Tutorial for XFoil. It would be a good idea to download the documentation for future reference as well. Installing XFoil Copy the downloaded file to the directory where you want to install XFoil and run it. Running Xfoil XFoil is executed by going to the directory where it was installed and typing. In this tutorial we will be using a NACA airfoil. To load this airfoil type.

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What is it used for? Mainly in preservatives formaldehyde and butyraldehyde Volatile forms used in fragrances perfumes Industrial Processes used as intermediates between acids and alcohols o. They have a tendency to polymerize, oligomerize, or to hydrate, which is undesirable when handling this group.

How does it react? Can be reduced to alcohols or oxidized from alcohols, i. How to identify Aldehyde: Oxidizing and Reducing Agents Carbon atoms that have a great number of oxygen bonds are said to be highly oxidized while those with a great number of hydrogen bonds are said to be highly reduced.

Oxidizing agents increase the number of C - O bonds and decrease the number of C - H bonds. The reaction is said to be oxidation and the oxidizing agent may be specified or indicated - general symbol [O]. Reducing agents decrease the number of C - O bonds and increase the number of C - H bonds.

In order to oxidize, there must be at least one C - H bond in the functional group. Aldehydes are easily oxidized to carboxylic acids because of the presence of a hydrogen on the carbonyl carbon.

There are no C-H bonds to remove. Study Guide What is the definition of Aldehyde? What is Aldehydes suffix? What kind of group is Aldehyde and what carbon is it always on? When attacked to a ring it has what ending? What are the first few common members of the Aldehyde group? Study Guide Continued In what cases are Aldehydes called formyl?

What is its functional group? Does Aldehyde have a double bond to anything? What are Aldehydes mainly used for? Answers Aldehydes compounds containing a carbonyl group bound to 1 alkyl or aryl group and one H-atom.

The formation CHO is called an aldehyde group. Aldehyde has the suffix al. In cases when the aldehyde group is attached to a ring, the ending carbaldehyde is used. Common names for the first few members formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, benzaldehyde. Answers Continued In certain cases the aldehyde group is treated as a substituent, as in cases when the molecule has a carboxylic acid or ester group, the aldehyde group is named formyl.

The functional group is The carbon is double bonded to the oxygen molecule. Aldehydes are mainly used for preservatives, fragrances, and industrial processes. Credits Thanks to Eduard Khil for audio in the videos. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Uploaded by api Document Information click to expand document information Date uploaded Apr 02, Did you find this document useful?

Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Flag for Inappropriate Content. Download Now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Principle to the aquatic chemistry 2nd edition morel hering. Jump to Page. Search inside document.

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aldehyde presentation

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