This article is currently under construction and more information will likely be added, time permitting. Note: This original CD has manuals in multiple languages as well as the initial v1. This very simple hack involves little more than disassembling the MPD16 and putting thin layers of tape on the underside of each of the rubber pads so that they contact the pressure sensing sheet properly. Note: Pad sensitivity can never be set, reset, or otherwise cleared or adjusted without using the configuration software via USB connector. In other words, if a driver does not exist for your computer operating system then pad sensitivity will remain at its previous settings and can never be altered.

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New price: More choices in this product category from other manufacturers:. Looking for the manual? Add your email if you want replies to any question you post - You will receive an email if someone replies! To receive automated replies be sure to add a valid email address! Please copy the displayed number into the box to post:. Note: To cut down on spammers, cookies must be enabled to post comments to this page. Looking for the user manual?

We have hundreds of manuals added to the site! You'll see this reminder one more time after which it will not appear. Akai MPD 16 pc-hardware information! Ask a Question? More choices in this product category from other manufacturers: Steinberg Houston. Mixed Logic M M-audio X-Session Pro. Novation Impulse Currently 4. Buy this item for: Sorry - This item is no longer available via Dancetech shop.

APC 40 90? Currently 6. ASQ10 90? Currently 5. The ASQ10 is without a doubt the best dedicated midi sequencer ever made. Its not just becasue is CD 90?

Currently 3. Vocoder 90? Currently 9. DD 90? Deca Buddy 90? Would anyone by chance have the regcode for this plugin? As well as the others? DPS 24 90? EIE 90? EIE Pro 90? EXD 90? Just bought one of these babies today from an auction site for 36 euros. I have a couple of Bos EXC 90? EXN 90? Currently 0 Stars. EXE 90? Currently 2. EXP 90? EXR 90? Not seeing much info on these out there so figured I'd share my experiences for posterity.

MAX49 90? MPC 90? Having used the MPC for 10 years i was looking forward to upgrading to the However all MPC Renaissance 90? MPC Studio 90? This is a fantastic machine only let down by the sound of it's converters. Too much colouration f MPCXL 90? Currently 8. As with all Akai drum pads, including MPC pads, you have to hit them rneaosably hard MPC60 90?

MPD 16 90? MPD 18 90? MPD 24 90? MPD26 90? MPD32 90? MPK mini 90? MPK mini Mk2 90? Pitch Right 90? Quad Comp 90? Rotator 90? S01 90? I've had one of these for a few years now and it does what it says on the tin really. There's on S 90? Been using these since the mid 90s. Excellent sounding sampler which just enough synthesis type I have had a Si for about 10 years now, I bought it second hand, this is a brilliant sampler w SXL 90?

The Akai S thru he S are some of my favorite samplers. I have a rolling 20 space with a S S Studio 90? I love this sampler, almost as much as my kid! But it definately will not steer you wrong, wether Synthstation 49 90?

XR20 90? Z4 90? Currently 7. Z8 90?


Akai MPD 16 Addendum



Inside the Akai MPD16 USB/MIDI Pad



Akai MPD16 Operator's Manual



Akai MPD 16


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