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Discussions Activity Sign In. Gregorian Chant: General Antiphonale Monasticum. Does anyone know? Are they essentially the same? Did the Solesmes Monks give their fellow Benedictines a heads-up edition 12 months before a more general one was issued? Does anyone know where I could obtain a edition of the Antiphonale Monasticum? The edition of the Antiphonale Monasticum is simply a reprint of the Antiphonale Monasticum, with a supplement of 32 pages, copyright , listing changes in the Antiphonale instituted in , probably to bring it in line with the changes in the Roman Rite of that same year.

The copy of the edition I have must be the one from December, since it carries an imprimatur of May , but it has the same longer title you list for January , with the imprint of Desclee.

Have you seen an edition from January ? The Antiphonale Monasticum is still available from Solesmes; I would expect that it is the same edition with the supplement of You can order it directly from them on their web site; you might want to give them an inquiry about exactly what edition it is.

Geoff April Posts: It also omits for the purposes of book binding sections of the AM that were no longer in use by such as the Suffrage of All the Saints, etc. However, it also includes portions of the Antiphonale Solesmensis or however it's spelled in the back, referencing feasts proper to the Congregations of Solesmes, as well as some chants for Benediction that were re-ordered to the new classification of feasts in As far as I know, the purpose of the reprint was to provide a source of antiphons to be used with the Psalterium Monasticum for the revised version of the Benedictine Divine Office.

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Antiphonale Monasticum (1934)

Part 3 had some missing pages. These were added as of 10 December thanks to Gustav Valencia. Joseph Pothier, took the reins, and history knows what he was able to accomplish. Dom Gajard is generally believed to have been the motivating force behind its publication. Not everyone appreciated this work.


Antiphonale Monasticum, 1934 Solesmes Edition


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