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For orthogonal frequency division multiplexing communication intertwined Ways. A multi-channel orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system implementation method of channel estimation.

A wireless communications system at the frequency of the soft implementation of the method of multiplexing. A wireless communications system at the time realize soft reuse method. For business data multiplexing method of setting reference signal and its system. Wireless access technology in non-destructive method of switching. A mobile communication system and the use of network application function call business method. A long-term evolution of networks and user equipment in a state of the conversion method.

Long-term evolution of the network user equipment to switch methods. Broadcasting business channel with non-broadcasting services for channel multiplexing method. Two-tier network architecture system implementation method and its header compression, lossless migration Ways. Wireless communications system users noodle bearer resource allocation method and wireless communication systems. Interfere with the performance of mobile communication system testing methods, devices and systems planning approach.

A long-term evolution of the system method of measurement channels. A Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Send business deal with methods and systems. Mobile communication method, mobile communication systems and access entity. Implementation of user equipment mobility management method and system. A MAC layer data processing methods and the use of the method of base stations and user terminals.

Mobile communication systems data rearrangement method and device. Switched end-to-macro approach, and community systems, terminals, access nodes and gateways. Wireless cellular networks and the frequency band allocation method.

Random access wireless network resource allocation method and system. Carry synchronization information and frame coding method of timing synchronization. Cell-constrained network terminal measurement method and equipment. Frame synchronization and access to community groups and the Ways of the information system.

User instructions state Ways and business management methods and devices. A measurement control method, the user terminals, network equipment and system side. A communication system set up synchronization signal method and device. Zero correlation zone to determine the length of the collection methods, devices and mobile communication systems.

Terminal equipment on the limited network measurement method and device start-up. An evolution of network signaling S1 even set up the method, devices and systems. An evolution of network signaling when switching NAS approach, devices and systems. An evolution of network data based on the X2 switch forward method. A process of evolution of the network switch to release the source of network resources and systems.

The serial communication system distribution, treatment methods and devices. Resources of information request for the indication of time-frequency resource allocation, transmission methods and devices.

Automatically achieve the management of equipment and management of equipment and system link. Optimize the adjacent list of community relations approach, systems and related equipment. Back to back to set up voice calls CS domain methods, systems and related methods and equipment.

Detect wireless link fails, the failure of wireless links to reduce the loss of Ways and equipment. For random access method of radio resource allocation and base station equipment. Data measurement methods, data measurement and control methods and equipment, systems.

A redundancy version and the wireless frame number, and bind its sub-frame method and device. Ways to release reserved resources, devices and base station equipment. Packet processing circuit domain user domain business methods, devices and systems. A user equipment for emergency access methods, devices and systems.

A strategy and billing control information control method and system. Implementation of a wireless network switching methods, devices and systems. A data communication method and communication systems and related devices. Ways paging of user equipment, network equipment, the user equipment and network systems. A heterogeneous network to switch the location of the district to obtain information of methods, devices and systems.

Ways to release resources and systems, base stations, gateways and mobile service management network element. Load delete methods, communications systems and related equipment. Semi-static scheduling of the response packet of information feedback, receiving method and device. Scheduling information system implementation methods, systems and terminals. The allocation of community identification methods and the base station. Communication Systems sequence distribution methods, treatment methods and devices sequence.

A feedback control method and communication systems and related equipment. Send, access to user information of power distribution method and device. Channel allocation method and device, channel access methods and devices. Multi-antenna system directed feedback methods, systems and equipment.

Pilot user uplink bandwidth re-allocation methods, devices and systems. Resources mapping, decoding methods, devices and communication systems. Control signaling transmission method, network equipment and terminal side. Channel Quality implementation instructions and information to send, end-user terminals and base stations. For the paging information transmission method, sending device, receiving device.

An access point clock synchronization methods, equipment and systems. Response to cross-sub-frame duplication of information transmission method and device. Send and receive scheduling information of the user data methods, devices and systems. An uplink control channel transmission method of the code and installation. Subcarriers of the synchronization between different systems and sub-carrier spacing Detected.

Distinction between community status within the sub-frame methods, devices and systems.


Long Term Evolution of 3GPP

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