Helmholtz's work as proto-positivist or strictly empiricist is challenged, in favor of the claim that important elements of his theorizing can only be understood properly against the background of Fichte's Ego-doctrine.

Reimarus combines the notion of a systemic, organized inner order of organs, in which "functions" and corporeal dispositions correspond to each other, with a system of regulated "actions" of individual organic bodies. These "actions" rely on a "basic drive" Grundtrieb of "self-preservation", that Reimarus differentiates into "mechanic drives" mechanische Triebe , "imagination drives" Vorstellungstriebe und "voluntary drives" willkiirliche Triebe.

Voluntary drives are again divided into "affection-drives" Affectentriebe and "art-drives" Kunsttriebe. Mechanic drives automatically initiate and sustain physiological processes of the system of organs, imagination drives establish transitions between sense perception, imagination, memory, and recognition, and art-drives regulate, as schemes or "m odels" which imply some degree of skill, "action" Handlung -based relations between individual organic bodies and their environments.

Further on, humans possess a specific art-drive, based on "reason" Vernunft , that is not naturally determined as a goal-directed "action": While the "modes of life" of animals are perfect in themselves in combining systems of drives and organic dispositions, humans are perfectible living beings with the faculty of "reflection". Plants are for Reimarus not living beings, because their existence relies only on "mechanical drives" without a central acting entity of perceptions.

Memorial Hermann : high reliability from board to bedside. Three factors support its HRO journey: 1 aligned organizational structure with transparent management systems and compressed reporting processes; 2 Robust Process Improvement RPI with high-reliability interventions; and 3 cultural establishment, sustainment, and evolution.

The Quality and Safety strategic plan contains three domains, each with a specific set of measures that provide goals for performance: 1 "Clinical Excellence;" 2 "Do No Harm;" and 3 "Saving Lives," as measured by the Serious Safety Event rate.

The 9 acute care hospitals provide multiple opportunities to integrate high-reliability interventions and best practices across MHHS. MHHS's size and diversity require a disciplined approach to performance improvement and systemwide achievement of measurable success. Hermann Salmang — en de introductie van wetenschappelijk onderzoek bij de Sphinx.

This article considers the relationship between technology, utopia and scholarly life in Hermann Hesse's novel, "The Glass Bead Game. The second part of the novel chronicles the educational life of Joseph…. The 'chemistry of space': the sources of Hermann Grassmann's scientific achievements.

Albert Lewis's article Annals of Science, analysing the influence of Friedrich Schleiermacher on Hermann Grassmann, stimulated many different studies on the founder of n-dimensional outer algebra. Following a brief outline of the various, sometimes diverging, analyses of Grassmann's creative thinking, new research is presented which confirms Lewis's original contribution and widens it considerably. It will be shown that: i. Grassmann, although a self-taught mathematician, was at the centre of a hitherto understated intellectual trend, which was defining for Germany.

Initiated by Pestalozzi's concept of elementary mathematical education and culminating in the modern mathematics of the late 19th Century, it was reflected in the contributions of Grassmann, Riemann, Jacobi and Eisenstein.

Hermann Grassmann, his father Justus, and his brother Robert were all demonstrably influenced by Schleiermacher's dialectic; however the two brothers responded to it in very different ways. Whilst the more philosophical parts of Hermann 's Extension Theory are characterised by the influence of Schleiermacher and also by the mathematical knowledge of his father, the entire development of this work is the unfolding of a single idea based on the father's interpretation of combinatorial multiplication as a 'chemical conjunction', which was developed largely dialectically by Hermann.

Engineers, Omaha and Kansas City Districts, in quantifying sediment bed load and suspended load at several sites on the Missouri River for the. In this study an attempt will be made to discuss the epistemological problems in the theory and practice of modern technical medicine in the writings of Hermann von Helmholz. An inquiry into the relationship between von Helmholtz' thinking and the critical philosophy of Immanuel Kant is followed by the characteristics of von Helmholtz' philosophy of science which he himself called "empirical theory".

