I don't usually blog. I'm used to keeping to myself and close friends. The reason i have this blog is for my english-writing class. Hopefully this blog will help me to refine my ideas and not be afraid to speak up. Post a Comment.

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Basically you get to pick a writer and you can communicate with them through an internal chat system which makes explaining how to do specific assignments a lot easier especially if your teacher is a hard-ass like mine was.

Good luck with your paper! Post a Comment. I sit here thinking about the language and Identity over a person's sexual preference. Yes there are stereotypes of how a homosexual should act or shouldn't act. I sit here as a straight female. I have noticed a difference in the expectations or how boys were talked to verses girls. I can see the gender differences that branch off. Where boys are not allowed to cry but girls are not.

Ok I understand the question, but I am not quite sure how to answer it right way. I feel like I'm thinking of it too much and not having a flow of ideas.

So I might answer the questions indirectly. I felt like this essay was very interesting. I have a friend that struggled with the same thing and I could see it clear from his eyes. I listened to him talk about it, but I could not relate. When the author explained it from his point of view I saw it. I really felt that he had to hide his true feelings for his friend. To sit there in a culture that you feel you have to be someone that you are not.

I believe that is was a huge stereotype when his friend showed him how to pick out who was homosexual or not. I felt that it was wrong of his friend. He hid behind this image that wasn't really him. I did that for a year. I hid behind a this image that I put up for myself at Sonoma State. I put this wall between who I really was and what I thought my peers wanted to see. The sorority I was in was not the life style that I wanted. I thought I would not be accepted if I was not in the same scene as they were.

I felt as if I was lying every night. I tried tricking myself to walk with in their lines and live within the a life that was not what was my own. I believe we both used language to hide who I was who we were. Society sees this language and puts a label on who they think these people are. I hope this answers these questions of identity.

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A clack of tiny sparks

RSS Feed. Home General Education. Bernard speaks about a journey of truth as he remembers the first time he really questioned himself and thought he might be gay and the isolation he felt as a result. He characterizes himself openly, honestly, as he brings this sensitive issue into light. Bernard realizes the peace he feels inside when he finally accepted who he is.


A CLACK OF TINY SPARKS (Remembrances of a gay boyhood) By Bernard Cooper

November 21, at I realize this sounds just like Ozzie and Harriet. I also realize there are some men out there…who have advanced…who are not afraid to stay home full time and get covered with baby vomit while their wives work as test pilots He described trying to change his sexual orientation by going to a make out party. I agree with his belief. Eventually that person will probably hate them more. Biofuel is an alternative fuel for vehicles. Rather than gas it is a blend of diesel and vegetable oil; this is biodiesel.

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