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Adoption : ZAFR Regulates the procedures for the safe use of explosives in the mining industry. R R in Government Gazette No. Establishes conditions of employment and wages for employers and employees in the Forestry Sector. Amendment of Public Service Regulations, No.

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Adoption : ZAFR Regulates the procedures for the safe use of explosives in the mining industry. R R in Government Gazette No. Establishes conditions of employment and wages for employers and employees in the Forestry Sector. Amendment of Public Service Regulations, No. Amends Annexure 1 of the Regulations concerning issuing of directives by the Minister. Amends the regulations of concerning reports to the regional principal inspector as well as changes to certain forms to be submitted to the competent authority.

Determines the upper limits of the salaries, allowances and benefits of the different members of municipal councils. Repeals Government Notice No. Sets out disciplinary measures for misconduct in the South African Police Service.

Establishes and implements the code of conduct for police services. Sets out employer responsibilites with respect to the surfaces of mines and the risk of slips, mine collapses, drowning etc. Amends Magistrates' Courts Act so as to further regulate appointment of magistrates in an acting or temporary position. Amends Magistrates Act to regulate remuneration and suspension of magistrates, and to provide for equal benefits to accrue to spouses and heterosexual or same-sex life partners of magistrates.

Made under Mine Health and Safety Act, Provides for duties of employer in preventing fires and explosions. Amends Rules 1, 4, 7, 10, 14, 15, 17, 18 and 23 made under this Law. Inter alia provides for defnition of "eligible child", "orphan", "interest", "pensionable service", and "spouse". Also makes provision for board of trustees, benefits on death of a member, benefits on death of pensioner, funeral benefits, annual increase in annuities, as well as several related matters.

Sets forth rules for dealing with grievances of public servants. Inter alia provides for managing of grievance, adherence to time limits, provision of information, departmental stages to address a grievance, referral to commission, grievances of head of department, and evaluation.

Construction Regulations, No. Comprehensive legislation concerning safety of construction workers. Applies to any person involved in construction work. Inter alia provides for supervision of construction work, risk assessment, fall protection, safety of structures, framework and support work, demolition work, tunnelling, scaffolding, suspended platforms, and several related matters.

Defence Act, No. Adoption : ZAFL Comprehensive legislation on defence forces. Divided into 18 parts. Part 1 contains introductory provisions; Part 2 provisions relating to department of defence. Part 3 provides for emplyoment and use of defence force, Part 4 for law enforcement powers of defence force at sea, Part 5 for military police, Part 6 for defence intelligence, Part 7 for council of defence and other councils, and Part 8 for limitations on rights of members of defence force. Part 9 deals with employment in defence force, Part 10 with training, Part 11 with exemptions from, and deferment of, training and service, Part 12 with ceremonial decorations and related matters, Part 13 with general administration and support, and Part 14 with state of national defence.

Part 15 regulates cooperation with other forces and forces visiting republic, Part 16 boards of inquiry, and Part 17 offences and penalties. Part 18 contains general provisions. Amends National Strategic Intelligence Act, Excludes Minister as member of Nicoc, redefines counter-intelligence, provides for security screening by relevant members of national intelligence structures, regulates functions of National Intelligence Structures, and provides for some related matters.

Intelligence Services Act, No. Amends Intelligence Services Control Act, Regulates oversight functions of Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence. Provides that only one Inspector-General of Intelligence may be appointed and regulates his functions. Makes provision for appointment of personnel to office of Inspector-General, and extends power of the Minister to make regulations. Also deals with some related matters.

Establishes that if a person was medically examined within a period of 24 months immediately preceding application for medical examination, the Director of the Medical Bureau for Occupational Diseases may refuse that person's application for medical examination. Also provides for some related matters.

Termination of Integration Intake Act, No. Provides for termination of intake of members of non-statutory forces into the South African National Defence Force for integration purposes. Also provides for integration of members of the said forces who are likely to be granted amnesty, as well as for several related matters. Governs working conditions of employees in the farming sector. Divided into 7 parts.

Part 1 regulates scope of application. Part 2 provides for minimum wages. Part 3 deals with particulars of employment; Part 4 with hours of work. Part 5 provides for leave. Part 6 deals with child labour and forced labour. No person shall employ in farming activities a child who is under 15 years of age; or who is under minimum school leaving age in terms of any law. Moreover, no person shall employ a child in employment which is inappropriate for a person of that age; or which places at risk a child's well-being, education, physical or mental health, or spiritual, moral or social development.

Sets forth prohibition of forced labour. Part 7 regulates termination of employment. Establishes conditions of employment and minimum wages for employees in the domestic worker sector. Sets forth obligations of employer at underground mine where there is a risk of rock bursts, rock falls or roof falls, or at any other mine where there is a significant risk or rock bursts, rock falls or roof falls.

