The preparation of these elements is carried out in a workshop and can be optimised and automated. Immediately after bonding the adhesion values allow the elements to be transported. Given that this is a factory applied system, the installation is not reliant on weather conditions. The standardised system with prefabricated elements, consistent quality, and production control offers quick and easy mounting, as the elements are just hooked on the determined panel grid. The freely selectable panel grid is independent from the grid of the substructure. There are unique extruded locator clips riveted or screwed to the carrier sections.

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Fill in your E-mail and we will send you a one time password, you can use to login with. Once logged in, you can change your password if you wish. Please note: The temporary code will only be active for 15 min. As an expert in construction with aluminium, we offer everything from project optimisation of your construction project to project-specific, turn-key aluminium solutions with flexible delivery schedules.

No project is too big or too small - we are always ready to assist you with our knowledge. We give each and every project our utmost attention which is why we would gladly work together with, for example, architects and contractors. Aluminium offers light-weight construction and allows for a decorative solution that has long service life, is easy to recycle, and at the same time has good corrosion resistance. Aluminium is particularly suitable for construction because of its lightweight design, which facilitates its handling, transport, processing and mounting in a construction process.

The metal itself has high corrosion resistance, even when unprocessed. The aesthetic appearance is often achieved through anodising, liquid painting and powder coating. Finally, aluminium has long service life and is environmentally friendly to recycle when it is time to be discarded.

Besides its aesthetic expression, which only gets better with time, copper also has long service life and high corrosion resistance, making it a preferred choice in construction. Copper is a metal with high corrosion resistance and hence also a long service life. It is also possible to use pre-processed copper and have the patinated colour characteristic of copper already from the start. Using copper in buildings allows for interesting solutions with individual styles.

In this context, Alumeco Group guarantees delivery of copper products of high standard grade. Alucobond has lightweight design, high rigidity and flatness, as well as flexibility with regard to styles, colours and customised solutions. The material is fire classified according to EU standard EN Because of their high malleability, stability and lightweight design, the plates can be easily manufactured and adapted at the construction site. In connection with the lightweight design, extreme rigidity and flat surface of the panels, the costs associated with subfloor construction and its mounting are also low.

We offer you competent and solution-oriented guidance, which is based on practical as well as theoretical experience within the construction industry. Thus, we are ready to solve your challenges and make sure that you meet the targets in your building project.

We offer discussions with your company, where we can contribute with our know-how and experience in planning and construction process management which are characteristic of our quality materials and system deliveries. With us you will always receive specialised advice based on your specific needs and the specific solution you are looking for.

Whether you are a contractor, a building customer, an architect or something completely different, we can assist with competent and experienced-based guidance in a wide range of areas, including:. Prior to the delivery and assembly of the finished metal product there are several processes, which we would gladly help you simplify. For this reason we offer you:. Our experts ensure thorough planning of your construction project, thanks to which you are well-protected against surprises during the process.

Read More Project planning. When a construction project is to be carried out, a number of processes are conducted before the draft you draw up is transformed into your final construction solution. We help you from start to finish and make sure you achieve your project targets. We do this, amongst other things, by:.

Here you can read about and be inspired by how we have completed a complex building project with great precision. I want to be inspired Get inspired Musikkens Hus in Aalborg. The future musical gathering point of Northern Denmark and an architectural gem, designed by the internationally acknowledged architectural firm Coop Himmelb l au. We offer sandwich and solid aluminium plates adapted to your project objectives.

The plates can be delivered with painted or anodised surface. We make cassette systems, including various closing profiles, to fit specifically for your project. The cassettes can be delivered with painted or anodised surface. We offer profiled and perforated plates that are customised according to your project-specific requirements. We stock a wide range of various extruded profiles for building-in, for example, hats profiles.

We have a wide range of standard construction profiles in stock and, depending on the location, we are capable of guaranteeing next-day delivery for all our common stocked items. By extrusion of profiles you will get your own profile that meets your specific needs. Read More Special profiles Profile for door. During the design process we will offer proposals on how we can work together to create the most optimal profile for you.

If you have additional questions you are always very welcome to contact us. Need help? Non painted coils Show all Painted coils Show all. Special Profiles. Transport Systems. Aluminium Prices. Log in E-mail Password Forgot password? Remember me. The entered password is not valid. New customer? Click here to request access. Your e-mail Send one time password Sorry, we could not find your E-mail in our database. Enter one time password We have send you an email with a one time password One time password Log in Sorry, the entered one time password is either incorrect or has expired.

Logger ind. Sorry, an error occured. Please try again. Thank you. We will be in contact very soon. Home Industries Construction Construction. Would you like to be part of a professional and knowledge-based partnership? Facade Solutions - 30 years of experience.

Facade Solutions. Read more. VUC, Odense We supply aluminium for all construction projects - large or small. Read about our construction cases. Our services. Professional qualifications. Technical discussions We offer guidance in relation to the construction of your particular building. We have the right technical instructions and material descriptions and can assist with technical drawings, among other things. Consultant visits Our consultants can visit you in order to assist you in your construction project with their in-depth knowledge.

We offer delivery of the specific solution you want — finished and ready to install. System deliveries. Delivery planning, where we work with you to organise a procedure tailored to your specific project. We can store your material for you and deliver it to you as needed on an ongoing basis. Thus you save storage space, and avoid unnecessary clutter at the construction site.

Delivery of materials that are finished and ready for use at the construction site. Read More. Project planning. Realistic offers while at the same time taking into account optimum material. I want to be inspired. Get inspired. Read all about the project to find out our contribution. Customised solutions. Plate solutions. Cassette solutions. Special plates. Standard construction profiles.

Read our aluminium catalogue. Special profiles. Profile for door During the design process we will offer proposals on how we can work together to create the most optimal profile for you.


alucobond facade

RCM Caltech is an adhesively bonded insulated soffit liner combining a non-combustible calcium silicate board Siltech with an insulation medium. RCM Cemboard is a high-performance cement bonded particle building board which offers great strength and stability with the workability of wood. RCM Extremegreen MgO is an A1 non-combustible, high density structurally reinforced magnesium oxide based sheathing board. RCM Multipurpose is an A1 non-combustible highly versatile cellulose fibre cement building board, offering excellent strength and acoustic properties. RCM Siltech is a fire rated flexible calcium silicate building board which provides superior workability. Excellent for 60 and minute fire rated partitions. RCM Renderflex is a high performance dimensionally stable cellulose fibre cement render carrier board for use with polymer renders.


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