Every applicant for an operating license is required to include, in its final safety analysis report, information pertaining to the managerial and administrative controls to be used to assure safe operation. Every applicant for a design approval or design certification under part 52 of this chapter is required by the provisions of 10 CFR Every applicant for a manufacturing license under part 52 of this chapter is required by the provisions of 10 CFR Nuclear power plants and fuel reprocessing plants include structures, systems, and components that prevent or mitigate the consequences of postulated accidents that could cause undue risk to the health and safety of the public. This appendix establishes quality assurance requirements for the design, manufacture, construction, and operation of those structures, systems, and components. The pertinent requirements of this appendix apply to all activities affecting the safety-related functions of those structures, systems, and components; these activities include designing, purchasing, fabricating, handling, shipping, storing, cleaning, erecting, installing, inspecting, testing, operating, maintaining, repairing, refueling, and modifying.

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Quality Assurance Manual established by the licensees may also address the Criterion 19 that involves the Regulatory Related requirements and non-safety related items and services, but important to safety such as fire protection, chemistry, ALARA, Security, etc.

The Applicant i. Licensee, Cooper Nuclear Station should have organization and is responsible for establishing and executing a quality assurance program. Licensee may delegate to others Naderi, Contech, Woody, etc.

The quality assurance program shall provide control over activities affecting the quality of the identified structures, systems, and components, to an extent consistent with their importance to safety. The program shall take into account the need for special controls, processes, test equipment, tools, and skills to attain the required quality, and the need for verification of quality by inspection and test.

The program shall provide for indoctrination and training of personnel performing activities affecting quality as necessary to assure that suitable proficiency is achieved and maintained. The applicant shall regularly review the status and adequacy of the quality assurance program. The licensee shall establish measures to assure that appropriate quality standards are specified and included in design documents and that deviations from such standards are controlled. Measures shall be established for the identification and control of design interfaces and for coordination among participating design organizations.

These measures shall include the establishment of procedures among participating design organizations for the review, approval, release, distribution, and revision of documents involving design interfaces.

The design control measures shall provide for verifying or checking the adequacy of design. Design control measures shall be applied to items such as the following: reactor physics, stress, thermal, hydraulic, and accident analyses; compatibility of materials; accessibility for in-service inspection, maintenance, and repair; and delineation of acceptance criteria for inspections and tests.

Design changes, including field changes, shall be subject to design control measures commensurate with those applied to the original design and be approved by the organization that performed the original design unless the applicant designates another responsible organization.

Section 2 Program Requirements : Provisions shall be made in the program for periodic audits , review and evaluation of the effectiveness of the program in achieving quality objectives. Correction of deficiencies shall be an integral part of the program. Procedures shall be employed to assure that design activities are carried out in a planned, controlled, orderly and correct manner.

Item 2. Applicable design inputs, such as design bases , regulatory requirements, codes and standards, shall be identified, documented and their selection reviewed and approved. The design input shall be specified on a timely basis and to the level of detail necessary to permit the design activity to be carried out in a correct manner and to provide a consistent basis for making design decisions , accomplishing design verification measures, and evaluating design changes.

Other requirements such as the type of instrument, installed spares, range of measurement, and location of indication should also be included. Design activities shall be prescribed and accomplished in accordance with procedures of a type sufficient to assure that applicable design inputs are correctly translated into specifications, drawings, procedures or instructions. Appropriate quality standards shall be identified, documented and their selection reviewed and approved.

Where necessary, are the assumptions identified for subsequent re-verification when the detailed design activities are completed? A comprehensive system of planned and documented audits shall be carried out to verify compliance with all aspects of the Quality Assurance Program for design including those procedures delineating quality assurance actions required during the design process.

Design organizations performing work in accordance with the requirements of this standard shall be audited to assure that their design quality assurance programs are being implemente d. Audits shall include an evaluation of design quality assurance policies, practices, procedures and instructions; the effectiveness of implementation ; and actions taken to correct deficiencies in the program. The audits should include the examination of design activities, processes, and documents and records.

Contrary to the above auditing requirements and 10CFR50 App. Please refer to the CNS Procedure 3. In order to meet the requirements of 10CFR Status 1 which are not.

Exelon intended to load its casks at Dresden and could not do that with pending issues. Code is not very hard to understand, but it is amazing why NRC is covering up for utilities. Ross Landsman who fully supported my issues and still believes that NRC looked the other way.

NRC again covered up this issue. I am pursuing a congressional hearing against Exelon employees and the NRC agents who covered up these black and white documents. B on the shelf to look good, but it does not intend to implement it. Measures shall be established to assure that applicable regulatory requirements, design bases, and other requirements which are necessary to assure adequate quality are suitably included or referenced in the documents for procurement of material, equipment, and services, whether purchased by the applicant or by its contractors or subcontractors.

To the extent necessary, procurement documents shall require contractors or subcontractors to provide a quality assurance program consistent with the pertinent provisions of this appendix.

Activities affecting quality shall be prescribed by documented instructions, procedures, or drawings, of a type appropriate to the circumstances and shall be accomplished in accordance with these instructions, procedures, or drawings. Instructions, procedures, or drawings shall include appropriate quantitative or qualitative acceptance criteria for determining that important activities have been satisfactorily accomplished.

Measures shall be established to assure that purchased material, equipment, and services, whether purchased directly or through contractors and subcontractors, conform to the procurement documents.

These measures shall include provisions, as appropriate, for source evaluation and selection, objective evidence of quality furnished by the contractor or subcontractor, inspection at the contractor or subcontractor source, and examination of products upon delivery. The effectiveness of the control of quality by contractors and subcontractors shall be assessed by the applicant or designee at intervals consistent with the importance, complexity, and quantity of the product or services.

Measures shall be established to assure that conditions adverse to quality, such as failures, malfunctions, deficiencies , deviations, defective material and equipment, and nonconformance are promptly identified and corrected. In the case of significant conditions adverse to quality, the measures shall assure that the cause of the condition is determined and corrective action taken to preclude repetition. The identification of the significant condition adverse to quality, the cause of the condition, and the corrective action taken shall be documented and reported to appropriate levels of management.

In addition, three days prior to my termination, I had again documented my concerns in a report to the Chief Nuclear Officer Randy Edington as I also documented in my October 24, weekly status reporting to my boss, Kevin Jones, but Kevin called me urgently to a private room of Russ Wenzle and instructed not to report my issues to Mr.

Edington and he censored my report. Wenzl was attempting to come to his office, but Kevin told him to hold off until he completely orders me what to do. A comprehensive system of planned and periodic audits shall be carried out to verify compliance with all aspects of the quality assurance program and to determine the effectiveness of the program.

The audits shall be performed in accordance with the written procedures or checklists by appropriately trained personnel not having direct responsibilities in the areas being audited. Audit results shall be documented and reviewed by management having responsibility in the area audited. Follow-up action, including re-audit of deficient a reas, shall be taken where indicated.

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Nuclear Quality Assurance

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