Novelist and critic David Wingrove has been writing seriously since he was a teenager and now has twenty-six novels to his credit, along with several volumes of non-fiction. To eradicate the other from history, the two great empires of Germany and Russia wage war across three millennia and seek to change Time itself. With Triad bosses and assassins, emperors, whores and visionaries, Chung Kuo is part heroic epic, part technological thriller, part romance - a compelling tale of fallen empires and ordinary people unified only by the dark history of their time. Myst are worlds of adventure and awe, of mystery and beauty, intrigue and betrayal. Based on the bestselling games, the Myst trilogy pits friend against friend, good against evil and brings a thousand worlds to vivid life.

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Chung Kuo is an epic science fiction series written by British author David Wingrove. It depicts a future, post-apocalyptic Earth which is ruled by the Han Chinese, with other ethnic groups either destroyed or conquered.

The series was originally published in eight volumes from to , but the ending was heavily compressed at editorial request, to the author's dissatisfaction. In Corvus Books began reissuing the series as twenty shorter volumes, including a brand new two-volume prologue and a heavily rewritten finale. In a Chinese Communist Party Politburo member, Tsao Ch'un , engineers the economic downfall of the West through a massive cyber-attack which destroys much of the datascape the successor to the Internet and neutralises the military capabilities of the United States and Europe.

Civilisation collapses, with millions dying and many people being reduced to a rural, subsistence-level of existence. Under Ch'un's leadership, China rapidly recovers and, using advances in nanotechnology, begins to build vast, world-girdling cities. A hundred and fifty years later, the world is firmly under the dominance of the Chinese. All knowledge of pre-Collapse history has been eradicated in the interest of stability.

However, the government is being pulled apart as two ideologies, one favouring stasis and stability, and the other favouring rapid change, expansion and freedom, come into conflict. Assassinations and political intrigue ultimately lead to war as the fate of the human race hangs in the balance. David Wingrove envisaged the Chung Kuo series as three interlinked trilogies spanning nine novels.

However, falling sales saw his publishers request that he shrink the series to eight volumes. With work on the final two books underway when this request was made, Wingrove had to heavily compress and edit material down to fit into one book. Both the author and his fans felt this left the final book in the series nigh-on incomprehensible, and this was reflected in mostly negative reviews for it. In it was revealed that the series had been picked up by Corvus Books and would be re-issued as nineteen volumes.

The finale would be completely rewritten and a new prequel novel added to the start of the series, showing the rise of China. This prequel novel was then expanded in size and split in two due to length, for a total of twenty novels. The 'recasting' of Chung Kuo began with the release of Son of Heaven in February , with Corvus planning to release all twenty books by the end of Sign In Don't have an account?

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Chung Kuo Series

As we wait patiently for Beneath the Tree of Heaven , Mr. Set in , it takes place concurrently with some of the events in Book 1: Son of Heaven. I plan on reading this tonight. Feel free to share any thoughts in the comments below! AV Club and others are reporting that film production company Village Roadshow is moving forward with plans to adapt the Myst video game franchise into a television show. The fantastic Myst trilogy was actually my entry point into Mr.


The Master of Time

Chung Kuo is a series of science fiction novels written by David Wingrove. The novels present a future history of an Earth dominated by China. Chung Kuo is primarily set years in the future in mile-high, continent-spanning cities made of a super-plastic called 'ice'. Housing a global population of 40 billion, the cities are divided into levels and success and prestige is measured by how far above the ground one lives. Some — in the Above — live in great comfort. Others — in the Lowers — live in squalor, whilst at the bottom of the pile is 'Below the Net', a place where the criminal element is exiled and left to rot.


Chung Kuo (novel series)


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