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Passwort vergessen? Operating Concepts — Characteristics 2. Operational concepts of similar sports venues as — for example — football stadiums can be very different. The VELTINS-Arena and Wembley are 21st century state-of-the—art-venues: Both venues are multifunctional spaces with an extraordinary operational concept, what is - in this time - necessary to stay competitive.

First, key facts as size, surface, owner, operator, capacity or dimension will be listed to get a short first overview of the two stadiums being compared later. In chapter 2, operational concepts will be described and compared: Information about holding companies, operating company, organizational structure, utilization concept, home teams, sponsors, marketing activities and other important facts will be shortly presented.

In the concluding paragraph, operational concepts of the two selected venues will be evaluated and discussed. The Veltins-Arena is a multifunctional stadium in the truest sense of the word: In addition to football matches, other sports venues, concerts, meetings, congresses and conferences and even wedding ceremonials are held there.

The true multi-functionality of the stadium was put to a test in May when the Veltins-Arena hosted a pop-concert, a Bundesliga match and a NFL Europe game within 96 hours compare online reference 8. Financing: The stadium was financed from private investors. Public funds were not needed for the million-euro-project compare online references 10 and 12; Schuler, Exceptional technical features: When no football match takes place, grass is put off for regeneration and to avoid damage by impact of other events [10] , the roof can be closed, seats can be moved etc.

Below, I would like to describe the possibilities of this stadium in order to provide the reader a short insight into the possibilities and the characteristics of this stadium and therefore into the operational concept of this exceptional stadium. The basis of the charity is that this capital sum be invested and that the interest is disbursed each year to young performing arts students in Brent online reference 6.

The principle is simple: a Informatik - Programmierung. Tourismus - Hotelmanagement. Registrieren oder einloggen. Optional: Anmelde-Code. Verbinden mit Facebook. Fordern Sie ein neues Passwort per Email an. Arbeiten hochladen. Im eBook lesen. In den Warenkorb. Content Introduction 1. Key Facts 1. Conclusion 4. The basis of the charity is that this capital sum be invested and that the interest is disbursed each year to young performing arts students in Brent online reference 6 [5] Wembley Stadium cost an estimated 1.

Positioning of Heineken via sport sponsoring in the German beer market. Sportsponsoring und Neuromarketing. Ein Instrument des strategischen Managements. Woodstock - ein realistisches Eventkonzept oder reine Illusion? Die Bedeutung des Eventmarketings im Kommunikationsmix eines Automo Eventmarketing als innovatives Instrument der Kommunikationspolitik.

Event- und Erlebnismarketing. Eventmanagement im Sport. Das Konsumgut Sport - Verbraucherverhalten im Zusammenhang mit der Die Bedeutung des Eventmarketing als Live-Kommunikationsinstrument Marketingkonzept und Eventmarketing einer kommerziellen Sport- und Weber vs. A comparison of two different idealistic burea Wie kann man berufsrelevante Kompetenzen zur Konzeption und zum Man Eventmarketing in der Snowboardbranche.

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Lydia Borowsky. Deutsch Login. The main work will conclude a comparison of selected communication tools. The thesis is divided in four main parts.


Sports Venues Management - Comparison of two sports venues` operational concepts


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