Embed Size px x x x x Sua deciso foi sbia e, com toda a certeza, grande ser sua recompensa. Quando receber suas matrias, leia com ateno e vrias vezes cada questionrio. Leia, tambm, em sua Bblia, todas as referncias citadas. Sempre que argumentar, use a Palavra de Deus.

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Ecology and Religion. New Series. January-February Ecology and Religion in this hour of planetary Emergency. Release 1. Because of that it uses principally Spanish and Portuguese. These materials were published on paper, along , by the 14 reviews joining the initiative. Los materiales han sido publicados en papel por las 14 revistas adherentes a la iniciativa, a lo largo de Latin American Theological Journals.

Advertisements' pages. Per i molti cammini di Dio, Free Digital Printable Multilingual Edition. If you want print on paper a local edition, please, contact the Latin American Theological Commission at its web, Comision. All the articles of this issue can be reproduced freely, since given the credit to the source.

ISBN: Cuidando da Terra. Ecological Challenges for Religions , Jose Maria. This is a new period, perhaps definitive, that we are opening with joy and confidence.

Time will tell. This is a special issue. A few months later, it received and edited and organized the articles, and sent them to Latin American journals that voluntarily align themselves with the Minga. The first Minga , which was worked on during the third trimester of , was delivered to the journals in December, , so that during the whole of , the journals went about publishing the issue in their paper versions. And in concluding the year and the publications on paper, the Commission has elaborated the material of the Minga in digital form and puts them up publicly.

This is the moment for VOICES to create on its pages what is an issue of a theological journal that in Latin America has been published by 14 journals in paper throughout the year The journals that have participated are:. Full details can be found on the page of the Commission. The digital edition was intended to bring together in a single issue all the material that was worked on through this initiative, in the lan- guages of the continent, thus placing them before a public that goes far beyond what could be reached by the paper journals and in a format that, being digital, allows a much greater management of the texts.

We hope that within. This is an exceptional case in the. Get ready to welcome it also in digital form. A lo largo de va a ser publicada por las revistas en papel.

Ama a la Tierra como a ti mismo. Quien cree en Dios, lo adora como fuente originaria y amorosa de todo. Pertenecemos al universo como parte integrante y pensante de este conjunto de relaciones. Ame a Terra como a si mesmo. Temos um destino comum. A Ecologia Social insere o ser humano e a socie- dade dentro da natureza.

Para salvar o pla-. Leonardo BOFF. En primer lugar, el patriarcalismo. Los valores masculinos ocupan los principales espacios sociales. Las mujeres son marginadas, y mantenidas en el espacio de lo privado. Pero origi- nalmente las divinidades funcionaban como arquetipos poderosos de la profundidad del ser humano.

Es materia corrompida, pecaminosa, decadente. La idea de que la Tierra con todo lo que en ella existe y se mueve, sea castigada por causa del pecado humano, remite a un antropo- centrismo desmedido. Toward a Planetary Theology. The fifth and last volume of the Series. For orders: dunamis live. Em primeiro lugar, o patriarcalismo. Mas originalmente as divin-.

Separou demasiadamente criatura. O antropocentrismo resulta desta leitura arrogante do ser humano. ABSTRACT: The fact of human beings feel on the same common home, the planet Earth, allows us to understand the original meaning of ethos which is in Greek human place now globally conceived. It is urgent an ethos that represents a minimum consensus letting us live together with justice and peace.

Finally the author proposes his own view, based on sensitive and cordial reason and caring. Por ela fica claro que todos temos um destino e um futuro comum. Vozes, ; cf. Entretanto, possui um limite interno. Ele define seu lugar social: a partir do grande Sul onde vive grande parte da Humanidade sofredora. Como podem. Ela se centra em coisas essenciais. Alguns representantes de todos os continentes, animados por M.

Gorbachev, S. Para isso. Nos fundamentos de nossa cultura se encontra o logos grego e o cogito cartesiano. Sextante, ; ID. MORSE et al. DOS S. Meffesoli na esteira de Ortega y Gasset fala de raciovitalis- mo Sentio, ergo sum sinto, logo.

Sem cuidado deixamos de ser humanos. O cuidado previne os danos futuros e regenera os danos passados. Correspondente ao cuidado, em termos do discurso. Sem cuidado a vida perece. A partir desta plataforma globalizante do pathos enriquecido pela. Sextante, Por fim, ao cuidado pertence a respon- sabilidade. Dunamis Publishers is a small independent company in Montreal with a history of providing critical analysis to Canadians.

Recent publications include:. Digitally is available on the Net. Also by the same author: Dealing with Diversity: Ques- tions for Catholics , pages, April, , sold out. Towards a Ecological and Spiritual Vision. Today, there are two visions of Planet Earth colliding, each bringing very different consequences.

The first one, which is modern, and has been dominant for the last four hundred years, sees the earth as a kind of ship full of riches that humans can take for themselves, for their use and well being. The earth is seen as something material, external, and given to us to do whatever we wish, because we feel superior to it as lords, kings, and queens of the universe.

The second vision, which is more ancestral, and still present among the aboriginal peoples, sees the Earth as something alive producing all forms of life, the Great Mother and Pacha Mama, as the people of the Andes call it. We are part of her and we feel, together with the other beings, engendered by her. We are not lording over her as they who domi- nate, but in her midst coexisting.

The first vision is the modern industrial society, emergent, together with the project of technoscience since the sixteenth century.

It does not consider the Earth as a whole, but as an atomized cluster of resources, like water, jungles, minerals, animals, and ecosystems themselves. There they are together side to side, without any relation between them. It relates with the Earth by way of exploitation, based in violence.

It excavates soils, collapses mountains, dries rivers, destroys forests, and kills animals and birds. It uses chemicals like pesticides and agrotoxins that poison the soils and exterminate microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, viruses, and. Barely five percent of life is visible. Taking the Earth as a reality without a spirit, modern human beings occupied and practically devastated all the regions of the Earth. The pur- pose was to accumulate unlimited riches, exploiting all of the possible resources, in the fastest time, and with the least amount of monetary expense.

That project of civilization has brought us incalculable benefits. It has helped us reach the moon.


Voices 2011-1. Ecología y Religión

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