The question of medicine as a science finally leads to the main problem of medical epistemology, viz. In this context the anthropological dimension is brought into consideration. Morphological characteristics of the Hermann 's tortoise Testudo hermanni Gmelin, in the south-eastern part of Kosovo and Metohija. Morphometric analysis has been done on 7 traits. We considered the plastron black pigmentation patterns and frequencies for each pigmentation states were calculated. Females were larger than males for all morphometric traits.

Based on the most important dimensions of carapace and plastron length and width, the Hermann 's tortoises from the south-eastern part of Kosovo and Metohija are the most similar to the individuals of the population from the southern part of the Balkan Peninsula the southern part of Serbia and the northern part of Greece.

In relation to the populations from central and eastern Serbia, individuals from our studied area have higher values. Hermann Walter osales Eduard von Tolli Sannikovi maa otsimise ekspeditsioonis. Argument Animals played an important role in the formation of psychoanalysis as a theoretical and therapeutic enterprise. The infantile anxiety triggered by animals provided the essential link between the psychology of individual neuroses and the ambivalent status of the "totem" animal in so-called primitive societies in Freud's attempt to construct an anthropological basis for the Oedipus complex in Totem and Taboo.

In the following, we attempt to track the status of animals as objects of indirect observation as they appear in Freud's classical texts, and in later revisionist accounts such as Otto Rank's Trauma of Birth and Imre Hermann 's work on the clinging instinct.

In the s and s, the Freudian conception of patients' animal phobias is substantially revised within Hermann 's original psychoanalytic theory of instincts which draws heavily upon ethological observations of primates. Although such a reformulation remains grounded in the idea of "archaic" animal models for human development, it allows to a certain extent to empiricize the speculative elements of Freud's later instinct theory notably the death instinct and to come to a more embodied account of psychoanalytic practice.

Some notes on "Leaves of Memory", the autobiography of Hermann Kobold. We briefly describe the life of the astronomer Hermann Kobold, who lived from to His autobiography spans the time between his youth and his leave from Strasbourg in The subsequent time as observer and professor in Kiel and long-time editor of the Astronomische Nachrichten is not covered.

The autobiography "Blaetter der Erinnerung" Leaves of memeory , presented in the subsequent article, was written in his late age when he was already blind, using a special device.

September Baltisches Welterlebnis. The Hermann Holthusen Institute for Radiotherapy - a clinic for the diagnosis, treatment and aftercare of malignant tumors. Georg Hospital of the city of Hamburg moved into a new building and has got a variety of new equipment. It thus keeps abreast with the latest developments and is able to cope with enhanced needs.

The organizational structure and the tasks of this modern centre for radiotherapy and oncology are explained. Katrin Kaugver. Eestimaa baltisakslaste etteheidetele vastuseks kirjutatud H. Hermann Haken from the laser to synergetics : a scientific biography of the early years. Later on, he created Synergetics, the science of cooperation in multicomponent systems.

The book concentrates on the development of his scientific work during the first thirty-five years of his career. In he and his doctoral student Robert Graham were able to show that the laser is an example of a nonlinear system far from thermal equilibrium that shows a phase-transition like behavior.

Subsequently, this insight opened the way for the formulation of Synergetics. Synergetics is able to explain, how very large systems show the phenomenon of self-organization that can be mathematically described by only very few order parameters. After the year Haken concentrated his research on the macroscopic found This paper offers an introduction to Hermann Cohen's Das Princip der Infinitesimal-Methode , and recounts the history of its controversial reception by Cohen's early sympathizers, who would become the so-called 'Marburg school' of Neo-Kantianism, as well as the reactions it provoked outside this group.

By dissecting the ambiguous attitudes of the best-known representatives of the school Paul Natorp and Ernst Cassirer , as well as those of several minor figures August Stadler, Kurd Lasswitz, Dimitry Gawronsky, etc. The "puzzle of Cohen's Infinitesimalmethode," as we will call it, can be solved by looking beyond the scholarly results of the book, and instead focusing on the style of philosophy it exemplified.


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