There are differences between the three distributions but the filtering systems are identical in principle and nearly so in practice. It is hoped that there will be sufficient detail to give an understanding of how parts of CUPS and the filtering system work and co-operate and to enable effective troubleshooting. Important for driverless printing. However, some filters essential for Linux systems were not required by Apple so were donated to the Linux Foundation and now form the basis for the cups-filters and cups-filters-core-drivers packages in Debian. A crucial part of the PDF-centric workflow.

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Red Hat Associate. Red Hat Customer. Browse Requests Reports Product Dashboard. Page Help! This site requires JavaScript to be enabled to function correctly, please enable it. Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug. Keywords :. Bug Fix. Attachments Terms of Use Logs as requested Photo that cause printer to crash 1. Logs as requested - 2nd go - looks interesting 1.

Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc. It also stops CUPS in its tracks as well, with the service needing to be restarted. This applies to all programs, and is desktop independent.

This is applicable for firmware Select document to print e. OpenDocument Word file from OpenOffice 3. Press Print. CUPS reports that there is a problem with printing the document and the service fails. Printer crashes. It generally works quicker than printing from Postscript language. I suspect that there has been some 'tightening' up of the postscript driver methods, and that the HP Laserjet n is just not totally compliant.

Is that the one causing problems? Also, which PCL3 driver are you trying? There are several drivers that use PCL for this printer: 1. HP LaserJet pcl3, hpcups 3. It is particularly problematic if you decide to send large images or large amounts of text to the printer - that really will trigger a crash. I am now using option 2 - the HP Laserjet pcl3, hpcups 3. Rather sparse I'm afraid.

Nothing serious. So could you give the steps in comment 5 a go for me? By the way, is there some document that always triggers the problem? What's the smallest document that exhibits it, and is it possible for you to share it? This definately crashed the printer with a CUPS appears to be operating normally there. Why did you need to restart CUPS? After resetting the printer, what wasn't working before restarting CUPS that started working afterwards?

It just sits there and sulks. The only method that I can get it to work again is by restarting the service. Printing is just not going to happen. What I did was this: I restarted cups again in debug mode I printed the photo Printer crashed with a I 2nd batch of logs reflect all this. What's going on is that the hp backend is failing to connect to the printer perhaps it takes a while for it to come on-line after reset , and immediately failing, telling CUPS to stop the queue.

In other words, it's bug There's not actually a lot we can do to work around it. I can try and raise a bug with HP if you want, and try and get you guys to talk to them. Is this something you'd like me to do? Thanks Max Comment 19 Max E UTC The most annoying thing is that as an aside, trying to kick CUPS back into action can only be done by going to the localhost interface, and heading into Printer Administration and restarting the queue. Not a problem though. The reason why I raised this, was because the problem, although intermittent, became more permanent after CUPS 1.

So - does that mean the postscript engine on the HP printers - are broken? I noticed that on Bug that this problem seems to effect other HP printers. This is something that HP definitely need to know about. I've actually had another look on their firmware updates page. Interesting; because I've just found a new version of firmware Can you please keep this log open for a moment longer, because I'll test drive this new firmware and get back to you in just a moment.

That firmware update fixed the problem. I took that same photo, and changed the printer to postscript, and the printer printed my image. Woo hoo!!!!! No CUPS crash Thanks for all your help Tim; looks like firmware updates are the name of the game when it comes to the HP printers!

The trouble is that CUPS isn't making the choice of which is the default driver. CUPS just provides a list of drivers. When system-config-printer provides a default it is based on a very general preference order for types of driver.

The foomatic package provides printer-specific preferred drivers, but this is based on foomatic drivers and cannot say e. Something to think about in the future is a generic way of doing this for arbitrary drivers. I've filed bug to track that. It just always stops the queue if it cannot immediately connect to the printer. It doesn't matter what type of printer. OK, closing this now.


"/usr/lib/cups/filter/pstops Failed"

Red Hat Associate. Red Hat Customer. Browse Requests Reports Product Dashboard. Page Help! This site requires JavaScript to be enabled to function correctly, please enable it. Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug. Keywords :.


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