Repeals a number of regulations made under the Minerals Act Repeals a number of regulations issued under Chapters 8, 9 and 15 of Mine Health and Safety Act Regulates mine health and safety issues as set out in the Mine Health and Safety Act including with respect to: fires and explosions chapter 5 ; mine environmental engineering and occupational hygiene chapter 9 ; rescue, first aid and emergency preparedness and response chapter 16 ; occupational hygiene and occupational exposure limits for airborne pollutants, occupational exposure limits for physical agents and drinking water chapter Made under Public Service Act, Amends Part VI of Chapter 1.

Deals with transformation and restructuring of public service. To provide for the regulation of the private security industry; for that purpose to establish a regulatory authority; and to provide for matters connected therewith. Demobilisation Amendment Act No. Amends Section 1 of the Demobilisation Act with respect to closing date for submission for demobilisation gratuity. Environmental Implementation Plan Notice of Adoption : ZAFM Mandate of NDA is to guide and support capacity building, sustainable ressource use, production, trade and research in agriculture in order to maximize contribution of agricultural sector to economic growth, equity and social development in sustainable manner.

Chapter 1 of Plan deals mandate and functions, Chapter 2 with institutional arrangements, Chapter 3 with policies, plans and programmes, and Chapter 4 with recommendations. Regulates enquiry into improper conduct of security officers. Makes provision for: appointment, designation and functions of presiding officers and prosectors; submission of charge, citation of respondent and notification to respondent; conviction on plea of guilty without enquiry; substitution of representative of respondent; necessary particulars and necessary further particulars of charge; summons to enquiry; witnesses; absence of respondent; tendering of plea; application of procedural law; evidence; record of proceedings; ajournment of enquiry proceedings costs; imposition of penalties and payment of fines; suspended fines; deviation from regulations; penal provisions; witness fees; delegation; and attendance at enquiry proceedings.

Amends Intelligence Services Act, Provides for retirement age for members, regulates labour relations and strikes, and restricts former members of the National Intelligence Agency or South Africa Secret Service from using their skills to the detriment of the Agency or Service. Also makes provision for the disposal of unlawfully obtained material, and amends National Strategic Intelligence Act so as to further provide for the power of the Minister to make regulations.

Section 19 provides that no member of the Agency or the Service shall strike or induce or conspire with any other member of the Agency or Service to strike. Made under the Mine Health and Safety Act Provides for accidents to be reported, dangerous occurrences to be reported, place of an accident to be left undisturbed, and right to attend inspection in loco.

Public Service Regulations, No. Comprehensive legislation on public service employment. Replaces Public Service Regulations Chapter 2 sets forth code of conduct, and Chapter 3 provides for financial disclosure by heads of departments and certain other employees. Finally, Chapter 4 regulates various aspects of senior management service.

Provides for the establishment of the South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Professions; for the registration of professionals, candidates, and specified categories in the project and construction management professions; as well as for several disciplinary matters. Provides for the establishment of the Construction Industry Development Board, and the implementation of an integrated strategy for strengthening the construction industry.

Also makes provision for some related matters. National Education Policy Act No. Deals with teacher education. Individual sections regulate factors that are taken into account when evaluating qualification for employment in education, recognition of academic qualifications, assignment of Relative Education Qualification Values to qualifications that are recognised for employment in education, new learning opportunities for educators with old teacher education certificates and diplomas, Professional Educators Framework, evaluation of foreign qualifications for employment in education, recognition of appropriate qualifications for permanent employment in specific teaching posts, and evaluation of qualifications for employment in teaching posts at technical colleges.

Makes provision regarding the date from which a member of the National Assembly or of a provincial legislature is entitled to a salary and allowances, the date from which a permanent delegate is entitled to a salary and allowances, and the payment of salaries and allowances of a Premier and a member of the Executive Council by provincial legislature, as well as for some related matters.

Comprehensive legislation on employment of South African Police Services. Regulates delegations, authorisations and responsibilities; planning, work organisation and reporting; job evaluation; compensation for employees; working environment; procedures for appointment, promotion and termination of service; performance management and development; training and education; and labour relations. Amends inter alia the Land Reform Labour Tenants Act, so as to extend the date upon which the right contemplated in the proviso to section 16 1 lapses; to authorise the Land Claims Court to issue an order where in proceedings before it, it is averred that the person sought to be evicted is a labour tenant, but is subsequently not proved that such a person is a labour tenant; and to exempt awards of land certified by the Director-General from laws regulating the subdivision of land.

Enumerates the duties of executing authorities and heads of department with regard to human resource planning, creation of posts, recruitment, termination of employment, and performance assessment. Provides for the regulation of job evaluations, wages, overtime, and training.


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Part 2 provides for minimum wages. The restructuring is to take place in nine stages from 31 Mar. Acquired rights shall be fully maintained for purposes of ss. Article 4 introduces the following new articles: Fri Sep 25, 8: Regulates oversight functions of Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence. This Ordinance amends the Protection of Wages in Insolvency Ordinance in respect of definitions, payment and subrogation.



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