Medwave se preocupa por su privacidad y la seguridad de sus datos personales. Del mismo modo, ambos tratamientos fueron bien tolerados. Por lo tanto, ambos tratamientos se pueden utilizar para el tratamiento de la dismenorrea primaria. No obstante, su efectividad para aliviar el dolor en pacientes con dismenorrea primaria es controversial [3] , [6] , [7] , [8]. Lo que se espera de este tipo de combinaciones, es que causen un mejor alivio del dolor a dosis menores sinergismo y con menores reacciones adversas.

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Chemical constituents of Simarouba versicolor. Arriaga, Angela M. From the roots, stems and fruits of Simarouba versicolor Simaroubaceae were isolated quassinoids 3, , triterpenoids , a mixture of steroids , the flavonoid kaempferol 18 and the squalene derivative 11,diacetoxy-7,10; 15,diepoxy-6,dihidroxy-6,7,10,11,14,15,18,octahydrosqualene Spectral data were used for structural characterization.

Setor de Quimica de Produtos Naturais]. E-mail: braz uenf. Toxicity effects of ethanol extract of Simarouba versicolor on Feb 24, The following constituted the chemicals and drugs used in this Birth delivery, birth rates and viability were determined.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Foram realizados dois experimentos, sendo o primeiro com folhas verdes ou folhas dessecadas e trituradas de S. Las especies vegetales de las tres familias presentan compuestos muy polares.

The energy and exergy analysis were carried out by using first law and second law of thermodynamics respectively. The experiments were carried out on a 3. The analysis was conducted on per mole of fuel basis.

The energy analysis indicates that about The exergetic efficiency was Comparative study indicates that the energetic and exergetic performance of SB20 resembles with that of diesel fuel.

O melhor desenvolvimento de P. The objective of this work was to assess the mycelial growth of oyster mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus cultivated in sawdust of Simarouba amara. The best development of P. Soybean meal supplementation on S. A comparative study of solvent and supercritical Co2 extraction of Simarouba gluaca seed oil. The extracted oil was analyzed thoroughly for physico-chemical properties and compared with those of conventional solvent extracted oil.

An interesting observation is a significant reduction in the phosphorus content of the oil 8. Moreover, the content of total tocopherols in supercritically extracted oil The rest of the physico-chemical properties of the two differently extracted oils matched well with each other.

The results indicated the possible benefits of supercritical CO2 extraction over solvent extraction of Simarouba gluaca seed oil. A comparative study of solvent and supercritical CO2 extraction of Simarouba gluaca seed oil. Mycological study of tinea versicolor. Full Text Available Mycological study of cases of tinea versicolor was undertaken. Blaschkoid pityriasis versicolor. A year-old male patient complained of having follicular and brownish red maculopapules along the Blaschko's lines on the right chest for 2 days.

On examination, follicular brownish maculopapules were present on the chest with a uniform size of about 3 mm in diameter. The lesions were isolated without a tendency to merge, giving several S-shaped, band-like appearances. Direct mycological examination of the skin flakes revealed many pseudomycelial hyphae and yeast cells with typical spaghetti and meatball appearance.

Wood's light examination of the lesion revealed a golden yellow fluorescence. A diagnosis of blaschkoid pityriasis versicolor was suggested because of blaschkoid distribution of the lesions in this new variant of PV. In view of fast depletion of fossil fuels and the rapid rate at which the fuel consumption is taking place all over the world, scientists are searching for alternate fuels for maintaining the growth industrially and economically. Hence search for alternate fuel s has become imminent.

Out of the limited options for internal combustion engines, the bio diesel fuel appears to be the best. Many advanced countries are implementing several biodiesel initiatives and developmental programmes in order to become self sufficient and reduce the import bills.

Biodiesel is biodegradable and renewable fuel with the potential to enhance the performance and reduce engine exhaust emissions. This is due to ready usage of existing diesel engines, fuel distribution pattern, reduced emission profiles, and eco-friendly properties of biodiesel.

Simarouba biodiesel SBD , the methyl ester of Simarouba oil is one such alternative fuel which can be used as substitute to conventional petro-diesel. The present work involves experimental investigation on the use of SBD blends as fuel in conventional diesel engine and semi-adiabatic diesel engine.

