Applikon is a leading manufacturer of bioreactors 1 to 10, liters in both cell and microbial culture. Applikon supplies laboratory instrumentation to a dynamic worldwide enterprise supplying a broad and diverse line of bioreactor systems. Our autoclavable bioreactor systems are the worldwide industry standard. Not yet a member of BioProcess Online? Register today.

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To get in touch with Applikon adds 3L customizable single-use bioreactor to AppliFlex ST family, simply fill out the form below. Subscribe to receive the latest updates from Applikon Biotechnology. Applikon has extended its innovative family of AppliFlex ST customizable single-use bioreactor systems with a three liter version for cell culture applications. The AppliFlex ST is a fully customizable and scalable stirred tank single-use bioreactor that uses 3D printing technology to provide bioreactor design that is uniquely configured to each individual process, including custom impeller design, inlets, outlets and various port connections.

Further, it guarantees complete reproducibility between the different customized bioreactors, providing exact identical conditions between runs. AppliFlex ST is designed to be easy to open at end of run to facilitate a simple transfer to downstream processing.

The AppliFlex ST allows for bioreactors designs that were previously not available in a single use format. Applications where highly customized bioreactors are used can now benefit from the advantages of single use solutions, meaning quicker turnaround time and reduced risk of contamination.

All measurement and control auxiliaries are completely interchangeable between the single-use and glass bioreactors, saving customers time, effort and cost in switching between single-use and multi-use systems. The AppliFlex ST can be supplied with optical or classical sensor technologies. Optical sensors include pH and Dissolved Oxygen making start up and operating the systems very easy.

Classical sensors cover an even wider range of calibrations that include Biomass capacitance and optical , Red Ox and weight. Further, there are several perfusion options for continuous bioprocessing. Netherlands-based Applikon Biotechnology B. Applikon is a manufacturer that specializes in upstream bioprocess equipment for the life sciences industries.

Its mission is to provide reliable solutions for the bioprocess market to enable improved quality of life. Applikon designs, develops and assembles bioreactor systems, with all design and manufacturing conducted in-house.

The Applikon portfolio covers key product and service areas including bioreactor cultivation systems, BioBundle turnkey systems, the unique BioSep Acoustic Perfusion System cell retention device, process control systems to automate bioprocesses and a range of proprietary AppliSens sensors, and automation monitoring and data management solutions. Apart from its standard cultivation and turnkey systems, Applikon also offers Special Projects: custom solutions aimed at helping clients fulfill strategic needs such as long-term development, capability expansion and upscaling.

Click on AppliFlex ST range for detailed information. By subscribing you adhere to our privacy policy. Thank you! You have successfully joined our subscriber list. Share this article: Facebook. Contact Applikon Biotechnology B. Simply fill out the form below to contact Applikon Biotechnology B. Send Applikon Biotechnology B. Subject Your Message. Getinge completes acquisition of Applikon Biotechnology B. Getinge to acquire Applikon Biotechnology B.

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Laboratory Bioreactor Controllers

Applikon provides controllers to satisfy the requirements of bioreactors from laboratory research through production scale applications. Extending the concept of modularity you will be able to find a controller configured to satisfy the most demanding application. All Applikon controllers are CE approved and designed to meet the strictest electromagnetic immunity requirements to provide dependable operation. Two controllers are available to meet your requirements: The i-Control accommodates standardized bioreactor control software based upon industrial standard PLC solutions. The i-Control offers a state of the art controller and actuator console for bioreactor systems of various sizes and volumes. Click here for additional information. The ez-Control is an easy to use system for bioreactors and fermentors.


About Applikon Biotechnology

Buy and sell, new and used Applicon Bioreactors on LabX. FInd the Applicon reactor that is right for your laboratory and production needs below and contact sellers directly to request quotes and purchase. Applikon Bioreactor The unique micro-Matrix offers total control over 24 independent bioreactors in a simple microtiter plate footprint. The bioreactor square well cassette design is based upon our popular SBS-format microtiter plates that maximize mixing, optimize gas transfer, and seamlessly integrate into lab automation protocols. The PC-based human interface of the micro-Matrix reflects our popular my-Control interface and offers simple, intuitive interaction with each of the 24 bioreactors. Each bioreactor has its own PID controller for pH, dissolved oxygen, and temperature.


Applikon Bioreactor

Applikon Biotechnology is a world leader in developing and supplying advanced bioreactor systems for the production of vaccines, antibodies, tissues, bio-pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and biosimilars in the Pharmaceutical industry, as well as enzymes, food, feed, bio-fuel, bio-chemicals and bio-plastics for Industrial Biotechnology. We can guide you through the whole upstream process, from initial screening up to full-scale production, using the same platform. Applikon Biotechnology proudly promotes an improved Quality of Life. As a world leader in the development and supply of advanced bioreactor systems, Applikon passionately contributes to the Life Sciences. Our goal is to continuously introduce new technologies to the market, covering the spectrum from laboratory scale via pilot plant to production scale. In addition to advanced cultivation systems, our core business also comprises Process Control and Process Information Management systems.


Applikon Technology Bioreactors


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