Author: Dr. Horton , University of Georgia , Department of Entomology. When this species was first discovered in the new world, it was thought to be a new species and was named Cylas formicarius elegantulus. Later research showed it was Cylas formicarius that had been introduced from the Old World. Adults are ant-like, shiny, blue-black, snout beetles whose "waist" and legs are bright orange-red. They are about 6 mm long.

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Synonyms and other taxonomic changes. Larvae bore in sweet potatoes. Tiny white eggs are laid in punctures made in vines near ground, or even in stored potatoes. Larvae burrow in and feed for weeks, then pupate in a burrow 2. Dillon, pp. Papp, pp. Clickable Guide. Comb: Brentus formicarius Fabricius Syn: C. Size mm Identification Det. A distributional checklist of the beetles Coleoptera of Florida. Entomography Pubns.

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Common Name

Photo 1. Larvae or grubs of sweetpotato weevil, Cylas formicarius, damaging a vine at the crown where the stem enters the ground. Photo 2. External damage to the base of the vine - called the crown - by the sweetpotato weevil, Cylas formicarius.


Cylas formicarius

Adults The adult insect is ant-like. The length of the adult female is between 4. The basic colour of the insect is red Kemner, , but this colour is usually masked, because the head is black, the elytra blue or bluish-green, sometimes black, and shining, the back of the thorax and sternites are usually dark bluish-green. The legs are red with a broad dark ring around the tibiae which sometimes may not be very distinct in teneral specimens.

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