The oil was triple filtered to eliminate particulate matter and then transesterified to obtain biodiesel. Also it was decided to vary the injection pressure , and bar and observe its effect on performance and also suggest better value of injection pressure. The engine was made semi adiabatic by coating the piston crown with partially stabilized zirconia PSZ. Kirloskar AV I make 3. Experiments were initially carried out using pure diesel fuel to provide base line data.

The test results were compared based on the performance. Oral fluconazole in tinea versicolor. Full Text Available 25 patients with extensive tinea versicolor were treated with single oral dose of mg of fluconazole. No significant side effects were noticed.

The majority of patients found the treatment effective, safe and convenient. Triterpenoid saponins from Dianthus versicolor. Seven new pentacyclic triterpenoid saponins, named dianversicosides A-G , together with nine known compounds, were isolated from the aerial parts of Dianthus versicolor. The structures of were elucidated on the basis of spectroscopic data and chemical evidence. The absolute configuration of the 3-hydroxylmethylglutaryl HMG group in was ascertained by chemical analysis combined with a chiral HPLC method.

Cytotoxic activities of the isolated compounds were evaluated against a small panel of cancer and other cell lines. Malassezia Species and Pityriasis Versicolor.

Full Text Available Malassezia species are found in part of the normal human cutaneous commensal flora, however it has been known for many years that the Malassezia yeasts are associated with a number of different human diseases ranging from pityriasis versicolor to seborrhoeic dermatitis.

In addition, since the s, they have been reported as causing opportunistic systemic infections. The taxonomy of Malassezia spp. Fastidious growth requirements of Malassezia yeasts defied the initial attempts to culture these organisms and their true identification and the relationship between different species only became apparent with the application of modern molecular techniques. The causative fungus is seen especially in such seborrheic areas as the scalp, face, trunk and upper back.

Under the influence of various exogenous or endogenous predisposing factors, these yeasts change from the blastospore form to the mycelial form and become pathogenic. Diagnosis of pityriasis versicolor which is caused by Malassezia species is generally easy and lies on the basis of its clinical appearance and can be confirmed by mycological examination. Characteristic features of the genus Malassezia include a distinctive morphology and an affinity for lipids in culture.

Culture is necessary to recover the infecting strain, especially for epidemiologic purposes and also to test its antifungal susceptibility. Atypical pityriasis versicolor case report. Full Text Available Pityriasis versicolor is a superficial fungal infection caused by mycelial form of Malassezia spp, which is confined to stratum corneum. It usually present in the trunk as either hypo or hyperpigmented, aymptomatic, round to oval macules of varying sizes, which may merged to form geographic shape.

The case series had been recording in between to Within that period, we had recorded 32 cases. All the patients which we had recorded presented with multiple, asymptomatic macules of small sizes varying from cm in diameter to mm in diameter, usually round to oval, hypopigmented, non scaly lesions. KOH examinations showed fungal hyphae in 14 All of them were given and all of them got response and healed within months.

Fluconazole and itraconazole in pityriasis versicolor. Full Text Available Pityriasis versicolor is a common superficial fungal infection caused by Malassezia species. It has a high incidence and prevalence in tropical climates. Although it responds well to treatment, relapses and recurrences are frequent. In the present study the therapeutic response of single dose fluconazole mg with itraconazole mg twice daily? Therapy with fluconazole is preferable in view of single dose administration and lesser cost as compared to itraconazole.

Steroids isolated from Millettia versicolor Baker Fabaceae. Jun 3, African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. Full Length Research Paper The spectral analysis enabled us to identify 4 known Neoplasma 51 6 : Non-occurrence of Pityriasis versicolor PV in spouses of individuals with this superficial fungal infection despite several years of cohabitation suggests that heredity might play an important role in those affected.

Forty subjects who were married were studied in two phases. The first phase involved using a detailed The use of products obtained from fungi particularly mushrooms has increased lately due to their broad applicability in different scientific and industrial fields. The genus Trametes comprises a group of white rot producing ligninolytic fungi, with medicinal properties, biotechnological importance and environmental applications.

One of the most potentially useful species is T. Also known as Yun Zhi in China, is a fun


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