Every year program is updated to fit the new environmental standards and regulations. ITB EPD is a technical information that provides quantifiable environmental data for construction products with a specified technical function on the building level. EPD enables to analyze the life cycle of products with regard to their environmental impacts and to display these analyses in a transparent and standardized way. ITB by this activity supports a formal process of EPD implementation on the Polish market and support construction industry in developing a strategy and accompany on the way to a verified and sustainable building products. What is PN EN standard? What products can have EPD?

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Purpose: Concrete is a widely used construction material for mainly buildingfoundations. In Sweden Eurocode is used to dimension the minimum reinforcement that is supposed to limit the cracking of the concrete after casting, but cracking is nevertheless a common problem. The aim of this paper is to investigate how structural engineers choose the reinforcement in slabs on ground and how the construction is affected by the choice of reinforcement.

Method: In the study, a literature study is made with articles within minimum reinforcement and cracking problems. A document analysis is made of how the Eurocode should be interpreted and used to calculate the minimum reinforcement amounts and crack widths.

There are structured interviews with five design companies to investigate how minimum reinforcement is chosen for three different types of slabon ground. Findings: The results of the study show that the final construction might be both physically and economically affected in a negative way due to the fact that the wanted minimum reinforcement levels and crack widths are not always reached.

Implications: The findings implicate that the choice of minimum reinforcement is done in different ways among engineers, and a significant difference in the levels could be seen. The recommendations are that the formula for crack width limitation should be used first, lower rebar dimensions should be used and that the communication between building construction engineer and builder should beimproved.

Limitations: The study was limited to five interviews with building construction engineers, only three different slab examples were given to the interviewees for calculation of crack limitation reinforcement. Hence the results are not generally useful for all types of slab on ground. Please wait English Svenska Norsk. Cite Export. Permanent link. Citation style. More styles. More languages. Output format. Create Close. Minimum reinforcement in ground slabs : A study of how structural engineering companies choose minimum reinforcement and how the choice affects the finished construction English.

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With the ever increasing demand to optimise building land, more and more builders are looking to trussed rafters to provide the solution for additional living. If producer is interested biulder EPD for his product then have to fill in the Contact Form on pagewhich can be delivered also after contact with fizyka itb. Petersburg during 15th and 16th February To give the construction companies buildre control over concrete production, the contractor has installed seven Schwing Stetter rock-crushing trucks. During the collecting inventory data process ITB will carry out the quality data audit to manufacturing site. The project will house up to 17, professional athletes, physically challenged athletes, coaches and physical therapists.





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